Moving need help/advice on moving system or selling off everything


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Dec 14, 2013
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Johnstown, PA
I am only 1 1/2 years Into this hobby and due to Issues with my homes foundation I have to move because it is becoming unsafe to live in, I am moving from Western PA to Fair Play SC, I want to keep what I have started but I cant think of a way to move the equipment and the livestock then set them up again, I can't set up a temp tank in SC I wish I could but it's to far to drive, anyone drive any ideas? I have a 75 G Perfecto corner flow a Aqueon Sump, a 1250 Sump pump, 100lb live sand, Pukani dry rock was 75lb dry, a 48" 4 bulb HO Aquatic Life light with spare bulbs, A GFO reactor, and Skimmer, there are carpeting green starburst corals that are spreading healthy, 2 Jager heaters, I am at a loss do I just shut it down give the fish and corals to my LFS and start over at another time? has anyone moved a running system over 700 miles? I am not going till mid march hoping for better weather but don't know if these guys will survice the move especially the mandarin that I have had for almost a year, I hope it's ok to post this here I tried to post in the for sale forum but I am not allowed?
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Small triggers

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Oct 24, 2013
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Kitsap Penisula
Get some large plastic totes with tops and some battery powered air stones...
Make some new water...use 50% old from tank and the rest new water in the tubs (after rinsing them out with some vinegar and rinsing them) and put LR in one...all your fish with some PVC pieces to hide in in another tub. You may need an inverter to plug in your heater to keep the tub with the fish in it warm enough....then even though you will be soooo tired set everything back up the minute you get to the new place....


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May 24, 2013
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Port Richey, FL
Small triggers said it well.I have had fishtanks (fresh and salt) for over 30 years non stop till four years ago when we moved from PA to FL. Had to tear it all down. I left a 21 year old synodontis (african upside down catfish) with my mom. Got right back into it down here. Good luck
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Nov 9, 2012
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Following this thread as I am moving at the end of the month. Here is my plan.

Day 1

Go to the new place. Make up 90g of new saltwater. Add a heater and Let water circulate and warm up overnight.

Day 2

Drain my tank and put all my LR, Corals, and Anemones into a large rubber made tote filled with existing tank water and a heater. Put my fish in another Styrofoam container I got from my LFS with a heater, old tank water and some PVC pipe.

I will also drain my refugium partially and my sump partially. Just enough to make them light enough for transport. I have rubble rock and fiji mud in my refugium with tons of pods, worms, and other critters I want to keep. In my sump I have rubble rock and ceramic media in a cryptic(Never clean & no lighting) area that my tank drains directly into before passing through my skimmer and then a sponge before returning to the tank. I want to keep both of these intact as much as possible.

I will then break the tank down, transport it, then rebuild it. Fill it with 80lbs of new live sand, add the newly made saltwater (should I add the sand or water first?), and reconnect my refugium. Fire up the return pump and let it circulate for awhile until the sand storm clears. After that I will start putting my LR, corals, and fish back into the tank. I am hoping there is none or just a minimal cycle that takes place from any possible die off during transport.

I will also try to clean my powerheads, skimmer, and any other equipment I possibly can while the sand is clearing.

I hope this helps give you an idea of what a small(across town) move will involve. I know that a larger move will be more involved but with enough prep I am sure its possible. Some of the more experienced reefers will probably chime in with some tips.

Does anyone have ideas on how to keep the sandstorm from adding new sand to a minimum? I have some ideas but advice will be greatly appreciated.

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