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    Sep 26, 2016
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    los angeles, ca
    Hello everyone
    I'll be moving in the next few weeks and would like to upgrade to the Red Sea xxl 625 when i do. So I'm selling my Reefer 350. Its been up and running for 2 years with no crashes. Depending on interest, I'd either be willing to sell it as is, with all the livestock and equipment, or move the contents over to the new tank and just sell the tank & stand. ($1200)
    I'm located in North Hollywood, CA. Here's the full list of equipment to sell as is.

    Red Sea Reefer 350 w/ black stand (no scratches or cracks)
    2x Maxspect Razor LED's
    2x single tube t5's w/ ATI coral plus bulbs
    Maxspect Gyre 150 w/ icecap module for apex
    Icecap backup battery for gyre
    Neptune Apex Jr
    VDM Module (for varied flow on gyre)
    Temp probe
    pH probe
    ASM Skimmer
    Refugium w/ fiji mud & chaeto, fuge light
    Aqua Excel DC return pump
    3x BRS dosers- alk, mag, cal
    2x eheim 125w heaters

    Livestock- too much coral to list, but video included
    Tomini Tang
    tri-color fairy wrasse
    Lyretail Anthia
    Blue/green chromi
    Pseudochromis mccullochi
    1/2 dozen turbo snails
    sea hare
    2-3 mini conch

    For full package, including livestock, asking $7,500 Pickup only. I can help break down.
    If delivery / full install is needed, add $1,500


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  2. Mester320

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    Jul 13, 2013
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    Saint Marys, PA
    Would you sell me the VDM Apex module separate ?

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