40 breeder

  1. J

    40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys, I am new to the saltwater world. I currently have 2 freshwater tanks and want to build a beautiful reef tank out of a 40 gallon breeder. I am building this tank on a budget and do not want to break the bank. I am currently interested in the Fiji cube 40 gallon insert but they are sold...
  2. WheatToast

    Build Thread WheatToast's Anti-Reef (Aqueon 40-gallon Breeder)

    This loaf is about to set out on an adventure... I guess it's time for me to begin my first build thread. After suffering way too long with my previous (first) build (a temperate system with freshwater rocks and sand as well as a HOB filter that never left the diatom phase), I decided to...
  3. Boaz1021

    40 Gallon Breeder Sump Layout

    I have a new 150 Gallon, tank and am building a DIY Sump out of a 40 Gallon Breeder tank. I bought the Fiji Cube Sump Baffle kit for it and am in the process of laying it out. So far, I know how big the intake and return are going to be, where I need help is with the size of the refugium vs the...
  4. Nsakis1

    Build Thread Ocean theme nursery with 40 breeder reef!

    I started a build thread for a 300 gallon peninsula in Oct of 2019 aaaaaaand...still no saltwater in the house. After going back and forth on this idea, my wife and I finalized the plan to put a 40 breeder in the 5th baby’s nursery. Yah, five children. It gets better...the oldest is just barely...
  5. CryptoNautical

    Build Thread Upgrades People. Upgrades!

    Well this is my first post on R2R. I've been on for a bit but I'd like to share my journey. So I started with a 30 bow front. I started with dry rock and live sand. I've kept many reef tanks before but this is where we'll begin. This was about 3 months in, the cycle was complete and from...
  6. D4jack

    Finally ready to swap my livestock!!!

    I recently built my 40 breeder 20 sump setup. Stand hood and all, even lights!! Check out my build thread. I've had great numbers for days. Moved my livestock today. Everything looks good except my 1 bta. I managed to rip its foot! I'm extremely disappointed in myself. Should I quarantine it...
  7. Jimmeh lee

    Build Thread A 40b upgrade project

    I’m finally upgrading my Innovative Marine 14 gallon peninsula. It’s been running for 3 years, so planning to break it down is a bit bittersweet. But, it’s time. We’re moving on up to a 40 breeder with a 20 long sump! And a whole lot of diy. So far, I have built the stand, installed the Fiji...
  8. justinkurpiel

    Build Thread 40 breeder mixed Reef

    Hello all, I am looking to introduce my tank and get some help. This tank has been running for about 5 months now but just joined the reef 2 reef family. The tank is a standard 40 breeder with steel stand. The tank was started with dry rock and sand. Starting from the top I have a hydra 26 hd...
  9. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts Miscellaneous WTS/WTT Misc Stuff From 40 Breeder Breakdown

    I broke down my 40 Breeder tank as I am replacing it with a 50g AIO. I have some stuff I hate to throw away but I just dont have a use for it so I figured I'd post it here first. Everything must be picked up locally, Taunton or Lakeville, MA, and is technically free but if you are able to trade...
  10. S

    Build Thread 40g Breeder Build Thread

    Hey all, Im not really sure if anyone is going to follow along with me on this 40g breeder build at all or not, but I thought it would be pretty fun to create my first thread here on R2R since I am extremely excited about how it has been going. I am going to try and update this thread with as...
  11. josh515025

    40 Breeder with only overrated Tunze skimmer as filtration ?

    Hey guys, so currently I had to go fallow and am treating my fish in a 20 Long and I put my inverts and rock in a 20 High. I was running a 35 gallon rimless cube with a Seachem tidal 55 and a Fluval PS1 skimmer. While I wait I decided I'm going to sell the 35 cube and upgrade... Now I wanted to...
  12. T

    First aquascape, 40 breeder, any thoughts or advice?

