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Discussion in 'Fish Discussion' started by nubbs, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I want to add a zebra eel soon. But not sure when is the right time. I have two clowns, a one spot foxface and a fairy wrasse in the tank for about 3 weeks now. I am getting a dog face puffer hopefully with in a week. I am waiting for my order to come in at the LFS. I will be adding 3 tangs as well at the very end. The LFS said I need to wait about 5-6 months before adding the eel. What do you guys think about this. Should I wait and why is that

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    The only reason to wait is to let the biological bacteria catch up. I don't see any other real reason. As long as you give it a few weeks between additions you should be good to go. However he must be saying 6 months for a reason. Did he say why so long?
    Also, has the tank only had fish in it for the 3 weeks?
    The zebra is a good choice. One of the better eels to have in captivity :) less likely to eat small fish than a lot of other species, but he may find a tasty snack one day in a smaller fish, but keep him well fed and this shouldn't be such an issue.
    I used to have one a could hand feed and rub his tummy.
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