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  1. N

    New York Red Sea Reefer 250 Complete setup (Apex wifi, Reef Link, Octo skimmer, Radeon xr30g4)++++++

    I am moving to Miami within a month and I have a reefer 250 for sale. comes with skimmer(300), return pump($450), Reef link($200), Apex wifi(1000), Ato($200), Auto dose (wifi) ($300), 2 wake makers($500), custom screen lid($350) Red Sea reefer 250 tank and stand($1500) Radeon xr30g4 with...
  2. panui22

    Florida RedSea Reefer 250

    Selling my Reefer 250 local only central Florida (Mount Dora). Willing to drive and meet with in reasonable distance. Asking $800 OBO for complete set up comes with everything Reefer’s come with tank, stand, sump, plumbing, ato Also comes with Seaside aquatics CS6 protein skimmer Aquatic...
  3. R

    Maryland Selling my reefer 250

    in the process of getting rid of my tank I have a new apex system along with 2 hydra 26 hd along with other equipment Local pick up $2,000
  4. RandyC

    Randy's Redsea Reefer 250 and the rest of the Coral Farm

    Been a lurker for a while, but I'd thought I'd start up a build thread and share what I have going on. I started reefing with a 12G Fluval Edge about 3 years ago and it took all of about 6 months for me to upgrade to my first "adult" tank. My Red Sea Reefer 250 has been running for exactly 912...
  5. AwildcatsZ

    Time to Get Serious (Red Sea Reefer 250 Build)

    This will be my third reef tank over the 15+ years I have been in the hobby, but this one will be special. Heck, this one already is special! Background: My current tank is a standard 29 gallon, Aqueon aquarium that my then girlfriend and I won at the MAX Aquarium Expo in 2016. We spent time...
  6. MarineDepot

    Red Sea REEFER 250 Giveaway + AquaMaxx Bundle Savings!

    Red Sea REEFER 250 Giveaway + AquaMaxx Bundle Savings! Win a new tank and save BIG on popular gear from AquaMaxx!
  7. Mordie101

    Red Sea reefer 250 ##PICTURE HEAVY##

    Hello all! This is going to be my Red Sea reefer 250 build thread. I’ve been in the hobby for about 6-7 months now. Over the next month I will be piecing together parts and equipment until I am able to get moved and get the tank set up in new apartment! I try to keep updated, my last thread...
  8. C

    ClearWater CW-50 Installation Reefer 250

    I have decided to by a Clearwater CW-50 from bulk reef supply on Black Friday with a new skimmer. I have spent some time trying to figure out how to mount this in my sump for the Red Sea Reefer 250. I believe I came up with a great way. There is not much information about this on youtube or...
  9. Kavo11

    Maryland "Top Lids" Lid for Red Sea Reefer 250

    Top Lids had a mix up and sent me the wrong lid (mine was supposed to have the fusion vent frame). This lid has cutouts designed for someone running a Kessil AP700 with the A-series mounting arms. If you have a reefer or deluxe 250 with these lights, this is an absolute steal for you AND you get...
  10. Giraffe0621

    Red Sea Reefer 250, Trigger Sump, 40 gallon vertical water tanks, marco rocks- NO SHIPPING! -CT

    Have to sell tank d/t unexpected move out of the US Not much is going with me other than my dog! PICK UP ONLY from Milford, CONNECTICUT (near New Haven, CT, about 80 minutes from NYC). NO SHIPPING! Red Sea Reefer 250 Tank (purchased July 2017 from BRS) -- $700 -- NO SHIPPING! -includes...
  11. Brian Goldstein

    Starting a Red Sea Reefer 250 ! (Need advice)

    Hello all Reefers! My name is Brian. This is my first post on R2R. Just some quick background info on me.... I'am currently living in the state of California, working towards a Masters Degree in Marine Biology. I have been in the saltwater hobby for a little over a year now and it has become...
  12. Raxnar

