coral health

  1. LeleganceCoral

    Lepto coloring help

    I had this lepto in a spot where some of the polyps were in contact with rock, and when i moved it since i saw some algae growth, likeley due to low flow, the contact areas were whitish, is the coral healthy? I see on the ridges of the coral some discoloration, does that mean something? Thanks...
  2. mdock

    Should I be concerned? -Trumpet coral

    I have this coral here and I noticed it is starting to get a white layer in the middle. I lost one smaller coral before when my tank was not ready for them. This tank has been up for 1 year. Should I be worried? Not familiar with LPS yet and would really appreciate help learning.
  3. illprobablykilleverything

    Batting about .100 on Mushrooms

    Hey guys. I’m almost too embarrassed to post. I’ve lost like 8 mushrooms and I think it’s all my over managing of my tank. Help me mushroom lords. I don’t know what it is, I’ve lost: Aqua SD Sunkist Bounce Aqua SD Sunkist Bounce (5th and 6th photo - before and after) LFS Bounce 3 out of 4...
  4. M

    Favia tissue damage or splitting?

    Hey, all! Looking for some thoughts from more experienced folks on my Favia. Got it about 3-4 months ago from my LFS off their bargain rack, figured I’d take a shot. It has proved to be one of the slow growing species. I’m noticing some different coloration in the center recently and I’m...
  5. Smithrz

    How are my coral’s health looking

    Hey folks, My tank is about 3 months old (since cycled), and like many reefers, it’s had ups and downs. I started keeping some coral frags around 4 weeks ago. Now, to my somewhat untrained eye, ai think they all look healthy, but I had a lovely 2 headed green frog spawn die on me in about 10...
  6. ajtomase

    Keeping purchases safe

    Hello everyon! I want to go to my first convention (out of state), but I’m worried about keeping my purchases alive day 1 if I want to attend day 2 and fly back after day 2. How does everyone keep their corals alive if attending multi-day conventions? Do you ask the vendors to hold onto them...
  7. J

    Goniopora declining

    Hello all, My ORA Red goniopora has not been thriving the last few months. After I purchased it, it grew exceptionally well and was always very extended. I’ve had it through a variety of conditions, including alk anywhere between 5 and 14 at various points. My parameters are very stable now...
  8. Tylerismale

    Please help with my corals!

    Hello everyone! I am kinda new to corals and reefing and am having some trouble with my corals. I don't know what is wrong because my parameters are perfect with nitrate being the only thing that is a little high (by high I mean that it's like 5). I have also been testing my phosphates and those...
  9. gingeramoeba

    Coralline on frogspawn

    I got this frogspawn from the lfs on Thursday. It looks the same way in my tank that it did in the shop. When the lights went out and the polyps retracted, I noticed some coralline algae on the stalk and I’m a bit concerned. It seems really healthy but I’ve read that coralline only grows on dead...
  10. TbSaysNo

    regal angelfish eating my expensive scolymia :(

    just got a bunch of corals sent home. I have acans, torches, zoas and Duncans that the angelfish does not eat. BUT, my newly added scolymia is often being nipped at by my angelfish. THE VICTIM: THE PERPETRATOR: What should I do? it is taken a very harsh toll on the scaly sadly. no...
  11. Jeremy_d

    Inadequate Light and its Impact on SPS Coral Health in Reef Tanks: Analysis, Mitigation, and Monitoring

    Introduction: I am a new user to R2R, but I have over 15 years of experience in the hobby of reef keeping. I am retired from the Marine Corps but currently work as a clinical researcher so I apologize if the format of my threads is too complicated. I also understand that most of the information...
  12. SamHsu

    Nano Build Reef Showcase 25Gallon Reef Tank Acropora , 8 Months Update

    Hey guy~ This tank was started in October 2022 in Taiwan. And most of the SPS were grown from frag. 25Gallon Tank Overview:Tanks size : master 45 x 45 x45 slave 45x40x36 (cm) Lighting : DIY LED 180w Hybrid ATI T5 24w x 4 Supplemental lighting : Aqua Knight LED 30w x 4WaveMaker : Jebao SLW10...
  13. T

    Lighting Upgrades Affecting Corals

    I've recently gotten a 190 gallon aquarium up and running with a 6 bulb T5 fixture on top of it, and I plan on introducing corals. My issue is deciding when, and one factor, I'm hoping this forum can help resolve, is my lighting situation. Since this fixture isn't dimmable, I can't dial the...
  14. T

    Is my acan looking okay?

