1. chemicals

    Dinoflaggelates identification

    Hi, Hi, i’m currently batteling dinos and I was wondering if you could help me id these. Zoom is 250x. My guess is amphidinium small cell.
  2. W

    What kind of Dinos are these?

    I got back into the hobby about 1.5 years ago. I've been battling Dinos for almost 6 months. When they first appeared I ended up dosing Dino x which got rid of them after about 12 doses (every other day). It wiped out all my corals in the process. After a few weeks I started getting loads of...
  3. Reef and Dive

    Dinoflagellates - What I learned over the years to deal with it

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Paulo Scaldaferri, a Brazilian reefer who have been dealing with dinos as a special area of interest: I had it on my own tanks many times before and sometimes for months. This led me to an avid interest of study of those alveolates, including reading many...
  4. A

    Looks like a pod but any confirmation?

    So I was taking a dinoflagellate ID and I saw this little pod that looks like it was stuck or it was feeding. Can anyone confirm? I attached a video, and to see it you need to be on a laptop or desktop. It doesn’t work from the phone for some reason. #reefsquad
  5. Reef and Dive

    Dinoflagellates - do you want them?

    I was thinking about something a little different here, we surelly do not have a simple solution that works for all dinos, unfortunatelly, but for a long time we started to understand what are great conditions that predict dino problems in the future. So this list is kind of a joke (many items...
  6. Chrisss

    Need Dino ID : Amphidinium or Prorocentrum

    Hello! Can I get some help ID's these type of Dinos - My current setup is 120g tank - 40G Sump and is ~1 year old Filtration: Filter Socks (replaced weekly) Curve 7 Pro - Bubble Magnus Carbon Reactor UV Sterilizer ~ 350-400 gph Water Change - Twice a month 15 gallons Dry Rock Live Sand Levels...
  7. S

    Dino cell? Amphidinium?

    I’ve just looked under the microscope to see what looks like to be Dino cells. In my tank there isn’t much brown strands anywhere (not out of control) I just found some brown strands on my Zoas this morning? Can anybody help.
  8. Salty Hippo

    Dino id

    Are these Dinos? If so what kind are they? What is the best course of action to eradicate them? Thank you.
  9. P

    My Easy approach to Amphidinium dinoflagellates

    I have a 50 gallon cube, sump, sand, ATS, radion LED, Protein skimmer, my aquascape is fairly easy to remove in sections. My troubles with Dinos coincided with overzealous Iron supplementation and low nutrients. I lost many corals and anemones to the infestation. I am not sure if my approach...
  10. Jason_1982

    Dino ID help

    Hello all. I have been battling dinos for 6 months. I fully understand the battle and how I got here ...low phos low nitrates. tank etc. First I had ostreopsis ovata. They were basically beat with UV fairly quickly. Shortly after than the real battle began. AMPHIDINIUM. They were...
  11. Rogued_Reefer

    Dino’s Battle

    Alright Guys & Girls, like the title says I have encountered a new roadblock in the hobby. This thread will show you guys every step I take to battle this annoying pest and hopefully after I win this war you guys could look back to this thread to follow my steps and not make all the mistakes I...
  12. T

    Amphidinium Dinoflagellate Treatment Methods

    This thread is a spin-off from the @mcarroll very successful Dino thread The purpose is to discuss methods for removal and fighting against a particular strain of dinoflagellate - Large Cell Amphidinium. It seems to make up about a third of the cases of dinos. The reason this strain gets its...