My Fish room is being built?

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    I am looking for some ideas for my fish room it will be Jake Adams inspired,I would like to create some interesting displays this is when you come into play The TOO 3 most voted ideas will win. Comment DOWN BELOW!
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    Moved this over to the reef aquarium forum for more visibility.
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    Here's mine, sorry about the mess, I am tearing it down, and I just got in a bunch of clowns...

    I'll walk you through it:

    It starts with the sump and fuge from my 220 (upstairs)
    Then moves onto a small softy grow tank
    Then two low boy frag tanks
    Next is a 70 gallon frag tank, with a 5 gallon in front, the five gallon just houses a clown goby with a pistol shrimp.
    Then a 90 gallon display tank (which is plumbed with the 70 gallon frag tank)
    That little 10 gallon near the floor is a breeding tank for pseudomugil cyanodorsalis.
    Then a fish wall, which mainly houses clowns or serves as QT when I need it... Combined, there are about 200 clownfish in those tanks...

    I hope that gives you some ideas on the endless potential of a fishroom.
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