Stocking DD Reef pro 1500 (5 foot, 138 gallons)


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Oct 20, 2018
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Hampshire, UK
Hallo forum!

I'm forward planning for my first big (comparatively) reef tank and would love some input

I'm getting the DD Reef pro 1500 which is 5 foot long, 117 gallons tank volume and 138 gallons system volume

I'm not sure what return pump I'll be getting, but it'll probably be 5000 LpH. Likewise, I'm not sure what skimmer I'll be getting yet.

I'll be lighting it with two or three Noopsyche K7 pros (95W)

It'll be mixed reef, mostly Lps, some softies and I might branch out and try a few Sps, but it'll be a mostly Lps tank

Experience-wise this will be my third tank, but the first time I'll have a system this big - I've previously had a 2.6 gal pico reef and a 26 gallon reef. I also have experience with freshwater fish, but my biggest tanks there were a 45 and 47 gallon

I've been doing some research on fish stocking and I'm finding it much more difficult than stocking the freshwater. I don't know roughly how many fish are considered for these type of tanks, or really what kinds can go together.

I'm currently looking at:

- 1 yellow tang
- 1 half black dwarf angelfish
- 3 (?) banggai cardinals
- 3 to 5 chromis, blue and/or blue-green
- a clownfish pair; I'd like a 'nemo' and a black and white, but I'm interested in the tomato clownfish too

Invert wise I like

- skunk shrimp
- trochus snails
- blue or red leg hermits
- nassarius snails
- orange lipped conch
- blue tuxedo urchin
- brittle starfish

That's all I'd like for certain, although I'm not sure re: the chromis

I've also been looking at:

- Squaretail Bristletooth Tang
- Kole Tang
- pajama Cardinals
- Blue Sapphire Damsel
- Randall's Assessor Basslet
- Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
- Six Line Wrasse
- Bluestreal Cleaner Wrasse
- Orange Stripe prawn Goby with pistol shrimp

I'd also like a Green Mandarin and/or a Ruby Red dragonet once I've got a good copepod population going (6+ months down the line)

I'd appreciate any and all input on stocking, where there might be problems with compatability, if coral or inverts would be in danger. I'm also open to suggestions

I'd eventually like to try a clam in there as well; that was much easier to research

Thank you for your time!


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Oct 20, 2018
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Hampshire, UK
Sounds a great plan and when you get chance maybe start a build thread
Thank you for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it :)

Awesome, thank you! Daydreaming and then planning is my favourite part, lol

I absolutely will, I'm already freaking out and I don't even have the tank yet! I'll need all the help I can get.

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