1. Surfpulse

    California Lighting Miscellaneous Dosing Apex gear, reactors, AI , TRIGGER SUMP and misc

    Some items are new and some are used. Feel free to come by my house for pick up (Vacaville, CA) or I can ship it. If shipping anything, cost of shipping is not included in the prices.. I have more pics available apon request. Please be patient, I normally work 72hrs straight and up to 96hrs- I...
  2. Scaggs1117

    API stress coat…good product ?

    Whatsup fellas….so when adding fish, i know the net disturbs the slime cost on the fish. Is StressCoat by API a good product? And if so is their dose valid? I ask because it’s A slimy product and I don’t know will that mess up the water composition? And also how long does the actual product...
  3. WallyTime7

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods RedSea Reefdose 2, $165 can ship

    Used for 9 months. Works great no issues. Comes with mount. Shipped for $165.
  4. F

    Jebao doser

    I recently got a jebao doser pump. I got the jebao dp-3. It works great and doses correctly. But when it hits the time to dose it doesn’t dose then. So I have to unplug it and plug it back in and then it doses when I change the time. And the next day comes it doesn’t dose then. Any help would be...
  5. CreatiVe2

    Misc. Pumps Dosing Drygoods BRS 2 Part 1.1ml per minute Doser

    3x 2x Bulk Reef Supply dosers with one extra tube. Recently calibrated and labeled. $60 for two + tube Or $30 each (2 Left) $10 for tube +Shipping
  6. F

    Dose pump

    Can you have doser lines bent like this?
  7. reefsaver

    Dosing Pumps with Reverse Cycle to clear tubes?

    I can't single out a dosing pump that has a reverse functionality and was wondering if anyone could list a few. Size doesn't really matter as long as it can be automated to pull fluid back into the reservoir after pushing it into the aquarium. The idea is that you can auto dose refrigerated...
  8. S

    Alabama Misc. Pumps Dosing dos neptune dosing pump only

  9. D

    California Aquarium Controller Drygoods Apex Dosing Package

    Posting it for another reefer. Want to sell it as a pair. Practically brand new used under a year. $375 for each combo. Shipping available at buyers cost. Text (805) 701-1682. Two pairs available
  10. Schraufabagel

    Which elements do you auto dose?

    I currently have Red Sea Foundation A, B, and C. I also have Brightwell's ChaetoGro, NeoNitro, and NeoPhos since I will be having a reef tank mixed with coral and macro algaes. I will be getting Oyster Feast and Phyto Feast for my filter feeders and fish (in addition to pellets). Finally, I have...
  11. twhit030

    Which doser to get

    I have a full 40 breeder I’ve been dosing by hand every day kinda over it, I have an apex that I’ve set up and wouldn’t mind the DOS system however I dose 3 part and it’s not worth abs extra 270 for me to get a second as nice as it would be. What does everyone recommend, any input is appreciated...
  12. G

    New Jersey New York ATI Essentials #1,2,3 1000ml

    Bottles are sealed new. Cleaning out the fish items. 40$ shipped USPS flat rate. Will not ship in manufacture box.
  13. Brocksreef117

    Diluting AF aquaforest products

    I’ve just picked up AF vitality, amino mix, and energy I have a 10 gallon tank and I can’t dose 1/4 a drop per the instructions could I dilute the product in aquarium water and pour it back into my sump (I’ve already heard you can’t with RODI water I was just wondering )
  14. ThatsNoMoon

    All For Reef Maximum Alk?

    Hi all, It's my first post on this forum! I couldn't find the answer after looking around the forum for a while. I was looking into starting dosing AFR to maintain my alk and calcium but the instructions say to dose until you achieve 9dkh. I'm using the red sea coral pro salt which gets me...
  15. JackerVenom

    Red Sea Dosing Recommendation

    Hey everyone I have a question! I wanna keep my tank as happy as possible and according to Red Sea they recommend dosing their elements everyday. My first question is this a good recommendation? My second is when it says dose 0.5ml of trace elements dose that mean 0.5ml of each or total out of...
  16. myboyblu

    Aquarium Controller Testing Dosing Package Deal Trident and DOS

    I have found that i prefer to test my water the old fashioned way. So, I have decided to sell my Neptune Trident with 6 months of reagent. Now in my experience anyone whos has baught a trident, soon wants the DOS as well. For this reason I have decided to include the DOS and DDR. For...
  17. Csr1978

    What are the TRUE dosing instructions?

    I've always wondered what manufactures really mean when they give dosing instructions based on "gallons." For example, Korallen-Zucht and Red Sea give dosing instructions for their additives in terms of X ml or X drops per 25 gallons. Gallons of what? Is it based on the rated tank size (my...
  18. C

    Concentration of Ammonia (ppm) per Ammonium Chloride Dose (g) and Tank Volume (gal)

    Hi everybody, This thread may not be relevant to everybody, but to those who need it I think that this could be extremely useful. For those of us that opt to do a fishless cycle, I have created a quick reference dosing chart to achieve whatever concentration (ppm) of ammonia you desire by...
  19. psumms

    Dosing Plan - When & with what...

    Hi all, I'm now using a D-D P4 Pro dosing pump and which give great control over chemical anti-interference, split dosing over a schedule etc. and its got me researching for answers to a couple of questions... For each of my Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, NoPoX ... Recommended times of day to...
  20. smartwater101

    Poll: Do you dose trace elements?

    Curious if you like to dose trace elements. If so, what brand do you like and what benefits do you feel its brought to your system?
  21. smartwater101

    Dosing Sodium Nitrate...

    LoudWolf Sodium Nitrate: Tank: 167g Nitrate: ~1 (red sea) Phosphate: .06 (Hanna) dKH: 9.1 - 9.4 (Hanna, Red Sea, Alkatronic) pH: 8.0 - 8.2 (Milwaukee probe/Apex) I've been upping feedings and reducing...
  22. Angelo Fatica

    Dosing Questions...

    Hey all, i tested my water last night and tonight to see the amount i need to dose for calcium, alk, and magnesium. Last night, my alk was at a 7.2, magnesium was around 1425 ppm, and calcium was at about 520 ppm (This was after a water change that I did a day before). Tonight, I saw that my alk...
  23. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  24. Raxnar

    8 Pump Dosing unit

    My tank is still quite young, hardly any corals at the moment so I don't need to be super concerned about daily dosing just yet. I am contemplating following the Red Sea Mixed Reef Recipe one day. This thread is purely hypothetical at this stage and can be a fit for other multi-part methods...
  25. W

    Bubble Magnus BM-T01 - Time not showing

    Hey everyone, I just got a BM-T01 and i have been trying to get it set up for hours now. It seems to keep all the programmed dose times in, but isn't keeping time.. Everytime I set the time, I press enter at the end, and it just goes back to the home screen, with no time on it.. Everything im...