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Jan 15, 2020
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Very new to the hobby, have a 65g cube tank that is about 6 months old. So far, I haven't had any huge problems, but I have made a few mistakes. I bought a cheaper protein skimmer (Coralife super skimmer) for my sump and just scrapped it and replaced with a better one (Reef Octopus eSsence 130). I also purchased some led lights that looked neat and had some cool features (Current Marine IC LED pro) but I am now realizing that they will have a hard time supporting SPS (if/when I get to that point). But that is a year or so out and I guess I can buy another fixture then if needed. But the biggest mistake I made was using tap water w/conditioner instead of RODI. I had a significant algae bloom and decided to buy and install a RODI unit, my water quality has increased significantly. I should have started with a RODI unit..... Anyway, i am looking forward to learning all I can about the hobby!!

David Matthews

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Apr 17, 2018
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Welcome to R2R! im not to far away from you, Im about a half hour north of Harrisburg. Idk if youve plunged into the world of corals yet or not but if you ever want to come down someday lmk I have plenty of stuff I could give if you ever want to get your feet wet. Good way to learn and it wouldnt cost a thing. Half the time I end up throwing stuff out when trimming and this way it gets put to good use. I hurts my cheap soul after I buy something care for it and then the reward is throwing it out. Almost feels sacrilegious lol. Anyways, welcome and good luck in your endeavors!

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