1. S

    Indian mud eel spots???

    My Indian mud eel has these white spots randomly on it now??? They weren’t there earlier today but i just noticed them. Could it have been stung by an anemone? It’s acting normal and it ate earlier but I’m not sure what’s going on.
  2. Salinestains

    Hello New to saltwater at home and ribbon eel

    Hey everyone! My names Ann and I worked at a petco for a little while. I've always kept freshwater from bettas to discus to inverts, and when I worked at petco I had to learn saltwater. Now that I feel like I'm ready to adequately take care of a tank in my home setting I've set my sights pretty...
  3. CaseyNYC

    Guidance Please! Snowflake Eel & BT Anemone Netflix and Chill Together??

    Hi guys!! We are in our first year of building a reef / marine Tank. We currently have a 95 gallon corner tank with about 120 lbs of live rock, a tomato clown fish living in her medium bubble tip anemone, a maroon clownfish, a 3 striped damselfish, (2) domino damselfish, a coral beauty, a yellow...
  4. J

    EMERGENCY Velvet i

    Hey All! FOWLR 230g/60g trigger sump, w wave makers 750gph each, bubble mangus curve 7, GFO and Carbon reactor, 52w UV/600gph, fritz pro salt, tank age 18 months, 4 HO T5 Lights, roughly 175 lbs live rock Fish: Rhinecanthus Trigger Clown Trigger - Maybe Dead by Morning White spotted grouper...
  5. P

    What to feed my snowflake eel?

    Hey! I recently bought a snowflake eel and I keep hear the basic “fish, squid, crab, etc” but what kind of fish specifically or does it matter? And any tips or Suggestions are appreciated. I also try to keep a population of brine shrimp in my tank, will he eat those too?
  6. Mordie101

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer 250 predator build

    Hello! Welcome to the build thread. In the past I have made build threads but had to tear the tank down due to relocation for my job. I am now able to start my journey into the marine predator tank world. In this thread there will be lots of pictures and explanations when the tank gets up and...
  7. Betta_baby

    Snowflake eels and crushed coral substrate?

    Hi, I’m wanting to get a baby snowflake eel for my 75 gallon tank. It has a secure lid and I’m making caves for him. The only issue is that my substrate is about 50% crushed coral and 50% sand. I’ve read that crushed coral can get an eel stuck in the sand or be difficult to burrow in. Will 50%...
  8. PinkLadyLVT

    Georgia Tennessee WANTED: Skeletor Eel, Watanabei Angelfish Pair, and Mint Chocolate Chip Zoas

    I know it’s a longshot, but you never know who has connections! We’re looking for a Skeletor Eel (Echidna xanthospilos), a pair of Watanabei angels, and a frag or colony of mint chocolate chip zoas. Cash in hand, willing to drive or pay shipping. Please PM me!
  9. J

    Would a golden dwarf morray work in this setup?

    I am looking to see if a golden dwarf morray eel would work in the setup I have now. It is a 32 gallon biocube, I have 2 clowns and a small melanurus wrasse (he’s small now and I am rehoming him when he gets too big). Would the tank be too small to sustain him? Liveaquaria says 30 is min but...
  10. J

    Clowns and a melanurus wrasse with golden dwarf morray?

    The title pretty much says it all. I’ve seen some people say that they shouldn’t be with fish, others say they’ve had their eel everything and it’s done nothing. If someone who has experience could chime in, That would be great! Thanks!
  11. FL Gator

    What do you feed your Japanese Dragon Eel

    My Japanese Dragon Eel hasn't eaten since i got him two weeks ago. I have tried shrimp, silversides and clams. I wanted to know if anyone live feeds and if you do what do you feed? or any other foods you feed.
  12. ajtomase

    Which eel is best for me (zebra or snowflake)?

    Hello everyone, My long term goal is to have either a snowflake eel or a zebra eel in my 135 gallon FOWLR tank (Reefer 625). I like that the zebra eel is reef safe compared to the snowflake eel, but I'd also like to see it's head pop out once in a while not just around feeding time. For those...
  13. O

    Will my eel eat other tank mates when lights go out?

