1. A

    What are these? Algae and Pink thing ID

    Hey guys, lately i battled against GHA pretty badly and got it over with, using fluconazole after a while. Now, Ive had this tank for well over a year, and of course as every tank, stuff that we’ve never seen before appears and it could be bad or good lol. Anyways I’ll be attaching photos of...
  2. Alexraptor

    Dino population collapsed overnight?

    Strangest thing, my dino problems seem to more or less have vanished overnight, note entirely sure how. I've been having problems with dinos in my 25G reef, confirmed prorocentrum dinoflagellates. Both Nitrate and Phosphate readings have been 0, and it's been a struggle tying to bump up the...
  3. J

    Dino ID and Extermination

    What I thought were Diatoms turned out to be Dinos on most of substrate and tank walls. I bought a microscope to verify. Photos and video are attached. These were my parameters last night Before I dosed Phosphate per some research cause they were bottomed out. Temp 81 Salinity 1.026 Ca 340 KH 8...
  4. R

    Cyano or Dino?

    Hey Guys, Just need a bit of help with identifying what I have. I'm leaning towards cyano but would like a second opinion.
  5. yanni

    Cyano or Dino’s

    Hey all, I’ve been facing some cyano recently, seems pretty persistent and grows on my sand and rock. I just finished a flux treatment, and it started to appear in the end of my week 3 of treatment. It doesn’t hold any oxygen bubbles like Dino’s seems to typically, just grows over sand and rock...
  6. W

    Transferring Rock with Dinos question

    Hi all, I recently set up a new 30 gallon reef tank and am trying to figure out what to do. For some background, I have a 13.5 which I bought a rock that had 3 awesome nems on and placed it in my tank knowing the previous owner had dinos. This sparked the dinos in my 13.5 which I have recently...
  7. L

    Do Dinos create mats like in this picture?

    I was reviewing the Dino Treatment article and the Are You Tired? thread by @mcarroll , and I noticed that many of the pics people were sharing did not have quite the mat structure I am seeing on my rocks. Right now I am waiting to see if anyone in my local group has a microscope and can help...
  8. B

    New Sand?

    Hey everyone, have a quick question. I have been battling Dino’s for awhile now and they are the ones where they go into the sand bed at night. Been frustrating to say the least, I have gotten my Phosphates and Nitrates up but no results at all. My question is should I just get rid of the sand I...
  9. D

    Help me identify. Diatom??

    Hi All - I have a pair of clownfish in a 105l tank. It is almost 4 months old now. Salinity - 1.025 [H2Ocean classic formula salt + RODI water] pH - 8 Ammonia - 0ppm (Salifert test kit) + Seachem ammonia alert Nitrite - 0ppm (Salifert test kit) Nitrate - 7.5ppm (Salifert test kit) I do 10 to...
  10. S

    Weird brown algae growing on my corals?

    Hello! I have this weird brown algae growing on some of my corals. It looks like it could either be dinos or brown hair algae but it only grows on a few of my corals plugs and only a couple spots on my rockwork. The tank is about 5 months old. I run a protein skimmer just did a 20% water change...
  11. D

    EMERGENCY Hair algae and dino

    So rn im having a huge problem with hair algae and Dino it is everywhere. I ran hydrogen peroxide for a today and now was told just to take it all out and buy pods so i bought pods and now we’re waiting. Had to take out peroxide bc it was hurting my corals. Does anyone have any other ways in the...
  12. Fauna Marin Support

    Cyano, Dino, RTN... if nothing helps: The GERMAN SOLUTION by Fauna Marin (X-SERIES) - New english Fauna Marin Video on YouTube!

    Struggeling with Cyanos, Dinos or RTN? Watch this new english video from Fauna Marin: More information: www.faunamarin.de
  13. S

    Snails keep dying. Dinos? Params? Something else?

    I’ve had trouble keeping some snails alive for very long. Cerith and Nassarius seem to survive long term, however Astrea, Trochus, and Turbos seem to not do well. There is PLENTY of algae to eat. I suspect ingesting Dino toxins may be the cause, but I’d value a second opinion before I buy a...
  14. V

    Need help IDing nuisance if possible!

    hey all, ive had some red/brown spots showing up on my sand, lately its gotten a little worse and I don't really feed a whole lot. I got a test done at my lfs last week and everything was zero, (except nitrate which was like 5ppm or w.e) which can obviously be a problem. ive started to feed on a...
  15. K

    ID on algae

    Hello, I've went fallow on my tank for a couple months due to a velvet outbreak. During this time I started to get some GHA throughout the tank and it slowly turned into this webby reddish algae. I was thinking about getting some fish soon since the velvet is more than eradicated by now, but I...
  16. K

    Can someone please ID this algae?

    Hello, I've went fallow on my tank for a couple months due to a velvet outbreak. During this time I started to get some GHA throughout the tank and it slowly turned into this webby reddish algae. I was thinking about getting some fish soon since the velvet is more than eradicated by now, but I...
  17. Sidney3773

    Dino battle opinons

    So I’ve had dinos for a while now, tried low lighting, dosing with special blend and nite out, and manual removal. But it’s not really making a dent. So going to look at nitrate and phosphate dosing. Attached are the tests I’ve just done. Nitrate at 2 (aiming for 3-10 as per BRS guidance)...
  18. Woodman

    What's that dino?!

    I finally purchased a microscope after dealing with this dinoflagellate for a year and the battle is still going on! If I can get some expert advice on the type that would be greatly appreciated. That would allow me to find out the right way to deal with this enemy that will not go away. Thank...
  19. Rowboman

    My continuing battle with dinos

    So I’ve been running my first reef tank for about 4 months now. 30 gallon with 10 gallon sump. About 5 gallons of the sump space is setup as a refugium. Never really had much of an ugly phase until a month and a half ago when I had a huge dino outbreak. Within a few days everything was...
  20. fohadi16

    Potential treatment for dinos?

    Hello all! New to reefing but I have a masters in Marine Biology, if that even gives me any credibility lol. I recently had my first dino outbreak, I let nutrients hit 0 when I was on vacation and I returned to a disgusting looking reef tank. At the time I didnt have a microscope so there was...
  21. B

    Can dinos stress fish?

    I couldnt find a clear answer. My tank is riddled with dinos and I'm currently working on removing them. Can dinos cause fish to eat less, swim less, and overall look lethargic? I took my clowns out to bring to my lfs, they offer free qt and hospital tanks so they are currently working on my...
  22. fohadi16

    Dino ID please

    Hello, pretty new to reefing and I let my phosphates zero out after not feeding for a day as I was on vacation, came back to brown sand, pretty sure its dino. Bought a microscope and got some videos of them, if anyone could help me ID them I'd appreciate it! First one at 600x other at 1200x
  23. B

    Help ID'ing dinos please!

    Just a quick overview before we begin, one I would like to thank you for taking your time to read and help me out and two I'll keep a close eye for any replies. So I have a 90 gallon aquarium with no Coral just two clownfish, one neon goby, one blue sapphire damsel, and one fox face rabbitfish...
  24. S

    Can you tell which Dino?

  25. B

    Cyano ? Dinos?

    What’s up everyone, just have a quick question on what I got in the tank. Is it Cyano or Dinos? This tank has been up and running for 2 months and I have not had this algae but till about 2 weeks ago. I use an Ai Prime for the light mainly for my GSP. Just wondering what this is and what I can...