1. Brian barranco

    Zoa id?

    Thanks . Under orange filter.
  2. J

    Houdini Shrimp...?

    I have a Waterbox 220.6 that seems to have a few missing characters all of a sudden. I hadn't been able to see my fire shrimp for the past few days--I wasn't too concerned, as he's usually pretty shy. Today though, I noticed that I couldn't find EITHER of my skunk cleaner shrimp at feeding...
  3. H

    Selecting the right corals (NEW BUILD)

    To start off let me tell you guys what equipment im running Tank: IM Fusion 20gal Peninsula AIO tank. (Length 11.18” Width: 27.03” Height: 13”) Light: AI Hydra 32HD (12inch above water) Heater: Cobalt 75W Return pump: Desktop MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC Return Pump Filtration: Desktop...
  4. H

    Hydra 32 AB+ settings

    just got my hydra 32's mounted on a 20g long tank it is mounted 12inches above the tank. not sure what each color should be set to. can anyone shed some light on how to set up this light lol. the tank will house encrusting montiporas and zoas with some rock flowers on the sand bed.
  5. rapid

    what kind of algae is this

    See attached picture i was sent this algae as chaeto was suppose to be pod filled which it is i can see them in the bag tons of them but The more i look up chaeto the more i think this is GHA ?
  6. H

    Help identify these corals

    Picked up 3 corals today from a friend and dont know what they are. This is my 10gal all in one tank. Super low maintenance. Its been neglected for 3 weeks just cleaned the glass. Equipment; Innovative marine 10g aio tank Return pump: Aquatop 150gph Light: Kessil A80 Heater: 50wat...
  7. B

    Help! Coral attached to back wall

    So we have a toadstool leather coral attached to the back of our aquarium and we are moving everything in that tank to a bigger one and not sure how to cut him off the back wall. Any tips?
  8. B

    Black algae? Or black sponge?

    This black sheet of stuff has been growing on the back of this rock for a long time and we aren’t sure what it is... it is very slimy too.
  9. B

    Xenia in the refugium?

    Not sure if this is the right section but can you house Xenia in a refugium and what are the benefits? Couldn’t find a video on it.
  10. B

    Purple Tang Hosting Carpet anemone?

    Hey y’all! (Backstory)We got a 60 gallon tank around a month or 2 ago and when moving it from the owner a blue tang got spooked and went into the carpet anemone and sadly perished, (actualQuestion)BUT the purple tang that was also in the same tank and touched, brushed, and had a lot of his body...
  11. H

    Coral identification

    Picked this guy up a few weeks ago not sure what he is.
  12. H

    New hydras?

    So im interested in the Aqua Illumination HYDRA 32 HD LED REEF LIGHT - BLACK BODY i want to use it on a 20gallon long and i want half the tank to have acropora and other half mixed. So the question is can i set the lights to be strong on 1 side and low on the other or would i need 2 ai primes?
  13. H

    20 gallon long lighting?

    Hello fellow reefers! So i have decided to start a new tank (not my first or 2nd). I'll be going for the Innovative marine 20 gallon long peninsula all in one tank. So now i have to pick a light fixture that can have full coverage of the tank as i will have it setup in a peninsula style. I...
  14. H

    Drilling your aquarium from the sides?

    So i have a 20 gallon long tank that i want to drill on 1 side to make a peninsula tank that would have a 10 gallon sump. Now that being said i don't know how many holes i need, what size holes, and where to drill (top,middle,bottom). I'm not sure if it is even possible to drill on the side...
  15. MamaP

    Brook on Molly converted to SW??

    I just got a few black mollies to be my canary fish to verify Ich has been eliminated from my DT. Converted them to SW and they're in their own QT. Could they be susceptible to Brook? See pix attached. Does this look like Brook? Only one of them looks like this. Started treating GC in water and...
  16. RouJr

    Farmed food abalone

    Thought I might see ho w this guy goes in my tank. He was from the local fish monger. Anyone know if people have luck with these in their tanks?
  17. ChiSox Rabbitfish

    Clownfish not eating

    Hey guys one of my clowns hasn’t been eating its been a few days it stays in the back of the tank mostly does swim around a bit but mostly stays by the heater it made its home the other clown it has recently paired up with is doing fine eating like a pig. It looks fine nothing in its body has...
  18. tactical_XJ

    What type of algae is this

    So my cousins 120g tank is been running for several months now, after a good long cycle, we finally started adding fish and corals, but his rocks have started to get this hair algae, it doesn’t look like green hair algae, looks more clear I did the salifert test I did nitrates, phosphates, alk...
  19. ChiSox Rabbitfish


    Not the best photo but is this a copepod there’s several all over the glass or should I be concerned
  20. dvybiral

    Problem with Yellow Tang?

    Please help with identifying coloration on yellow tang.
  21. FishingLovingSons

    ATO Install

    Hi fam, setting up a sumpless 20long in my sons room (link here). Trying to see if this ATO setup will work... comments and opinions please: Trimmed the frame so the sensor magnetic/dry-side can sit flush... wet-side rests right under trim lip at top of tank. Filling tank with RO water...
  22. J


    i posted a while ago about little feather dusters that I had. As I was blowing off my rocks today I found that they are some type of worm or work like creature. They have become a nuisance and are irritating several of my corals because of how many I have. Two questions, what are they and how...
  23. BranchingHammer

    Help me fix my tank

    Ok, this first post is going to be pretty long as it is going to detail exactly what my tank does/consists of. So pls read through this thread if you can. To start, I think the main problem is that I’m always embarrassed to show off my tank because of how little the coral has grown in the...
  24. A

    Help.. why is my reefer so loud??

    Hi, so I just set up my new Red Sea reefer nano. I love the tank and am excited for it to become full of corals. I am just curious why it isn’t running super noisy. It sounds like a draining rumbling dish washer. I am running a brand new sicce 2.0 return. This is a picture of the tank and the...
  25. A

    Build Thread NEW YEAR- NEW TANK Reefer Nano SPS Dominant Build

    New year, new tank!!! And this build is finally more than a dream!! So, I guess this is where I do the basic beginning of a tank build intro so here we go: Tank: Red Sea reefer nano with black stand (21 display volume with 7 gallon sump) Equipment: -Sicce 2.0 return pump - A360 (possibly sell...
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