coral health

  1. trasor

    What are your thoughts on this new tank? Novice here, so any recommendations on changes or additions are welcome.

    What would you add/change? 3 month old 20g. The orange sponge has been receding since the beginning and there seems to be some bleaching so I’ve cut the light back from 14 hours a day to 10. Also the light gradually increases to 80 percent and then back to zero except the blue light is left...
  2. Nate Barber

    Nursing Goniopora Back to Health

    About 2 weeks ago I obtained a basically dead Goni frag (not more than little green dots in the skeleton) that had died off when the tank's nitrates skyrocketed (at least 100ppm, if I'm not mistaken). Well, I took the little guy and put him in the corner of my 20G where the flow was moderate...
  3. Reefer37

    My Tank Feels like it's Going Downhill

    So let me give a little background. I started this hobby for the first time about 7 months ago. I knew starting out this hobby would be a challenge, but it was something I was ready for. I cleaned out a JBJ45 I picked off Craigslist, set it up. Cycled for 2 weeks using a combo of live sand and...
  4. Reefer37

    Frag Racks/Putting In Sandbed

    Hi everyone, so I've found myself kinda in a conundrum and trying to think possible solutions. So I have a frag rack that I've been using to put corals on while acclimating, but a problem I've found is controlling algae growth on the rack itself. Obviously it's too high for crabs, I stick a...
  5. BabyShark

    Bubble coral dead?

    So I just got my bubble coral shipped to me along with other corals. All my other corals are doing fine, but I’ve never experienced a bubble coral before. I know they are very fragile and can pop easy. Mine has yet to open up and doesn’t look very happy. Is this how they normally look or should...
  6. chcgregg

    Acropora 'Target Feeding' Response with Particulate Coral Food

    Hi guys, I filmed a few species of the Acropora I keep to see what their response was to being target fed Ocean Nutrition's 'Reef Pulse'. The Acropora didn't seem to directly ingest any of the food, but did capture some, only to release it with mucus a few moments after being filmed. I will be...
  7. Reefer37

    Clove Polyps Not Opening

    Hey everyone! So really at a loss on this one, but got these clove polyps about 2 months ago and they've been great open and out. About a week ago they closed up for some reason and I thought may have something to do with lighting as I was already looking to upgrade. Switched lights and still...
  8. Reefer37

    Frogspawn Worm...or?

    So I hadn't noticed this before, but tonight saw these white almost rings coming off my frogspawn. Not sure but they look like worms. Is this something I need to worry about?
  9. BabyShark

    Corals in trouble?!

    Hello I’ve had my tank for about 6 months and recently added some corals. They seemed to be doing fine the first few weeks. I recently had a brown algae bloom, but it settled down after changing my lighting schedule. One of my zoa colonies have closed up a bit and I noticed brown stringy stuff...
  10. Rakkasan

    New coral tank

    Hey everyone I am new to the hobby but I am retired and do a ton of reading and research however I am lacking in my coral knowledge but I will get it down soon. Please provide some guidance and or suggestions for my tank. I will attach pictures for your punishment. My main question is for my...
  11. T

    Duncun coral help

    This morning I noticed these small white bumps on my coral and I have no idea what it is I’ve had it for around 2 weeks and it always stays open and eats fine. Is something wrong I checked my tank parameters and they where all ok. I have two zoan frags one duncun and one torch all have at least...
  12. crabcore

    normal or slow hammer growth?

    just wondering how it looks coming along. 3 weeks old vs 3 months old