    This is my first reef tank, I had a fowlr years ago and loved it but I was young and inexperienced and broke. I'm finally diving back in and would love some advice on what I have as an aquascape. Any improvements or ideas are welcome ( and I would love to hear if you just like it as well). I...
  13. wildcard

    Build Thread New 40b - Return To Reefing

    I've been out of the hobby for about 15 years. I used to have a small nano, and my brother was the one with all the tanks. I started scouring Craigslist and other mediums to find a used tank. I found this 40 breeder not too far from my home for $20. So far I've removed the blue paint on the...
  14. Garcia2460

    Coral stopped opening up.

    Hey everyone, just recently purchased a Coral pack from WWC. I have three thathad no issues acclimating and opening up as soon as a I put them in the tank. Another which is a zoa arrived looking a little weird and has only changed slightly.. (I think). The last coral I have an issue with is a...
  15. Garcia2460

    New 40g breeder build

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been hesitant to post but I finally figured that it could be helpful. I originally was going to build a 20g long but after doing a lot of research I decided to start with a 40 breeder. I have slowly been buying all my equipment and I still have a few things left that I want to...
  16. fishface NJ

    Build Thread Fish Face NJ build

    Hi! I am Diana. I am a new/old member on here. I signed up for my own account today. I had been sharing my son's account since he signed up some time ago. I have been reef keeping since 1995. I had upgraded to a 90g and then my son @DaveNJ wanted my 90g. So I bought a 40b and had been...
  17. teejay210


  18. Anchor

    Build Thread 55 cube aqnd 40b learning to wing it

    So, this is my build thread. I am going to be putting together a 55 gallon cube, a 40 gallon breeder and a home made 40 gallon cube. ANd the sump might be home made too.. Its all just getting tossed together as a single unit.. so to speak. They are going to share water through a shared...
  19. Dempsey941

    Build Thread The 40 Breeder Mixed Reef

    Well before we get into the 40 Breeder it has been a privilege to care for nearly 2 years now, I figure I should start with my original baby the 20 High, and the story of my decision process of selecting a new tank and the transition from one tank to another. This was my 20 high reef tank...
  20. S

    Starfish suggestions for a 40 gallon

    I want to add an easy care starfish to my 40 gallon breeder tank. It's been running for 2 years. So far no Corals, but will add in the future. I was thinking about a sand sifting starfish. Any suggestions. In my tank: Reef crabs Conch snail Turbo snail 2 clown fish 2 dartfish
  21. Tangina20

    Locline sizing

    Im trying to get the most flow using the least amount of gph from my return pump and the only way of doing this is by tapering the flow. I currently have 3/4 return plumbed into 3/4 locline with dual circular nozzles. I ordered 3/4 inch flare nozzles from brs but the fittings are too loose so I...
  22. RandyC

    Build Thread Randy's Redsea Reefer 250 and the rest of the Coral Farm

    Been a lurker for a while, but I'd thought I'd start up a build thread and share what I have going on. I started reefing with a 12G Fluval Edge about 3 years ago and it took all of about 6 months for me to upgrade to my first "adult" tank. My Red Sea Reefer 250 has been running for exactly 912...
  23. Tangina20

    What is the difference between the Jebao wave makers??

    I have a 40 breeder and I’m currently only using the return pump as my only source of flow and have been looking in to getting a wave maker. I think I only need/want 1 for now. I see Jabao pp, ow, sow, and rw series they all look the same to me and cost about the same?? Which one is the newest...
  24. Tangina20

    Possible maroon clownfish agression

    I have a 40b with a maroon clown and a watchman goby. The last two fish I had were a damsel (lasted 3 days) and a six line (lasted 3 weeks). After looking at every option on what is going wrong with newly introduced fish my best guess is the clownfish attacked. The symptoms of both fish were...
  25. Tangina20

    Build Thread Tangina20’s 40 gallon breeder

    Set up date: 06/22/18 Newly built, few free to comment any tips or ideas! This is an upgrade from the 20L being used as the sump. Fish yellow watchman goby white lightning maroon clown Tail spot blenny 4 bar damsel Inverts astrea snails blue legs red leg Rainbow bubble tip Coal banded...
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