is this cyanobacteria?

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Jun 17, 2020
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hey guys, someone at my lfs told me i had cyano in my tank but it doesn’t look like it to me. i think it’s just algae.. anyone know what type of algae? took some pics under white light

CC6E9BA6-C8D8-4E68-89C4-3F04AEECBAAC.jpeg D858EF78-A9BA-4783-BA13-389F19D3BE29.jpeg 23F3FB68-D712-4152-B4F4-FB1AD1C2AA7C.jpeg 4B5E7FC4-B666-4084-B2A6-8ED832CBE0C6.jpeg FB89974F-B3FF-4D1D-A76A-9CDC6B7CB3AF.jpeg F40979EC-1014-4F75-BB3F-E30742FF356B.jpeg
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