1. Grizzly_Jordy

    Can I add a mandarin goby and 2 spot goby to tank

    I'm planning on culturing both phyto and copepods to dose into my 20 gallon cube tank and i was wondering if i could get both a mandarin goby and a 2 spot goby to it. I already have a clownfish, tailspot blenny, yellow clown goby, and banggai cardinal. None of these fish usually hang around the...
  2. 1epauletteshark

    The dragonet debate

    I don't want to start a dragonet war or anything but which dragonet is your personal favorite based on your opinions experience and difficulty. If you chose other please reply to this thread and explain which and/or why. Also if you have some photos and experience to share of your own that would...
  3. 1epauletteshark

    Mandarin dragonet in a 17 gallon

    Now hear me out, I am now culturing copepods and phytoplankton and have a hang on refugium and am getting tigriopus pods soon. I am hoping to get a baby mandarin dragonet that would be around 1.5cm long ≈ 0.5 inch and I will only have my tank for 10 months so I don’t think it will get too big. I...
  4. 1epauletteshark

    Mandarin? Or something else?

    I was at a local aquarium fish market a while ago and saw a super interesting type of "dragonet" as the person in the shop said, although they call anything they don't know what is a dragonet. It looked almost like a puffer fish mixed with a mandarin? It had the size and complexity of a mandarin...
  5. Cole_Voeller

    Mandarin Dragonet Bloated

    Hello all! So I have a pair of mandarin dragonets, and I’ve had them for about half a year. I wanted them to get a big larger before introducing them into one of my other tanks (wow do they grow slow), so I currently have them in a 10 gallon quarantine/temporary tank. I say “Temporary” as if...
  6. B

    Mandarin Dragonette advice please! :)

    To all of you reefers who have mandarin dragonettes I have a few questions for you. I want to start off with my tank and it is an 8 month old 90 gallon tank with a good amount of livestock now. 2 clownfish 1 foxface Neon goby Yellow watchman goby Pistol shrimp Sand sifting star 2 conch 1 tux...
  7. Cole_Voeller

    Mandarin Dragonet Acting Funny?

    I have two baby dragonets from Biota, that I’ve had for about 5 months. Currently eating pellets and copepods. I had an ich a problem a while back, and while I treated all my other fish with copper, I did TTM with these two. Afterwards I put them into a temporary tank, where they still are...
  8. 1

    Quarantining Red Ruby and Scooter Dragonets

    I'm currently expecting to acquire either a Red Ruby or Scooter Dragonets. They've been with a seller for several months now. However, I would like to quarantine it. Could you confirm whether the HTTM is the current best method to quarantine a dragonet? @Humblefish has replied in 2019 to the...
  9. M

    Feeding a Mandarin in a nano reef.

    I have a 16-gallon cycling. I am already dosing phytoplankton and when the cycle nears completion will begin dosing tisbe, tigriopus, apocyclops, and oithona. I am well aware that even if my tank is well established a mandarin would completely wipe them out very fast. If I dose pods and phyto...
  10. Cole_Voeller

    Mandarin Dragonet and Copper Safe

    I have another thread going regarding the treatment for all my fish, but I wanted to make this one here just to be absolutely sure; Will my baby mandarin dragonet be okay if I use Fritz CopperSafe? If I need to go and buy more heaters and tanks and filters and water to do tank transfer method, I...
  11. H

    Tanaka Pygmy Wrasse + 2 Mandarin Dragonet!

    Who has experience and would be open to share about a tank rehoming multiple dragonets and a possum wrasse! Or multiple species competing for same food source (pods)? Context: Innovative Marine Peninsula 14 Gal I brought home 2 wild mandarins! Was able to get them to eat live + frozen brine...
  12. L

    Will this work as a dragonet feeding station? Thoughts appreciated

    Hi All, Made the classic mistake of buying an unresearched species at the LFS this weekend. All of my gracillaria macroalgae disappeared without a trace over the course of 2 weeks and at the same time I had an amphipod explosion so my theory is that they ate it all. I have a 20 gallon AIO and...
  13. yanni

