RedSea Reefer 250 Return Pump

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Nov 3, 2019
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Hi everyone!

Unfortunately our biocube has a leak, so we are upgrading to a RedSea Reefer 250. The LFS we went to sold us a Danner Supreme Aqua-Mag Model 9.5 for the return pump. RedSea recommends a flow of 660gph for the return pump. It looks like this return pump would have a flow of 770-900gph at the RSR 250’s return height. Will this be too much flow? Hoping this will work, since the LFS is 2.5 hours away and would be difficult to return…




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Sep 15, 2019
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Long Island, NY

Afraid I can't speak to your pump question - I run my RS reefer 250 around 400gph because I have lots of flow within the display tank itself - but I do recommend a diverter within the display tank itself.

The Red Sea return directs the water, with small adjustments directly to the front glass. I've had good luck with a product from VCA that splits the return water left & right rather than straight forward. (

Although I bought the "random" flow version, I'm just using it to direct the flow to the sides without the "random" flow pieces. If you do go this route you just need to be mindful not to place the diverter too low into the water. When/if you turn off your return pump the return line in the display will siphon water back into your sump - and you don't want to overflow :)

Hope you get a specific answer on that return pump. You'll really enjoy the RS 250... Good luck.

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