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Jack Jack Fish

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Jun 6, 2017
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Im one of those guys that aren't affected by much, but the news of Jake's sudden death has been on my mind ever since I heard it.

I didn't realize at the time, but his videos are so darn personable and his personality and passion "really really comes through." I went through a time where I thought the "really really" was kinda annoying but now I miss it.

It's rare to see someone talk on video about the hobby with such professionalism and yet humility at the same time. I didn't realize what we had on YouTube until we lost him.

And Marc, if you read this, I hope you somehow continue reef therapy. Because I think people like you and I definitely need the therapy right now. Reefing is a place where we can focus on what we all love and for a second, forget the troubles we all have in daily life. (if someone knows Marc, plz fwd to him :).). If I remember, I think Jake said part of the hobby is connecting with others. No Joke, prior to Jake, I thought I was a total nerd for loving protein skimmers and would have totally been a closet reefer. When he said "I love love love protein skimmers." I thought to myself and said "****. ME TOO!!!"
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How difficult is it REALLY to keep Acropora corals?

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