1. Xxflounderxx


    Is this cyanobacteria I did two back to back treatments of cyanobacteria no improvement any suggestions?
  2. RiptideAquaculture

    Hello Hello Reef2Reef

    Hello, my name is Mitch and I run @RiptideAquaculture. We specialize in quality Aquaculture coral with a the focus to make sure it’s affordable. If you haven’t heard about us before check us out on our website www.RiptideAquaculture.com Thank you Here is some eye candy #RiptideAquaculture...
  3. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture Eye candy photography

    Just gonna Start this thread out by first saying welcome and hope everyone enjoys some crazy coral photos. Our goal is to be posting on this thread as often as we can so feel free to follow and get ready to drool!!! PS if you like our photos please check out our Videos on this thread Click here...
  4. Shawaiz_106

    What do i do ?,

    Okay so, my tank is about 5 days old but it came with live rock, live sand and 2 corals which r doing fine. Now someone gave me an offer which I think is a very good deal but I'm not sure if I can add fish yet, ( I've been using bacteria in a bottle ). The offer he gave me is : 1 firefish 1...
  5. LVReefer94

    Acropora Death

    Can anybody tell me why is it that when my tank get really dirty and I scrub the glass off and blow off the rocks my acro frags die every single time. The frags will look great the entire time until I clean the tank... This very turbid water the cleaning creates clearly ticks them off to the...
  6. PSims113

    Not so helpful LFS?

    After reading a bunch, I recently took the plunge into collecting what I need for a FOWLR tank. I've had freshwater tanks, but this will be my first SW tank. Some day I might upgrade to a reef tank, but for now I want to focus on the basics of keeping fish alive. I have a 37-gallon column tank...
  7. Xxflounderxx

    Need help identifying and the removing

    Hello, Not sure what this is and its all over!! 250 gallon fish only Nitrate 25ppm Alkalinity 9.5 Salinity 1.026 Phosphate .08 It does blow right off the rocks
  8. Xxflounderxx

    Ugly algae need help

    Hello, Not sure what this is and its all over!! 250 gallon fish only Nitrate 25ppm Alkalinity 9.5 Salinity 1.026 Phosphate .08
  9. Xxflounderxx

    Identify and removing algae

    Hello, Not sure what this is and its all over!! 250 gallon fish only Nitrate 25ppm Alkalinity 9.5 Salinity 1.026 Phosphate .08
  10. Xxflounderxx

    Identification possible pest

    I recently added a bunch of coral and dipped with coral RX I'm not sure what this is or if its harmful thanks in advance
  11. MamaP

    What should I do?? My clowns are eating my new nem!!

    I received my new GBTA yesterday, and after acclimating, put him in a nice little glass container on the wall of my DT where my clowns have been hosting my ammonia alert. They were immediately interested, and then they started picking at his mouth. I read on other threads that's petty normal...
  12. F

    White Fiber/Strands on Frogspawn Coral

    Anyone have an idea what these white fibers/strands/hairs are on my frogspawn coral? I can't tell if it's coming FROM the coral or if it's just wrapped around. I can say though that it's gotten more pronounced and it is moving onto/attaching to the rock as you can see. The coral itself is always...
  13. 89thohio

    Red Sea Max E-170 Return and Circulation Pumps: Balanced?

    My system is a Red Sea Max E-170. I have installed the sump upgrade kit. My question is how to balance the pumps: the one in the rear sump and the one in the undertank sump. I want a tank turnover of about 18 times per hour with our seahorses, so with our tank volume the pump should be about...
  14. F

    Two Ocellaris Clownfish in 20g

    Hello, I'm new to reefing and I currently have a 20g Red Sea Max Nano with corals and a neon blue goby. I'm looking to add two more fish and was debating on getting two Ocellaris Clownfish (not necessarily a breeding pair - just two juveniles). I've heard as they mature, clownfish get aggressive...
  15. kdsmithey

    Sick Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hi All, I am hoping I can get some help with my green bubble tip anemone. I have only had it for 2 weeks. From the start, the anemone would inflate and deflate several times throughout the day. I wasn’t too concerned as it would usually inflate within an hour or so. In the last couple days...
  16. johnston

    dyno identification please

    so i ordered a microscope please help identify and give proper instructions on how to eradicate please
  17. johnston

    a little help please

    so ive been battleing dynoflagents for a few months and need some advice illtryand give good info. bestresults have been blackouts for 3 to 5 days but they come right back in a week. they are rust colored and stringy inplaces current tank specs are as follows age 1 year 95% coraline coverage...
  18. freshwaterandmarine

    Hi fin goby

    I was wondering if hi fin gobies can hide in the sand without a pistol shrimp. Haven't seen it for a day. My live rocks don't have any holes for it to hide in.
  19. Noob_Sam

    Clownfish done with QT??????????????

    Hello, I got this clownfish last Sunday. My lfs already had him in step 1 and 2 medication ( the green and blue one). Also when I got him I did a FW dip and he had no flukes. He is in copper for the last 9 days ( @2.0ppm - Copper Power). He had some white spots the second day and after that he...
  20. brodyquinthooper

    Clownfish lying on the bottom and gasping

    I just did a water change and now my clownfish is lying on the bottom of the tank gasping. The other fish seem fine. Does anyone know what I can do??
  21. lazycouch

    mushroom coral i.d. please?

    Hey guys i got this frag pack and was wondering if anyone recognizes any of these mushrooms? would appreciate any answers ! thank you
  22. lazycouch

    sun polyp help?

    hey guys wondering if anyone can help me out. i got my first sun polyp and he opens up so much, i’ve been feeding him day by day but he still opens up a lot and his mouth as well. now he’s got his mesenterial filaments out. i dont think he was fed where i bought him, i’ve been giving squid and...
  23. freshwaterandmarine

    Carpenter wrasse lying on its side

    I have a carpenter wrasse in my nano tank for quite awhile now, he has been doing well but when I looked at it this morning, it was lying on its side on the live rock and a few hours later it was lying on the floor. When I tap on the tank, it swam back up. It still eats and comes to the top of...
  24. lazycouch

    octospawn worm

    anyone know what this worm is inside my octospawn skeleton? should i scrape it out? i’m sure it can’t be good
  25. lazycouch


    hey guys, here with a quick question today. I was wondering if there was to come a time where one of your parameters were off, lets say cal alk and or mag, by a good amount how would you approach getting the levels back up. to elaborate, if calcium tests at a low 350 or 340ppm perhaps 330...
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