WIN a Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410!! Back by popular demand!! It's the BUILT LIKE A TUNZE Giveaway!

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Nov 18, 2012
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Welcome to our BUILT LIKE A TUNZE Giveaway!

TUNZE has been a name associated with excellent quality in our hobby for over 30 years, and they're one of the great sponsors who have supported our community for years. We're excited to partner with Tunze this month to bring you one of their amazing skimmers! I personally have the Tunze 9410 DOC Skimmer on my tank, and I'm excited that we can offer one this month to you!

How to Enter:

Since this is a "Built like a Tunze" giveaway, we're focusing our entries on your reef build. Here's how you enter:

Official Entry (MUST do this for any other entries to count):
Update your Reef2Reef tank thread this month. (you can update it once a week for 4 total entries) After you update or create the tank thread post the link to your build here in this thread up to 4 times for each week (each entry must correspond to at least 1 update). If you don't have a tank thread then start a new one here: Member Tanks

*If you want some tips for how to keep a great build thread, check out THIS LINK.


After your official entry,
you can do any of these in no particular order, but be sure you MAKE A POST IN THIS THREAD FOR EACH BONUS ENTRY COMPLETED.

Make a post in your build thread showing off your filtration equipment and tell us why you'd like to win this skimmer. (This is in addition to the official entry post)

2. Start a thread in our DIY Forum about any DIY topic you're interested in. This could be a question or something you've done that was successful (or unsuccessful). ANYTHING that is DIY related.

3. Start a thread in our Equipment Forum, Lighting Forum, Aquascape Forum, or Controller Forum (Start one in EACH of these forums for up to FOUR entries). This could be anything equipment, lighting, aquascape, or controller related.

4. Share a picture of your tank on social media (any social media platform is fine) with a link to this contest and the hashtags: #builtlikeatunze #Reef2Reef #GIVEAWAY

BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an entry option that is only available if you are a Reef2Reef Supporting or Partner Member. If you are a supporting/partner member please make a post in this thread stating that you are a R2R supporter/partner. If you're not a supporting member, but would like more info on how to sign up, CLICK HERE.

Winning Prize: DOC Skimmer 9410 shipped to your door

Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But, no unit uses less current than TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410. At a power consumption of only 11 W (15 W), the DOC Skimmer has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers consuming more than twice as much power. In addition, no settings are required, it is extremely silent and it is easy to operate.

Recommended for aquariums up to 1,000 litres (264 USgal.) of salt water.
Immersion depth from 140 mm (5.5 in.) to 240 mm (9.4 in.),
Dimensions without post-filter: L250 x W113 x H418 mm (L9.8 x W4.4 x H16.4 in.) 230 V / 50 Hz, 11 W
Water throughput: 900 l/h (237 USgal./h)
(115 V / 60 Hz, 15 W, water flow rate: 999 l/h (264 USgal./h)
Air capacity: 600 l/h (158 USgal./h), skimmer cup volume: .7 l (.18 USgal.).

Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But, no unit uses less current than TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410. At a power consumption of only 12 W (16 W), the new DOC Skimmer has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers consuming more than twice as much power. In addition, no settings are required; it is extremely silent; it is easy to operate and it is nice to look at.

Skimmer cup (diam. 160 mm (6.2 in.)) with large capacity; also contains the foam reactor; can be removed easily.

The booster ring permits a fine adjustment of the power, thus adapting the water level inside the skimmer as required for the production of somewhat wetter foam, for example.

The removable post-filter at the outlet of the skimmer permits perfect mechanical filtration through 50 µm acrylic wadding fibres with little biological action. This ensures that no unwanted nutrient and nitrate sources develop in case of longer cleaning intervals. The filter can be filled with other filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate absorber.

Stable base which also reduces the water velocity in the lower zone of the skimmer.

TUNZE® Hydrofoamer Silence 9410.04 is a pump specifically developed for protein skimmers. The Hydrofoamer generates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter of between 0.1 to 0.3 mm (.0039 to .011 in.). It has an energy consumption of only 12 W (16 W) at an air output of 600 l/h (158 USgal./h) which places this air generator at the top of its product class. At a water flow of 900 l/h (1,000 l/h) (237 USgal./h / 264 USgal./h), it is also used to supply the aquarium water to the skimmer.

The mixing chamber with flow distributor binds an especially high amount of organic material.

Intermediate chamber with phase water: The patented Anti-Overfoaming System® prevents an overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates the skimming action according to surface tension of the aquarium water and water level. The skimmer operates independently and automatically sets its best efficiency.

Nipple for ozone connection. Ozone improves the skimming process and at the same time removes any yellowing matter in the aquarium water.



Drawing of Prizes and Notification of Winnings

Entries accepted through August 2, 2020. The winner will be chosen by random draw and announced on August 3rd, 2020.

At the end of the contest we will choose the winner via a random number generator. The winner's username will be tagged in the winning announcement. We will not email, pm, or contact the winner other than tagging the winning name. Be sure to check back to claim your prize. If it is not claimed within 3 days we will do a re-pick and so on until the prize is claimed.

Thanks again to Tunze USA!


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Mar 10, 2020
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bonus entry # 1:

I have a larger set-up I would like to add a sump to and this would work nicely for that.


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Sep 10, 2018
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I have 2 so I dont need another lol.
They are one of the most underrated skimmers in the industry.
I have both dc and non dc and they are as set and forget as any piece of equipment in the industry.
Good luck to all!
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Feb 18, 2017
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Official entry: build thread that’s been updated. I need a skimmer

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