    Just got a Snowflake eel just the other day. I tried feeding him when I got him but wasn’t eating the krill I bought him. I tried again today around 9pm. Still didn’t wanna eat. I know he’s active at night so I’m wondering if he’s gonna try and eat my goby or blue tang once the lights go out...
  14. K

    Florida Gorgeous snowflake eel

    Hello all! I am trying to find a new home for an absolutely stunning snowflake eel, and will most likely cry like a baby when he leaves but that’s a seperate issue (haha) I’ve had this guy for 1.5 years and absolutely love him but he needs a bigger home. I am absolutely not selling him to anyone...
  15. NewNanoTank

    Looking for eel-like fish

    So I am going to get a 10-15 gallon tank and plan on stocking it with: 2 clown fish 1 goby 2 shrimp 1 Tuxedo urchin 1 small harlequin serpent sea star And some coral as the tank progresses. I would really like to find a small eel like fish that would be able to live in a tank this small. I’ve...
  16. g.knight

    Building a tank around lionfish. Ideas? Suggestions?

    Hey, R2R. Back again trying to learn what I can. Ok, I’m convinced I’m getting 125g tank and I want a lionfish to be the “star” of the tank (at least for me) so I’m building around it. This is going to be a living room tank so it needs to have kind of a “wow” factor to it. My partner thinks the...
  17. C

    Whitemouth Moray Eel

    I am looking to set up a 125-150g saltwater aquarium up here in the next few months and I was wondering if anybody has had experiences or has knowledge about keeping Whitemouth Moray Eels? I have done a lot of research, but wanted to see if anybody has had these eels before. Also - does anyone...
  18. C

    Florida Large Zebra Moray Eel

    Selling our large (2.5’-3’) zebra moray eel. Healthy and has a large appetite. Hasn’t bothered anything in the tank, was best buds with a cleaner shrimp, until it passed. Eats shrimp and fiddler crabs. Located in 32833 zip. Thanks!
  19. Perpetual Novice

    Jawfish and eel share burrow. Video

    I don’t know if this is a common occurrence but I noticed my white ribbon eel and pearly Jawfish sharing a burrow today. They seem to be very comfortable living together. Below is a short video I took. Sorry the tank is not looking it’s cleanest at the moment.
  20. N

    Going to be owning a snowflake eel, any help?

    Hi all. My brother and I are going to be new owners of a Snowflake Eel. I've done some research into owning the eel, 35% water change per week, feeding live/frozen food, tank size [55gallon if correct], likes coral base/dark hiding spots, only keeping one eel in the tank, etc. etc. I was...
  21. Bhor217

    Build Thread Starting my Saltwater tank build

    hey all, I wanted to start a build thread for my a new SW tank. I am hoping to get a reef ready glass tank that is either 90G or 120G (if I can find a 48” sized 120G tank, that is my preference. if anyone has knows where I can find one, please let me know, feedback I am getting is it is a newer...
  22. Nolan Shinn

    Snowflake eel tumor?

    Hello, I’ve got an 18” snowflake eel, who seems quite healthy, except for something that looks kinda like a tumor on the roof of her mouth. Seems to be growing. Still eating and doesn’t seem to have changed behavior. Anyone know if there’s anything I can or should do?
  23. JSpen

    Michigan uncommon coloration Golden Dwarf Moray (G. melatremus)

    I have a beautiful 6-9 inch dwarf golden moray eel for sale. He has a coloration that is very difficult to find amongst golden dwarf morays, and will make a great collectors fish for any reef tank. Ive had no issues with him going after anything in my tank, and have him eating rods food predator...
  24. Jake Tully

    Lionfish/ Eel Not Eating

    About 2 weeks ago I bought a snowflake eel from an LFS that had it eating krill just dropped into it's small tank (not from tongs or skewer). I introduced him into the tank and he has not eaten yet. At first I attributed it to getting accustomed to the tank and I did change my rock work a few...
  25. kennydoll

    lightning maroon clowns in a predator tank

    Hello fellow Reefers! it’s kenny again, and i have another question for you. i finally got my 125 gallon tank up and running again, so i can move my fish out of the 55 predator and into the reef once more. HOWEVER. i have a bonded pair of lightning maroon clowns and they are aggressive to my...
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