1. lazycouch

    is this cyanobacteria?

    hey guys, someone at my lfs told me i had cyano in my tank but it doesn’t look like it to me. i think it’s just algae.. anyone know what type of algae? took some pics under white light
  2. lazycouch

    torch coral advice?

    hey guys. just wondering if anyone has tips when it comes to caring for torches? i fell in love with these torches at the warehouse i’m working at they’re real unique but bossman is letting them go for $180 they’re gold blue and purple or something, don’t remember the exact color scheme but they...
  3. lazycouch

    cabbage bleaching?

    hey guys just wondering if anyone can confirm that my cabbage coral is bleaching or if this is normal? it opens up beautifully every day, all polyps are always out and this is my first cabbage coral. i know sometimes cabbages have white around the rims of their tissue but not so sure about this...
  4. AllieBdot

    EMERGENCY Sick fish. Many symptoms. Please help

    Our tank is about 6 months old and our clowns were some of our first residents. We have a teeny tiny little orange clownfish. He normally hangs out with his clownfish buddy by the powerhead (not any of the BTAs I got them ) the past couple days we couldn't find him but he turned up hiding in a...
  5. AllieBdot

    So many symptoms... Please help

    Our tank is about 6 months old and our clowns were some of our first residents. We have a teeny tiny little orange clownfish. He normally hangs out with his clownfish buddy by the powerhead (not any of the BTAs I got them ) the past couple days we couldn't find him but he turned up hiding in...
  6. Brad_95

    EMERGENCY Royal gramma dying!

    Please help! I have no idea what’s going on with my fish, first my dusky wrasse has some sort of infection but I can’t figure out what it is, and now my royal gramma is covered in what looks like a white sheen, but has no specks like velvet. He’s breathing heavy and lethargic.
  7. Brad_95

    Dusky wrasse possible infection?

    Hey everyone, so I just recently had to qt my tank due to a fluke outbreak. After getting everyone through two rounds of prazi pro and a couple days of no symptoms. I noticed my dusky wrasse was having issues with his side right behind his pectoral fin. Upon further inspection it looks like...
  8. lazycouch

    not enough watts?

    hey guys, when i got into this hobby (not knowing enough about lights and only looking at the package suggestions) i decided to purchase some leds at my lfs, FLUVAL marine 3.0 bluetooth leds that supposedly say they’re good for reef tanks. they’re 32watts resting about 5-6 inches about my 30...
  9. K

    Coralife Biocube 32 gallon......what fish are recommended

    Hi, We recently took over an established 32 gal Coralife Biocube tank from friends. There are 2 paired clownfish already in it and we have added additional live rock, new sand and some cleaner crew as the previous owners hadn't done much with it other than get it established/cycled in the 1 1/2...
  10. lazycouch

    is this normal??

    hey guys i just got this frag at the lfs and noticed it’s almost covered in brown. i tried blowing it off and brushing it off thinking it was something that’s not part of the tissue but i guess it is. is this due to insufficient light, some type of bacteria, or am i just dumb and it’s a normal...
  11. lazycouch

    EMERGENCY is this ich??

    hey guys just took a look at my possum wrasse after doing a water change and notice he has a couple white specks on one side of his body. they’re 3 dimensional and i can’t tell if it’s ich or just dead skin/debris from the water change some how?? he’s active and always eating and both my...
  12. H


    Been looking everywhere to find a cyphastrea dominant tank and couldn't find anything. Anyone have a Cyphastrea dominant tank or garden please show it off!!
  13. lazycouch

    growing coral help?

    hey guys, i’d just like to grasp an understanding behind the KEY(vital) elements when it comes to growing LPS and SPS, maybe softies in the spectrum of farming corals. i.e conditions you’ve maybe experienced or read about where corals have grown the fastest whether it was the light, specific...
  14. lazycouch

    light schedule help

    hey everyone. i have the marine fluval 3.0 LEDS and am trying to figure out which light schedule/pattern works best. after doing the research about what colors are actually beneficial to corals and how your light patterns should mimic that of the suns, i’ve planned a couple of different methods...
  15. Brad_95

    White spot on clownfish

    Can anyone help me identify what this might be? It popped up overnight and I’m not sure whether it’s a disease or my clown being an idiot and brushing up against something.
  16. lazycouch

    how to tell mushroom coral is dying?

    hey guys my yuma decided to detach about a week ago and i struggled to get him out of the current, the was one point where he got stuck upside down in a small crevice of my LR so i had to pick him out with my finger. after about 10-15minutes of trying to get him and quarantine him in a container...
  17. brodyquinthooper

    Bright green things on live rock

    Found these on my live rock, is there anything I should be worried about? What are they?
  18. lazycouch

    mushroom coral help?

    hey guys i was looking at my bounce shroom i got a couple days back and noticed that he had a small piece of himself just chilling besides him? i have been moving him around day by day trying to find the best spot with the least flow around the sb. i’ve read someone blended their mushroom once...
  19. lazycouch

    LPS for dummies?

    hey guys i keep putting one foot in and one foot out on adding my first lps coral(s)... i feel i’m really overthinking it but what i keep reading seems to reassure that i’m not and it’s difficult. can someone share some main highlight type of advice when it comes to lps? sort of like lps in a...
  20. lazycouch

    rockflower anemones?

    how do you know your rockflower anemone has moved vs when it has died? i woke up to it missing this morning and i can’t seem to find it anywhere. do they usually stay attached when they die and rot or do they let go and just float off shrink and make it impossible to tell where it is? i’m afraid...
  21. lazycouch

    fish help?

    hey guys i’m thinking of adding a 3rd fish to my tank (30 gallons). i currently have a young clown fish which is about 1.5 inches long and a young possum wrasse about 2 inches long. i’m planning to get this adult bluegreen chromis at the lfs who is about 3.5 inches long but i was wondering if...
  22. lazycouch

    what’s your favorite soft coral?

    hey guys i’m new to the hobby and am trying to stock up on soft coral and start doing some research on any i may have missed! so far i know there’s 1.mushrooms (ricordea florida, ricordea yuma, ???) 2.toadstool 3.xenia 4.zoas 5.cabbage 6.kenya trees 7.GSP 8.finger leathers 9.sinularia...
  23. lazycouch

    tuxedo urchin help!!! please

    hey guys i just woke up to my tuxedo urchin battling this small pump i have he didn’t climb on it but he decided to travel in front of it and lost some spines around that area where he was. is this because of the flow or do i need to act quick and help him out? he’s been eating gracileria and...
  24. lazycouch

    ph help?

    hey guys just wondering how some of you guys manage to keep a stable ph? my tank is 1 month old (30 gallons) after cycling and i struggle to keep my ph steady. i’ve tried ph buffers but i was adviced not to by BRS because those supplements usually raise alkalinity more than they do ph. i’ve been...
  25. lazycouch

    new xenia. help??

    hey guys i just bought this xenia who was fragged right in front of me at the LFS about 6 hours ago. it’s been bending over like this for a while now and when i supported it with my fingers it’d stay upright for ~10minutes. was wondering if this is normal since it’s new/freshly fragged? wouldn’t...