carbon dosing

  1. M

    Mixed reef AF formula needs both carbon dosing and GFO?

    I am a bit confused by the mixed-reef-formula. Are NP PRO and PRO BIO S not sufficient to reduce PO4 to lower than 0,04? Does your mixed reef formula also require constant Phosphate Minus use? Instead of using GFO constantly, can I dose Nitraphos Minus, if NO3 is low, but PO4 is high? Thanks
  2. E

    Red Sea no pox melting corals

    Has anyone ever had Red Sea n03 p04x melt any of their soft corals? Every time I put it in my tank no matter the dose I see them shrivel up before my eyes and then they die soon after, I am putting it in the back of my drain box to let it mix with the water and through the sump before it ends up...
  3. GotCrabs

    Brown Fuzz on Rock - Seeking Advice

    Hope some can help guide me in this challenge. Thanks in advance. Background/Problem: My tank was running for 7+ years. It had a brown fuzz on the rock that I was never able to remove from the system. Vacuum it off and it came right back. It is easily brushed off into the water...
  4. Andrew Schubert

    Low PO4 but High NO3 help?

    I've been battling some cyano and turf algae pretty much since I've been in the hobby 2 1/2 years ago now. About 18 months ago I thought I found the end all solution...that being the Zeovit system. Ever seen then I've been running the full system (Zeo Stones, Carbon, Zeobac, Zeostart, ZeoFood...
  5. R

    Macro Algae Refugium Issues with Alk and Calcium Please Advise

    Hello All, Been at this over a year and like to learn so I practically visit reef2reef daily. I have a question I haven't seen answered here. I have for the last year had a 32 Gallon Refugium. It is a standalone and Macros such as Ulva, Chaeto, are growing well but I am not sure if this is a...
  6. plankton

    How long is phosphate cycle for established tank?

    In another thread I described my accidental overdosing carbon chain, not monitoring phosphate that lead to zero testable phosphates and RTN of an nice tort. My phosphates were around 0.08 and dropped to 0.00 over two weeks. Since the RTN of my tort I turned off skimmer, stopped carbon dosing...
  7. AF_Reef

    Carbon Dosing Switch To A Refugium

    Long story short I mistreated my AIO 50G tank for a little over 2 months causing nutrients to rise and algae to take over , Iv been carbon dosing Elimi-NP for about 2 1/2 months now plus the help of Vibrant to clean out my algea, I have reach near my desired levels and been stable at 5ppm No3...
  8. R

    Help with water clarity using Triton method

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had any tips on improving water clarity while using the Triton method and carbon dosing. My tank always looks like a milkshake and I'm not sure how to improve it without disrupting the nutrient balance. I run higher end nutrient levels 10-15ppm no3 and carbon...
  9. G

    Filtration, What’s your favorite?

    There are a million different combinations for filtering a tank. What does everyone run? Refugium? If so what macro? ZeoVit? Triton? A combination?
  10. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  11. DanSavesTheDay

    Alk Burn *advice please

    Reefers who have experienced this issue please chime in!!! I have been watching alkalinity burn slowly take place over the last few days. I was letting my dad dose for me while on vacation and because I was waiting on my hannah reagent in the mail I used the API KH test kit I had on hand. The...
  12. L

    Use of nopox with uv sterilizer and ozone

    Hello. I would like know your experience dousing nopox when you have uv sterilizer and ozone, it have some problem or maybe or know if the ozone and uv reduce the nopox effect That is because i have the two systems and i start yo use nopox but the nitrates level doesnt star to be reduced
  13. TheKyle

    Adding Kalk to Vinegar dosing

    My 250gallon system runs nutrient heavy, such that I dose a lot of vinegar for nutrient reduction (just under 220ml/day currently). For some time now I have been adding Kalk directly to my 5% vinegar in order to combat the ph lowering effect of dosing acetic acid. I currently mix 1 cup of Kalk...
  14. RickG

    Vinegar dosing

    Hey guys! I'm trying to switch from nopox to vinegar for my carbon dosing. Nopox has been going great for me but obviously more costly. Would just like some info on how to go about vinegar dosing. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  15. GeoSquid

    DIY Biopellets - Carbon Dosing

    Anyone tried this recently? In doing google searches, I found a few threads in RC back in 2010. One person was making bio plastics from corn starch with, what seemed like, good results. On other threads a few people were using white rice. I can't seem to find anything recently, which makes...
  16. GeoSquid

    DIY Biopellets - carbon dosing

    Anyone tried this recently? In doing google searches, I found a few threads in RC back in 2010. One person was making bio plastics from corn starch with, what seemed like, good results. On other threads a few people were using white rice. I can't seem to find anything recently, which makes...
  17. LEOreefer

    Need some reassurance

    as the title says I need some reassurance I’m doing the right thing. 65 gal system about 3 months old. No fish and a hand full of snails. The only 2 corals I have is a frag of gsp which is doing great and a green mushroom. I just switch to Radion XR30 g4 pro and am running the color pop program...
  18. potatocouch

    Downgrade from NoPox to Vinegar: do I need to start from minimum dosing?

    @Randy Holmes-Farley Do I need to start over from scratch if I am converting from NoPox to Vinegar? I can't remember how much is my dosing (ml) for NoPox ... I think 6ml per day if my memory serves me well ... I set and now forgot about it LOL but I can see the dosing container is thinning...
  19. T

    NO3PO4X and bacterial boogers

    Hey all! I've been treating my tank with no3po4x for about 18 months now. I'm very familiar with the bacterial snot that develops on everything. It doesn't do anything to equipment or whatnot, just makes the sump slippery. My biggest problem is that I manually dose it every few days. I need to...
  20. Jizu Puentes

    Adding Vinegar to Kalkwasser

    I am currently dosing 91ml per hour of fully saturated kalkwasser which equals 2184 ml each day. This has maintained my CA at 430 and ALK at 7.5. I also dose 35ml/day of vinegar. I'd like to add my vinegar to the kalk mix so they can be dosed together but I know this will further saturate the...
  21. potatocouch

    What is this pink slime (after Carbon dosing)? What should I be doing?

    The No3 has now come down to almost undetectable. It was approx. 40 ppm and has taken its course over few months time. I have now cut down the dose to half and perhaps I'm still overdosing as I found pink slime all over my sump. I don't know if I'm supposed to leave it there or pull it out...
  22. potatocouch

    Carbon dosing reduces Alk

    This what I've experienced and some folks too who carbon dose, be that NoPox or Vinegar or Vodka. I can't remember what was the explanation for this. If I recall correctly it is definitely not due to corals uptake, nor precipitation. How does Carbon reduces Alkalinity?
  23. Kyle Rinker

    Sugar Dosing...?

    I am planning on starting carbon dosing and was expecting to start using vinegar through my dosing pump for convenience. I am aware that some folks have also successfully used standard table sugar for carbon dosing. So, my question is this: since I want to use a dosing pump, is there any reason...
  24. T

    To Carbon dose or not

    I have a new tank that is about 4 months old, a lot of the live rock is from my old tank though. The old tank was about 6 years old. My questions is should i carbon dose and do you think it will help me get my nitrates down. Last time i tested they were hovering around 20-25ppm. Also if you have...
  25. potatocouch

    NoPox question (or Carbon Dosing)

    Approx. 1.5 years back: No3 level was off the range ... super RED; from memory, it's above 120 ppm :mad: After adding some Siporax media in my sump and NoPox dosing for considerable amount of time, the No3 level has dropped to undetected level (0 ppm). :D Approx. 6 months back: Stopped dosing...
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