    It is a new acan I got so I understand it will be stressed. I am just trying to take caution. This is my first acan so I'm wondering if it should look like this.
  15. S

    Does anyone know what’s going on with my hammer Coral?

    Got this hammer about 2 weeks ago. Looked like it was doing fine until I checked it last night and it looked like this. Feel like my other 2 corals aren’t looking great either. I dosed the tank with microbacter clean & all for reef last night so maybe it was an overdose of nutrients? Been...
  16. L

    goniopora has stn. should i dip the other alveopora and goniopora that are in the tank as a precaution?

    One of my goniopora has been having polyp bailout from what i think is a bacterial infection. should i dip the others as a precaution? are there other options for treatment? i have lugols solution on hand
  17. L

    EMERGENCY Hole appeared in leather coral

    Hello this is my cabbage Coral it has been pretty happy for a long time but just today I’m noticing this gaping hole in the coral and the only thing I think that’s temporarily change In the aquarium is the flow, and that is because I have a acclimation box with a fish that needed to separated so...
  18. K

    What’s going on with my trumpet coral?

    This was growing and splitting up until Wednesday/Thursday, second coral not doing well since my water change on Wednesday but would that cause this? It was the same salt as I always use, I’ve even used from the same bucket. The display side of the coral looked fine just retracted, I looked...
  19. A

    Zoas melting- Looking Bad :(… Help!

    Hi all. I am having issues with my zoas. I noticed that they have started to not open up, some areas are disappearing and I am noticing a some are kinda turning black and disappearing. Can anyone hell. I have them in a relatively low flow and parameters seem good. Nitrates maybe a lil low since...
  20. harsha22

    New tank - Reef supplement

    Have a 2 month cycled tank with a couple of fish and 3 new corals. 1 each of sps, lps and a mushroom. Will dose AFR after a month or 2 based on test results. Should I any of the below right now? 1. Reef growth - Red sea AB+ Or prodibio bioreef kit or seachem fuel 2. Reef health - Brightwell’s...
  21. J

    Beginner mushroom. Splitting or Dying?

    Here's some pics of my first coral ever. Not sure exactly on the species as the only description was green mushroom. My question is if these "mouths"/ central openings are a good sign or bad. I've only had these for a couple days and I wasn't expecting signs of splitting so soon. Thanks for any...
  22. R

    Coral help

    Around 2 weeks ago my completely healthy large wall hammer as well as one of my three torch corals started a slow decline. I assumed it was water quality due to a the fact my rodi filters were due to be replaced but after replacing them the quality for the corals mentioned only declined. I...
  23. C

    Coral Health Help

    A couple of my LPS corals are losing colour and can’t figure out what is causing it. I am experiencing an ammonia spike (of 1 mg/l) in a semi established tank. Aprox 4 months old. Completely cycled. All other corals seem to be happy. Were losing colour prior to detected spike both coral were...
  24. A

    Lobo not fully opening anymore

    Hi all! My lobo used to be a beautiful green/blue outside and orange inside. It used to throw out feeder tentacles every night and I loved watching it retract them every morning. It was my first coral. But now it doesn't do that. I've seen very small feeder tentacles during target feeds and it...
  25. RockyroadReef

    Help!! Brain coral damage!!

    Hi, I have this awesome piece if brain coral that I love, but noticed today that there is thus section of exposed skeleton on it. Does anyone know what could be the cause? It looks pretty healthy besides that. Thank you! P.S. enjoy the clownfish photo bomb