1. lazycouch

    is my sinularia ok?

    hey guys i’ve had this guy for about 3 weeks now and he popped out of the rock i glued him to 3 times and hasn’t popped out this last time i did it a week ago. he doesn’t really open upright(vertically) until the last couple hours of the day he’s recently been opening a little flat like this. is...
  2. lazycouch

    bacteria question

    hey guys i recently saw this reefer post that he got a 2 liter bottle of microbacter7. his tank seems pretty big around 150g but i was wondering why some people religiously dose so much bacteria? is it the large water changes? i myself have a 500ml bottle for my 30 gallon tank that i thought i’d...
  3. lazycouch


    hey guys i have a 30 gallon nano with 3 zoas colonies, 2 finger leathers, a toadstool, and a mushroom. i was wondering what anyone has used and experienced beautiful growth color and overall health with? i just purchased reefroids and am considering searching for other supplements etcetera...
  4. lazycouch

    food recommendations??

    hey guys i’m new to the hobby and i have a small clown and small banggai cardinal (about 1-1.5in). the banggai has been in the tank for about 2.5 weeks and clown about 1.5 weeks. the clown eats real well mysis, blood worms, flakes but i rarely see the banggai eat anything. he chews every food i...
  5. lazycouch

    PH HELP!!

    hey guys, i’m about to do a water change for my 30 gallon tank (will be removing 7 adding 7 gallons of new water) and the 7 gallons i mixed have a total ph of 8.5 but my current ph in the tank is 8.14. I was wondering if the vinegar method is approved by one of you? i’d like to lower the ph to...
  6. lazycouch

    zoa worm???

    hey guys i just bought a couple of zoa colonies and noticed these tentacles tucked in between today. theres about 6 tentacles that all seem attached to one thing somehow? i just want to know if it’s harmless or not! heres a video of it moving and an image attached. thanks!
  7. lazycouch

    zoas getting skinny?

    hey guys i recently purchased some zoa colonies and did a hydrogen peroxide dip a little less than a week ago after finding some hitchhikers. when they came back after hiding, they came back a little thin and deformed as you can see in the picture. i am still trying to acclimate them all to the...
  8. T

    Dead Corals?

    So my tank is fairly new and I have been struggling with ammonia spikes, already killed my smallest fish. Im now worried that these coral are completely dead and they too are increasing the ammonia levels. Can anyone verify? The one i think looks the worst is the Dragon Soul Favia and the other...
  9. T

    Clownfish- Pelvic fins redacted, swimming awkwardly. Please help

    So I bought my first pair of clownfish about 5 days ago and they paired very easily and immediately. 2 days later I noticed the smaller one was always by the flow outtake and would only swim vertically. I did a water change that day to make sure envy thing was good and while there was less water...
  10. R

    Controller, Testing & Dosing

    So in my search for the right dosing system I have realized that it will also be important to keep track of tank parameters and dose accordingly more than I am able to do manually. I have a Red Sea Reefer 250 and I'm thinking about going with an Apex system for system controller, testing and...
  11. lazycouch

    angry zoas??

    Hello, i recently purchased 3 zoa frags and noticed that 2 of them had bubble algae. i decided to pluck off the bubble algae outside of the tank (without popping it) but then after reading about bubble algae i learned that if it was already there it will come back if i didn’t completely...
  12. Brian barranco

    Silicate dosing in a doser

    Hello. I’m setting up a 1 doser for silicates . I have 1L containers. Should I dilute water glass with rodi water ? How much should I dilute & dose inside a 5 gallon tank (without measuring rock.) I have my rodi water station so my water doesn’t have silicates. Plz don’t ask why. Thanks have a...
  13. MelReefer

    Weird smooth skin on milli

    So I have had a jf solar flare frag for a couple weeks now. It’s doing alright and has some pe but there is this weird patch in the back where it’s just smooth skin. What does this mean? Front back Sorry for bad cell pics. I also feel like the coral is not doing all that well in general. Not...
  14. MelReefer

    Water Quality

    Will this be a problem even if I have a 3 stage RODI system?Literally a couple days before I leave the state my water company hits me with this
  15. MelReefer

    Fragging an encrusted Paly?

    So I have a Paly that has grown all over my Rockwork. I want to frag it so I have new room for corals. How would I got about doing so without chopping up my rock?
  16. MelReefer

    Alk stability?

    So first I will introduce you to my tank. 40 gallon Red Sea. I have had it for a year and a half now and have successfully kept lps and anemones. Radion xr 15w pro for my lighting. I am excited to get into the big world of sps and have ordered my very first which will be coming soon. Tank...
  17. MelReefer

    Calling all SPS keepers!

    I would just like to know what type of sticks you lot have had the best luck with? I have had my tank for 2 years now, and am just starting to get into sps. I ordered a jf solar flare Millie and I’m wondering if I just picked the hardest type of Acro to start with.
  18. GlassMunky

    HELP!! Heater Shattered In Mixing Station. Brown Powder Everywhere

    So I just had the weirdest thing happen.... I was walking outside to go check on the garden as we just planted some new tomatoes over the weekend and as I walked out my garage, where my Saltwater Mixing Station is located, I heard 3 LOUD BANGS!!! Almost as if someone was pounding on the...
  19. pbenjbear2

    Green rocks - good or bad?

    Would really like to get some input from members: Our tank is about 5 months old, we are getting great Coraline growth in the tank but recently we've had a huge increase of green colouration on our rocks. Wondering if this is good or bad? It is not hair algae, not slimy, just color to the rocks...
  20. Dave Mrnak

    Large bruise like spot on lawnmower blenny!

    Hey guys, I re aquascaped my tank today and this evening I noticed my blenny clearly on the brink of death. I felt the most humane way was to put him out of his misery. He had the most unusual spot on his abdomen wall. I cant help but think I maybe somehow bruised him internally while movong...
  21. M

    What is this white spot

    What do you guys think this large white spot is???? His coloring is good and he is breathing normal
  22. S

    Split personality Duncan

    Anybody any thoughts about what’s happening with my Duncan. One head is happy, one a bit meh and the last unhappy. Nitrate 7, phos 0.03, kh 7, cal 440, salinity 1.025
  23. hugosantos

    Tank Set up + Cycling help please

    Hi Guys, so this is were I am at at this stage 11/Fev - filled the tank with my Pre-mixed salt water (bough from store, made with RO water ofcourse) , + Fiji Sand I let it settle for almost a full day , after that it was getting clear (photo attached) for the next 3 days I used Fluval Organic...
  24. J

    Why can't I raise my Alk??

    This morning I did a 25 gallon Water Change on my Waterbox 220(so probably about 160 gallons of water). I am still dialing in my dosing rates, so tested water before and after. After the WC, my Alk was 7.8. My goal was to get to 8.6, so I looked on BRS calculators and dosed about 103mL of soda...
  25. ThatFishGuy

    Fish Randomly Dying

    Hello R2R, Hopefully the #reefsquad can help me out here. Last week my french angel that I have had for 4 years randomly died. he was acting perfectly fine the day before. I cam home from doing some running around and found him very lethargic, getting blown around by the flow struggling to stay...
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