    Copepod refugium help

    Hey all, I’ve recently bought a Scooter Blenny for my Waterbox 20. He readily takes frozen food, been feeding him frozen copepods which he readily eats, and he picks at what live copepods he can find in my tank. Id like to construct a refugium for breeding pods, but just a rubble refugium. I...
  14. F

    Virginia WTB Seeking trained mandarin goby/dragonet

    I'm looking for a mandarin goby that is trained on eating things other than copepods. Ideally one that is eating frozen foods like mysis, pellets, and/or flakes. Can be a blue or green mandarin, but blue is preferred. Price is negotiable within reason. Must be able to be shipped to Fairfax...
  15. Schraufabagel

    Has anyone had a captive bred scooter dragonet?

    I'm intrigued by the ORA red scooter dragonet. Has anyone had a captive bred one? If so, what is your feeding like?
  16. P

    Will mandarin dragonet outcompete my pipefish?

    I have 4 dragonface pipefish that have been doing great in my 75g for months. I feed frozen brine/mysis/cyclopods and they eat a bit of frozen but mostly forage for pods. I want a pair of mandarin dragonets but I wonder if they will outcompete my pipefish. My pod population is booming and I keep...
  17. T_rad21

    20 gallon tall

    Hey guys! I have a 20 gallon tall tank that will be a reef tank, for coral I’ll probably mostly do zoas, at least one pulsing Xenia, a duncan or two, and maybe a hammer coral. The tank has been cycling for about 3 weeks and I’m getting ready to start adding fish. I for sure want a pair of...
  18. Nemesis of Pistol Shrimps

    Favorite Dragonet Variety?

    Hello, I'm looking to get a mandarin fish as my last fish when my tank is completely established and filled with copepods in the refugium. I'm interested to see which type of mandarin are your favorites. The dragonets I've included in the poll are all from Liveaquaria.
  19. L

    just one more?

    i have an infamous 20 gal cube with a flasher wrasse(temporarily i promise, and he is healthy with good weight and no deformity), a mandarin dragonet and a masked goby. could i add another fish like a small blenny(tail spot, two spot, pictus), shrimp goby(randall, yasha, yellow)or a spriger...
  20. A

    Dragonet compatibility

    Hi, I was have a 30 gallon set up. With a six line wrasse and a canary blenny. I really have my heart set on a dragonet but don’t wanna make that purchase if they don’t get along. Would they be peaceful if I add one? Thanks In advance!
  21. leilanastasia

    Munnid isopods versus Copepods for Mandarin?

    I have a huge and I mean huge colony of munnids on every surface area in my tank.. they are literally everywhere including my refugium and filter area. Not one spot that doesn’t have dozens crawling in one singular area. Since I have so many, growing over months, would it be safe to say that I...
  22. Kenkee

    Florida WTB Mandarin Dragonets

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any lfs in the Miami Florida area that sells Mandarin Dragonets? I try to avoid buying fish online when I can but my lfs never seems to have any Mandarins.
  23. Cantusaurus

    Will a Ruby Red and 'Regular' Red Dragonet pair up/be compatible?

    I am definitely going to get a pair of Scooter Blennys (preferably the ruby red ones) but I also like the regular red one as well. I was wondering if anyone knows if pairing a ruby red and red dragonet/scooter will work? I haven't seen anything online, but i'm pretty curious if anyone knows. I...
  24. taylorn13

    Brine Shrimp Hatchery for Dragonet

    Hey guys, I’m mooking into getting a ruby red dragonet from my lfs. I have a refugium all set up and running with tons of pods. I would eventually like to get him onto mysis, but was also wondering if brine would work? I’ve read that they can eat them, but how does the nutrition of the two foods...
  25. Sean Donohue

    Will 3 male ruby dragonets get along if they are the only 3 fish in my 30g frag tank?

    I have a 30 gallon frag tank, I have a healthy supply of brine shrimp and copepods , I breed them in my garage. I've successfully kept a Mandarin dragonet alive for two years now, first in my 50 gallon tank, and now it's doing well in my upgraded 100 gallon. Keeping pods has never been a problem...
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