coral identification

  1. Ocypode sinensis

    Coral ID?

    Got this from Caribean, is it photosynthetic? What does it need to thrive? Flow, current, lighting, food, etc?
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    Charmander zoa?

    Are these charmanders? @footgal
  3. M

    Unknown coral like hitchhiker on frag (not aptasia?)

    Recently bought this guy at a show and it’s in my q tank atm I’m not exactly sure what it is growing on them but the guy was not very forth coming so obviously was a poor choice I just haven’t been able to find out what it is thanks in advance I also can’t tell if it’s aptasia or not cause it...
  4. C

    Coral ID (daisy coral?)

    Hi all, LFS told me this was a daisy coral, but having trouble being sure what kind specifically/if it is one at all. Anyone able to ID? Any tips on care as well would be appreciated. Thanks everyone
  5. 208Reefer

    Help with Coral ID

    Wassup Reefers, Can anyone ID this coral? She’s got some sweepers I wasn’t expecting Thanks guys!
  6. J

    Help id this coral please :)

    Completely forgot what it is. Is it happy ? Been growing lots of new heads
  7. Navbear

    What kind of coral is this?

    Think this is a lobo but unsure as it has a lot of longer tentacles Does anyone have any idea of what it actually is ? Or what kind of lobo? Thanks!
  8. S

    Is this a mushroom?

    This guy was on another rock that had pulsing Xenia on it, i cut him off because the Xenia was getting up in its grill.
  9. 2manyideas

    15$ torch? Coral ID

    I would like some help identifying this coral. To me it looks like a very small torch. Picked it up at the lfs. Price said $15 but I scored it for $10. As you can see my urchin has picked it and a monti cap up. Little bugger
  10. S

    Coral identification?

    Hey all! Very new to keeping saltwater reef tanks and new to this forum as well. I was at my lfs here in NYC and they had a sale of $10 frags with a huge selection. I picked up a few acclimated and put them in the tank. They’ve been going good so far. I was hoping someone could identify these...
  11. Z

    Coral identification

    Will you help me identify this coral? It came to me really small together with Rhodactis and I thought that in time I would identify the coral, but unfortunately I still don't know what it could be. Favia, Mycedium ...? It grows relatively fast. Thank you. :)
  12. N

    Frag ID

    Hi! Just bought this guy from our closest store the other day (3 hours away ). He seems happy so far… but what’s his name again?
  13. M


  14. Luis_Rosario

    New at the hobby,

    I bought this Coral yesterday and they didn’t give me any info about them could you help me identify them please thank you.
  15. A

    Coral ID

    Could I get an id on these zoas the only thing I know is that there a low end morph. The other colony hitch hiked on some live rock, thought it was a pipe organ but it has shorter stalks. Pics are taken under LED lights. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  16. Giancarlo_f

    Acropora sp. ID

    Hey r2r SPS community, This acro originally came encrusted on a piece of rock without any axial corallites, so until the axial corallites started forming I had no idea it was even an acro. Now it's started shooting new branches up and I was wondering if anyone can help me ID this acropora sp...
  17. S

    Plate coral identification

    Does anyone know what type of plate coral is this one? I have this coral for over a year and I have never seen it’s tentacles.
  18. S

    Coral Identification

    Hello, Would anyone be able to help identify the exact names of the below corals. I'm moving back to the UK in order to import them, i'd need the exact or scientific names for each of these. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:
  19. M

    What coral is this?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased and fragged a large specimen of a coral advertised as a hammer coral. I had doubts from the start of it being a hammer coral but I am still unsure what type of euphyilia coral this is. You can see from the pictures that it has a branching structure and a bunch of...
  20. B

    Can anyone help identify this mushroom?

    I purchased this mushroom from Aqua SD back in November 2020. It was really unique; nothing I had ever seen from ASD before and it was reasonable priced. It was named "Lava Bounce Mushroom." Obviously, it's not a true bounce mushroom, but it does have several round, green "bubbles." I have...
  21. reefer7891

    Coral ID is this a Chalice or Monti or neither?

    Hello I am doing a mixed tank and went to the LFS with my GF. She picked this coral and I have no idea what it is. Looks like a chalice but the body inflates and appears wavy in the current. I really need to know so I can place it to it’s permanent home and (Deflated)
  22. reefer7891

    Hello Hello back in hobby after 13 years

    Hi all, Quick info: I was really into reef and plant tanks between 2001-2010. Unfortunately work required me to travel for the next 8 years of my life. Just bought a house and whipped out my old gear. Set up a mixed reef tank that has been running for 2 months. Local Petco shut down so I bought...
  23. C

    Coral Identification Help Please!!

    I am going to be fragging some corals for a project for my dissertation at university however, I am finding it card to identify the corals I have been given. Any help on the purple of orange corals in the pictures would be so helpful! Thank you!
  24. Ocean_dreamer89

    Encrusting coral ID

    Hi Friends! Can anyone help with identifying this coral? The base is white and the polyps are a neon green/yellow. Thank you in advance!
  25. DelawareReefer

    Torch coral identification

    Can someone please help me get an idea of what kind of torch this is, I picked it up at the LFS cause it looked unique and thought I’d try and revive him. I’ve had him for a couple weeks and he’s looking better but I don’t know what kind of torch it is, it seems to have different coral tentacles...
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