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Ope! Hey from the Midwest


Taking it day by day
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May 10, 2017
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Aug 8, 2020
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Columbus, OH (currently)
Well today is the today to finally register for an account on this site. I've searched the forums for long enough that I'm interested in seeing what's for sale and decided I probably needed to have an account for that.

Do people even read "welcome to the forum entries" anymore?? Well if people do here's a bit about me: currently in Wisconsin, but I'm from MI and spent a few years in IA before moving to WI. I've had a 75g freshwater tank for 8 years now that I started in college with little to no research but still somehow have 2 of my starter black fin tetras. Last year I decided to get into the saltwater tanks that I've always wanted and around March of this year I setup a 32g Biocube.

(Also during the pandemic I setup a Walstad method 5g for kicks and dug 2 50g pond forms into my backyard but that just means I had too much free time.)

My first saltwater experience has been fantastic! Haven't lost anything that hasn't grown back (learned the hard way peppermint shrimp will snack on corals if not given enough food). Things are not so much more difficult than the freshwater tanks. I have LPS and soft corals, along with a pair of ORA clownfish, a green banded goby, and a Biota mandarin I feed live brine shrimp to in a small breeder till he gets bigger. My 2 porcelain crabs are my favorite critters though!

I have been amazed by my local reefing community and already have made a new friend. I was given great deals on some coral frags and one guy even gave me some for free as a welcome to the community!

Thanks to all the people on here that I've already learned so much from - thanks for sharing your experiences whether they've been successful or not.

Welcome! :)

I sure try, even though sometimes my reading comprehension isn't what it should be! What part of Michigan? I lived in Clauson when I was a kid, went to Grand Valley State for a semester, my parents lived in Holland for a while and currently have family in Lapeer.

I'm relocating to Wisconsin in December but just a 'bit' north of you! :D

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