Let's have a discussion about "The Name Game"

Discussion in 'Pacific East Aquaculture' started by PacificEastAquaculture, Nov 2, 2017.

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    Feb 10, 2017
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    I totally understand your point. I am glad that there are people in the industry like you that struggle with this. It is a strong indication that you really care about the individuals in the hobby and we definitely need people like you working to keep the industry grounded. I'm not trying to say to give in wholesale using any phycological manipulation possible to sell coral. I just wanted to provide encouragement that I don't think you are doing anything morally wrong by playing the name game. There are some tactics that are used in the industry today that I DO think are morally wrong.


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    Sorry if you thought my last post was directed at you, it was not specifically or I would have quoted you. On the issue of morality. I didn't start the thread to question anyone's moral values. That's not for me to judge nor comment upon. We're talking about selling corals and reef livestock here, hopefully that doesn't lead to somehow immoral behavior. It's a hobby for most, a livelihood for some, should be fun for all! Let's not get too heavy about it all. Like I've said a few times in the thread, I get it when it comes to the names and marketing. I just like it the way it use to be before folks wouldn't buy a coral they otherwise liked but didn't have a silly name or "lineage". I'm not ignorant about the issue, just shake my head at it and plan in my own way to fight the trend. Maybe many of you missed them, but I've poked fun at the name game with threads about specific corals over the last months or year. Just my way of making fun of a trend I feel is silly and possibly destructive to new hobbyists entering an otherwise delightful hobby.
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    I have never been a fan of the name game, and do not understand how so many people fall for it. I have skipped over SO many vendors here, and on other sites because of this. When I buy coral, I couldn't care less if it has a name or not. If it looks healthy, I think it would be nice in my tank, and I know how to take care of it, I buy it. If it has been fragged down to be smaller than the grains of sand in my tank, I quickly move on to the next vendor.

    If you can make things happen as you have proposed, I will be a dedicated customer for sure.
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    I personally like the idea. I really don't care about a name not interested in growing out to frag and sell. if it looks nice and my system will support it I will give it a shot. and besides the size of a lot of these named corals are ridiculous if i'm going to buy a coral I m interested in a coral not a nub or booger. just my 2 cents
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    Great idea. I suggest putting out some figures as to a rough estimate of how many different species are actually traded today. (About 300 vs the 5000 different “designer” names ) (just random numbers) someone should research that. Using the scientific name of a coral for sale will lower the price over time, but progress can be made toward learning more precise conditions for each species’ color variations. The hobby wins.
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