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  1. AnnieB

    Hello New & looking to learn

    Hi, I am new here. I am trying to get started with a fresh water tank but only looking to do real plants. I will be getting a 20 or 25 gallon tank. Any help would be appreciated. I am going to have a beta & shrimp I do know that. Need help with also tank mate ideas. Any help anyone could give...
  2. 1epauletteshark

    17 gallon stocking ideas

    Already added: 2x Baby ocellarus clownfish 1x Skunk cleaner shrimp 5x nassarius snails 2x cheeky hitchhiker porcelain crabs 1x turbo snail 1x small BTA Fish plans: I still need help deciding what other small fish I should add seeing as I removed the Yasha hase goby from the list because I...
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    Torch head tissue

    Just wondering if this is the correct amount of tissue on my torches skeleton or if it is experiencing tissue recession. It’s fully open and happy in the daylight. It’s slowly split from one head to around 5 now. Does the tissue look like it thins out as new heads grow? Photo in blues and...
  4. A

    EMERGENCY Quick I was trying to catch ghost shrimp for fishing and I took them home in a livewell and they had babies...

    This is an urgent emergency there are tiny saltwater ghost shrimp and I cant go back to let them free for a while, I need to know how to keep them alive and raise them. I have not found anything on the web about what to feed new saltwater ghost shrimp, it is all about freshwater ghost shrimp. I...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Algea from Florida in a reef

    My dad just got back from florida with around 5-6 lbs of Gracilia Marco algea. If I quarantine this stuff and only use a small piece is it ok to use in my reef tanks and to pass along to friends? I’ve never taken anything from the ocean before.
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    Candy cane coral stupid question

    This is going to be a really stupid question but as my candy canes split should they tissue cover the entire skeleton or just about an inch below each head? They’re around 50 heads now and the tissue doesn’t cover anything but between heads that are close together and about an inch below each...
  7. blukorr

    New to the salty side!

    Hello all blukorr here, I've been dreaming, researching and saving for five years to break into the salty side of the hobby! I've saved up around 5 grand to get my dream tank and equipment and I feel it's time to pull the proverbial trigger and start buying things. I've seen that a lot of...
  8. D

    New member from the uk hi everyone

    Hi everyone new member from the uk so after many years of wanting a reef tank I finally got a red sea reefer 425 delux tank has been running for 5 weeks now.has 30 kg tmc eco reef 64kg mix of caribsea pink Fiji and arag alive Bahamas used atm colony my question is after 2 weeks my lsf suggested...
  9. Zoa_Fanatic

    Montipora Placement

    So I posted this in SPS and butchered the title. But I am wondering if my new rainbow monti will grow ok on the back wall of my biocube 16 LED? I have it setting on my lower rocks right now so it can adjust to my lighting.
  10. emonemo25

    Juwel Vision 260 Marine Aquarium Help

    Hi I’m relatively new to marine tanks. I’ve kept small all in ones before but now I want to move into a large scale. I don’t like the style of many marine tanks and have came across the Juwel Vision 260 Marine Aquarium, I’m also considering the size up (450). I really love the curvature of it...
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    Toadstool frags

    So I’m selling some toadstool frags and by necessity they’re small. Is 15$ too much to ask for a Tyree Green frag? I really want to be fair to my buyers. Also this is the first time I fragged it so I’m guaranteeing life for a week after they pickup from me. I feel like these are small but mine...
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    Fragging toadstool in tank

    Can I frag a tyree green toadstool in my tank or will it hurt anything? It’s not absolutely massive but it’s running out of room and needs to be fragged.
  13. K

    Algae ID

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help with an algae/detritus issue I’ve had in my 125 gallon tank for over a year now. I’ve tried many things such as manual removal, scraping the rock with a toothbrush, flux rx and seachem pristine however nothing seems to get rid of it. The algae/detritus can be...
  14. Baebae

    Nano Build Just a quick update since June...

    Hello from Texas, everyone! I just wanted to do a bit of an update post since a lot has happened since the last few times I've posted lol. If anyone has any advise for me, it eould be much appreciated! Idk if this will take very long or not but here we go! So I started reefing in May of this...

    Cannon 80d setup

    Hi not a buff on cameras but would appreciate pointing on the right direction…. Can’t get my colours to pop when taking photos under blue light…. And some of the colours you can’t even see…. I’ve got some coloured filters and have been playing around with ISO apature and whit e balance……...
  16. Zoa_Fanatic

    Can leptos grow next to each other

    Can I grow two lepto on the same rock without them going to war with each other? I have a mr. Freeze and I’m looking to pair it with something.
  17. B

    First torch frag...

    Hello all just picked up this piece yesterday and was curious to know if it looks healthy and if it is normal that the tentacles or polyps are two different colors? Thanks!
  18. DannoOMG

    Looking for advice on my 5 month old 13.5 Evo. (warning LOTs of information)

    I have been trying to get some reef tank services to come and consult me on how I should improve my tank but nobody has gotten back to me. I guess they are too busy. Information I will include hoping it will give you guys an idea of where I should go from here : *Lighting/Tank/Pumps etc *What...
  19. JuiceByCliff

    HELP PLEASE. Tube anemone is hurting

    Had him for about a month. Spot feeding reef roids and mysis 2-3 times a week. Seemed to be eating and happy. Came home today and he isn’t opening up. Looks rough. Chemistry pretty standard. Nitrates 10-20. I did just upgrade light to Kessil AP9X And added an additional powerhead, but he is in...
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    Torch and hammer coral flow requirements?

    I have just added a small powerhead to my biocube 32 LED. I dont know the brand since it was gifted to me by my brothers. I have a super tiny hammer coral and a torch coral both in the tank. How much flow will they be able to stand? I am trying to increase the flow to help my zoa and fight a...
  21. Zoa_Fanatic

    hamer coral tissues question

    I have a SUPER tiny hammer coral. Its starting to have some tissue recession between the heads. it only has two heads and up until about a week ago the tissue between the heads went all the way down and connected. Now the tissue is receding back to where it only has tissue on each individual...
  22. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa heads shrinking

    Ok so I've got several zoa frags with heads getting super, super small. they aren't melting or dying but the heads are maybe 1/2 to 1/3 the size they were months ago. I have recently had a cyan outbreak but they were shrinking in size before this. Any ideas what the problem could be? Biocube...
  23. BSVKilbey

    Fluval Chi - First SW tank - Open to Ideas

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to view this. Firstly I have done some searching on this forum at PICO tanks and will continue to do research before committing. However... As this is my first SW tank I am open to all ideas and thoughts. I have OCD so the aesthetics need to be minimal, for...
  24. parkerb20

    New Waterbox X60.2

    I am setting up a new tank in the next few months and I have decided on the Waterbox X60.2. For ones who don't know this is a 40 Gallon Reef Cube with a 20 Gallon sump in the bottom of the stand. I am in college so I am on as much as a "budget" as is can be. At the same time I don't want to...
  25. harley628

    Advice on Aragonite marine accents

    I bought some aqua natural marine accents (fossilized aragonite) to use as frag bases . Trying to decide if I need to cure it. I want to just rinse it and throw it in DT until I need it. I am worried about an ammonia spike . I have found conflicting instructions about it. Any experience ?!
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