Real reef rock raising ALK too fast

Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry by Randy Holmes-Farley' started by InspectorGadget, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Hey everyone. I wanted to know if there is anyone who has the brand “real reef rock” in their tank that have alk issues? I had to quickly break down my 40 gallon acrylic tank due to a seam failure and move all my sps corals into my Nuvo 20 without having the tank fully setup and cycled. My LFS said he had this RRR that is fully cured. I questioned dropping any rock into my tank without a separate cure but after taking the advice of the LFS, I did (I had moved 98% of the biopure ceramic media from my 40 to the nuvo 20 also). Everything was fine for a few days but without even hooking up my GHL 2.1 or dosing anything, my alk jumped from 8.2 to 8.7 then 8.7 to 9.0. I have been doing 25% water changes every 3 days to even keep the alk at 9. Also, I have 1.0 nitrate and 0 phosphates. All the corals are browning out. Anyone have issues with alk with this rock?

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    Artificial rock can release high alk and pH components if it is not adequately cured before use.

    I'd stop doing water changes to lower it, and when it is too high, I'd use a mineral acid (like muriatic acid), or Seachem acid buffer, added very slowly and carefully.
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