1. D

    Dying BTA? Lost it's tentacles... Please help!

    Hi Everyone, First time poster, however I've been using the advise and expertise of R2R members for about a year now. I got a BTA for our Nano tank about a 3 months ago and it did great for the first 2 months, but I had some lighting and water chemistry issues about a month ago and that's when...
  2. S

    Is my scallop on his death bed?

    I’ve had this guy for just under a month i believe and I’m worried about him. Just in the last few days his tissue seems like it’s retracting, I’m worried hes not looking good. What do you guys think? I got him some phytoplankton but I’m not sure how to tell if he’s eating
  3. S

    EMERGENCY Bubble tip anemone question

    Hello, I'm new to the community but have read countless posts on the site. I made an account for this question. I started an anemone only tank 5 months ago. It's a fiji cube 76 gallon shallow, 48x24x16. I purchased a kessil ap9x for lighting, cycled the tank properly, tested the water weekly...
  4. NanoReeferAlex

    Dying Rbta?

    Hello! my anemone decided to walk behind the rocks about five days ago and I just yesterday moved the rock so he was facing to the light, and this is what he looks like now. I can’t tell if he’s dying, and I don’t know what to do for him! if anybody could give me any tips on helping him...
  5. F

    Help! My Cynarina is growing dark flesh. Is it necrotic? What should I do?

    As far as I can tell, my cynarina is growing some sort of dark flesh, see the photo. I know my nitrates and phosphates are a little low for LPS but I've been struggling to keep them up, I think I need more fish (I only have 2 in my 32.5 gallon). I dose NeoPhos and NeoNitro, but apparently I need...
  6. L

    I think my trachyphyllia brain coral is dying. Please help!!!

    Hi everyone, I've had this brain coral for about two months now and never had an issue with it. This morning I noticed that the top right corner is beginning to die but I'm not sure why? All my other corals in the tank are very happy so this was quite a shock. Water quality is within safe...
  7. Gonj

    EMERGENCY Valentini puffer Dying???

    I just got this puffer in the mail today, the bag had hardly any air in it so I tried to work fast. I floated him for about 10 min and drip acclimated him for I’d say 45min doubling the water volume twice. I did not net him or remove him from the water he did not puff up at all. He was swimming...
  8. G

    EMERGENCY Fox face looking a little doodoo

    Soo I bought this fox face yesterday 4/26/2021. He was already stressing out when they put him a bag. Then when I acclimated him, i almost dropped the bag and caught it but I squeezed the bag. I am really sorry about it!!! Like im stressing out too okay! Here is my water parameter attached and...
  9. Trueruby


    Hi Everybody, I actually posted here that my corals were loosing colour after prazi treatment. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/soft-corals-are-losing-colour-after-prazi.822425/#post-8864104 after couple days, my xenias and zoas are vanished. Polyp corals about to vanish too. Many of them...
  10. E

    EMERGENCY Help all corals are dying

    So a couple days ago all of my zoas closed up my leather lps are slumped over my Duncan’s won’t open not will my hammer and frogspawn open, the only coral that seems to have any polyps open is my green tyree monti cap, I have checked ALL parameters and they seem fine, I don’t know what to do...
  11. D

    Blue Angelfish Dying

    I bought my juvenile 140$ Blue Angelfish around a month ago, the first day my three tangs gave him crap but things tone down after that day. For the past month my Angelfish has been not stressed, eating perfectly and overall being one of my best fish. Today, I wake up to see him struggling to...
  12. E

    I really need some help with corals

    So I really need some help figuring this whole coral thing because it doesn’t make sense to me, I can keep zoas/palys no problem I recently added a red monti cap and it is doing fine so far, I can keep Duncan corals as well but every single time I try to add a soft coral like pulsing Xenia or...
  13. L

    Stn from the base or bites?

    Hello I recently detected some acroporas with blenching from the base Colud you identify if it are stn or maybe someone is eating my corals? alk:7.3 Mg: 1250 Ca:500 pO4: .17
  14. D

    What’s wrong with my toadstool?

  15. T

    !HELP! Everything is sad!!!!!!

    Help please! Noticed around 3-4 days ago that my Neon blue striped mushroom was shrivelling up which it has never done in the months that i have owned it. Checked all parameters and everything is great so i thought it was just having a moment. Woke up this morning to just about everything in the...
  16. ThatsNoMoon

    EMERGENCY Tank Crashing?

    Hello all I just woke up to find all my snails at the top of the tank if not above the water level. The Coraline all over my tank is turning white around the edges. the fish seem ok but are all sleeping as the lights are off. This is all overnight I did a quick water change to see if it...
  17. Benzophun


    I need some help fellow reefers. I’m not new to the hobby, not super seasoned either been keeping my tank for 3 years. I’m battling what I think is GHA right now and something else. I have pretty rapid coral death occurring, fish as well. I e done 2 50% water change this week so far. Nothing...
  18. D

    EMERGENCY Red montipora dying

    I recently acquired a red montipora from my friend one week ago. All of the sudden it appears the tissue is falling off. Within eight hours it is halfway gone. All of my water parameters are in line and the only thing I can think of is possibly my lighting may be stronger than my friends. I...
  19. D

    Hello Red montipora flesh falling off

    I recently acquired a red montipora from a friend exactly one week ago and all of the sudden, the tissue appears to be falling off. Within about six hours it is almost all white. All of my water parameters are in line and the only thing I can think of is my lighting may be different and/or...
  20. D

    Is Reef Energy killing my sponge?

    Hey guys, I picked up two sponges 2 weeks ago - A red finger and a yellow ball. Both have been doing well and both were completely submerged when added to the DT. 2 days ago, in the morning, I noticed some “white” fuzzies on the red finger and today in the evening, it seems to have...
  21. CommanderInReef

    goniopora slowly dying

    i've had this goni for about 3 months and it was doing great for the most part until i noticed it recently dying. i feed reef roids almost everyday and it seems to be a reluctant feeder(doesn't really grab much and sometimes even retracts) even tho i'm very delicate with feeding. it gets around...
  22. Fred5612

    Can someone PLEASE HELP me save my Turbinaria!

    Hello, I’m quite desperate. I’m relatively new to the hobby and since a month or two my poor turbinaria coral is going in decline. Every day I wake up and it’s missing more and more polyps, leaving behind naked coral and a hole. What is wrong with it? I tested all parameters and they’re...
  23. P

    Torch losing tissue

    Hey everyone hows it going Ive started my Reef tank about 3 months ago, let it mature a little bit and decided to add some torches. The tank is a fluval evo 13.5. The first one i put in was doing absolutely fine and extending a lot, a week or two later i bought a jade torch with 4 heads and put...
  24. J

    Anenome Splitting or Dying?

    Hey all - I have had this anemone for almost 6 months maybe longer. It has always looked amazing never any issues. Today at like noon it started just like shriveling up and looking weird, I thought it maybe ate or something. Anyways, I just looked at it and it has a huge hole in the middle. I am...
  25. J

    Help! Is this hammer pooping?

    Is my hammer pooping or what? Its been fine this morning then i came home to this. Looks like white slime coming out of the centre. Hard to see in the pic but theres a 1 inch string of slime. It also shrivelled up so much. Its normally open up to about 3 inches? I used a turkey baster and sucked...
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