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Feb 22, 2018
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If you not can connect with USB either - it not only is a IP adress problem. The USB connection do not use TCP/IP - it is a serial connection.

Connect your laptop to the Doser with USB, Start GCC. Open administration. There you should Have your Doser with a RS232 connection. You should see a com port (blue). Go to device manager (red) Klick.


Open device manager - look for port (COM LPT) (red) . Check if it shows the same port both in device manager and administration of the Doser. If not - change the port in the doser to the one in device manager


If it not work now (with USB connection) - open a support ticket with GHL

Sincerely Lasse
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Mar 20, 2016
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The issue with WiFi is certainly an TCP/IP or DNS problem. If not a router reboot helps - you need to reinstall the wifi in the doser. Enter the doser with USB and chose DHCP (Obtain IP adress automatically) If you can use LAN instead of WiFI (ethernet cable to your router) it can be easier. When you get an ip adress - you can reserve that adress in your router and later on change to static adress in the doser. But note - it is different ip addresses for LAN respective WiFi. You can´t use an adress obtained with LAN for static adress for WiFI and the other way around

Sincerely Lasse
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