apex programming

  1. zatch

    Avast ATO / Neptune I/O Setup Help

    I picked up an Avast ATO system with the digital output for an Apex. Using the Avast diaphragm pump which plugs into one of the Neptune EB8 24DVC outlets. Cant figure out how to program it in Apex Fusion, not understanding how the switch functions work :confused: Anybody have any experience...
  2. Sintralcoast

    Apex fusion help

    Want to program my reef octopus skimmer and return pump but I am so confused on how to even start. My idea would be to lower the power of the return pump just enough to keep the water suspended and turn off skimmer and once feed cycle is done for skimmer to wait 5 minutes...man if someone can...
  3. rajbh

    Staggering the two return pumps in Feed Mode

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the apex controller world and recently got the apex el for my JBJ 65g AIO. However I have not mastered the APEX programming so far and don't want to fiddle with my livestock too much. So far I could NOT got the way I want to set it up. If anybody can help me...
  4. Siri Control of Apex (SCA) without HomeBridge

    Advanced Topic Siri Control of Apex (SCA) without HomeBridge

    For a while I have thought that I would have to learn HomeBridge (for a HomeBridge version “how-to” please refer to @blazeby's R2R article) to be able to use Siri to control my Neptune Apex. But this changed after Apple in 2018 bought WorkFlows and renamed it to Shortcuts. First, I sincerely...
  5. ReeferDave01

    Neptune Apex PMUP

    Does anyone know what Neptune PMUP GPH rating is? Im also trying to run it for about 30 seconds a day to pump water into the tank. Whats the OSC command I should use?