    Raxnar's Red Sea Reefer 250 Deluxe - Vancouver Island Build

    It has begun! My wife and I have decided on not going quite as large as I posted in my Introduction thread back in October. We were thinking the Red Sea Reefer 350 Deluxe. The Den where the tank will be is not massive but it can accommodate the Red Sea 250 Deluxe nicely. In fact the overall...
  13. Bruzzerfish

    WTB Red Sea reefer 250 sump or other cube sump

    Hey guys, I’m starting a cube build and as the title says I am looking for a reefer 250 sump and stock auto top off. I am also interested in any other cube sumps you may have. Another option would be a cube aquarium is you have it, ie. deep blue 28g 20”x20”x16”, i wouldn’t mind doing a diy...
  14. 1bitereefer

    1BiteReefer- Red Sea Reefer 250 Build

    First want to start off by giving you a little background information about myself and the tank. I am a total noob to the reefer hobby so will be looking for help frequently. I have took the last 2 months browsing this forum for help and research. I have previously been in the African Cichlids...
  15. Giraffe0621

    ReefDreams Baffle Kit (Red Sea Reefer 170/250) $90 shipped Reef Dreams

    Reef Dreams Baffle Kit for RedSea Reefer 170 /250 in great condition I purchased from another R2R member to create a refugium but ended up replacing my sump instead. $90 shipped within USA, Paypal only. $80 pick-up in Milford, CT...
  16. Giraffe0621

    The Penny Memorial Red Sea Reefer 250 (aka Giraffe's Build Thread)

    Today is a bittersweet day. I have been looking forward to starting this tank for months & my Red Sea Reefer 250 arrived today. As much as I want to be ecstatic, my heart is broken :(. My boxer, Penny, died very unexpectedly yesterday morning. She would have turned 5 at the end of the month, and...
  17. mattstanks2016

    Matts Red Sea Reefer 250 - Remastered Edition

    Finally! I saved up enough money for a Red Sea Reefer!!! Actually, thanks to the power of craigslist and silicon I was able to restore a reefer that had a leak. I am by no means a expert at reef tanks nor DIY builds, but I guess we can learn together. A little background about me. I have had a...
  18. jordimex

    Hello NOOB here with Reefer 250 starting my journal

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura, Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  19. jordimex

    Hello everyone

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  20. y4ngel

    My first saltwater aquarium - Reefer 250

    Hey there everyone, I've been doing freshwater on and off for most of my life but I have always wanted to start a reef aquarium, after recently moving I decided to give it a go. To be honest setting it up and turning on the lights it looks even better than I imagined it would, really different...
  21. sithrico

    SithRico's RedSea Reefer 250

    Hello everyone! Going to put this here, because I'm starting a build from the RedSea Reefer 250. I decided to join the ranks of the RedSea Clan. I really like the Reefer 250, and been looking to build a tank with a sump. The 250 is the perfect size for what I have room for. Making it a win-win...
  22. LBA

    My New SPS - Red Sea Reefer 250 - Discovery Cove

    After a few years away from reef aquariums, enjoying some freedom to travel, I'm taking on the responsibility of a new aquarium. I poked my head into a LFS and on an impulse I bought a Red Sea Reefer 250. I'm glad I did. Easy to setup, quiet drainage, stable stand, sleek looking, and a nice...
  23. pelphrey

    Devoted Reefer 250

    I'll keep the intro as quick as possible. This is my 3rd tank in the last year so I've named it "Devoted Reefer 250". I started off with a 27 Gallon Cube ( ) then moved this tank into the BADFISH 20 Gallon AIO (...
  24. Broadfield

    Show Off and Discuss Your Red Sea Reefer Series

    Now that the Red Sea Reefer series tanks are getting more common in hobbyist's homes, I thought it would be nice to have a one-stop place to share and discuss them. I love mine and I think it's one of the nicest setups for the money. It's far less expensive than an Elos and even cheaper than...
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