feather duster worm

  1. QuothTheRaven

    Feather Duster

    I have a few feather dusters that came in with my live rock and I love them, they have some sort of growth around the openings of the tunes, does anyone know what this is? I've only been doing this hobby for a short time and I don't even know what to accurately call it to look it up. An algae or...
  2. R

    Thing growing next to feather duster

    Hey yall. I woke up this morning to find this thing next to my feather duster growing on the rock. It looks like a somewhat opaque hollow ball with two tubes growing out the front. Is this just my feather worm reproducing? Or is it something I need to be worried about?
  3. sapphireblu

    Two headed feather duster worm?

    I have a feather duster worm that looks to have two heads both with a mouth. I’ve tried researching but I’ve found nothing about this. Is this possible?
  4. FishAreCool

    Coco Worm Questions

    I like the look of coco worms after deciding against a sea cucumber. I have a few questions to start with if anybody can help me. 1. Are they hard to care for 2. Could one fit in a 16 gallon biocube
  5. Karen00

    Can I get confirmation this is a feather duster

    Hello fellow saltines, After having this frag for about five months I'm just discovering this guy today. The tube is under the frag and wrapped around the frag stem. The tube was there when I got the frag but it was really small and thin and I kept breaking it off. After all this time I'm only...
  6. E

    Where do I place my feather duster worm?

    Where do I put this guy?! This guy ended up alone in my QT because it was bulldozed by my turbo snails, who vacuum my entire substrate every night. They broke its tube and feathers, and has now started to put himself back together after a couple of weeks in the QT. I didn't realize it would be...
  7. marcmen

    Feather Duster and Pest Removal

    Hi all, I just picked up a feather duster and when I was cleaning the LFS sand off of its tail (lack of a better word) when I pulled three small worms off of it. Any suggestions on how to "clean" this guy? Someone needs to make an invert dip :) Also, does anyone know if the "Tail" is actually...
  8. P

    Aiptasia anemone growing on feather duster worm?

    Hello all! I currently have two feather dusters in a very simple fishless qt tank for 40 days now and they are doing great! However, I just noticed this aiptasia looking thing growing on one of the feather dusters and I'm not really sure what it is and how to treat it so that I can add them in...
  9. H

    EMERGENCY Feather Duster Fallen and Can't Get UP!

    Hey Everyone, I recently picked up a feather duster at my Lfs last week. Last night I noticed the worm was crawling out of the shell and this morning was on the FLOOR in the corner!. I am running a IM 14g Peninsula where the worm is placed in the bottom left corner beneath the overflow. In...
  10. Adam1985

    Feather Duster/Tube Worm Getting a Haircut

    Hi all, I’ve noticed from time to time my tube worm/feather duster (calcareous variety, white/red fan) seems to get a “haircut.” It’s happened several times, and the worm seems to grow them back quite quickly. I assume something is doing this; there is a peppermint shrimp that hangs out...
  11. Scooters Reef

    Please help ID these cowboys riding my snail

    Not sure if they are feather dusters or aiptasia but fairly confident it’s a worm. I am new so looking for any clarification before I put into my display. Thanks. First post. Lurker for long. Finally starting to get hands in reefing.
  12. Y

    Feather duster worm leaving tube

    Hi all All water parameters are in the green but my feather duster isn't happy all other inverts fish and corals are happy the worm appears to have a hole in its side? Any advice?
  13. Pharmasqueek

    I need the scientific name of this feather duster!

    Hi guys I need some help. I'm trying to get my LFS to order a special variant of feather duster for me, but the only kind available is Sabellastarte Spectabilis, which is just the typical large Hawaiian feather duster. I don't know if this duster is just a color variant of purple and gold/...
  14. M

    Maybe a feather duster??? What is this??

    Saw this in my 90g saltwater reef that was given to be by a friend. Never noticed it before. The tank is 8ish years old has been in my possession for about 6months. Sorry picture kinda sucks, he in the back of the tank under the rocks.
  15. DxMarinefish

    GazuntaiReef - Ever seen a half naked Feather Duster?

    Just something I saw in my DT yesterday. I had to quickly pullout my iPhone to film it so apologies for the bad video quality. Any experts on here, please chip in. Should I be worried? So far it's now retracted its body and looks ok. Its been with me for just over 4 years now. If you have...
  16. S

    Aiptasia or feather duster?

    Hello. I recently saw this in my tank. No new additions coral wise for at least 2 months. Only new fish about a month ago. I have feather dusters on a rock across the tank. It’s in a difficult place to reach and can’t get anything near them to see if they retract
  17. lazycouch

    feather dusters??

    hey guys a lot of these, what i think are feather dusters, have been growing around my zoas and it seems they’re getting mad about it.their tentacles are like a striped pattern with brown and white, do they seem to be feather dusters to you? thanks !
  18. BighohoReef

    Is this feather duster gonna torch me torch?

    Hey all, I was moving some stuff around that tank and noticed this little feather duster on my green torch. I've never encountered this with a feather duster before... Wondering if this is going to be an issue or if I should take the little guy off. What's the community say? Thank you for...
  19. Emjv

    Another, is this aptasia, feather duster or ...?

    Hey y'all, just grabbed this guy a few days ago, and today when lights were on full blast I saw this little guy at the bottom of the frag plug. Is this aptasia? Or something harmless? It does not go back into it's tube when touched. Thanks tons :D
  20. AllBirdsAreAweshome

    Feather Duster Worm Feeding Behavior, Up Close!

    Hi y’all! I finished putting this little video together today and figured this would be a perfect place to post it. I’m a bit of a feather duster nerd, as I currently have 4 different species in my little tank, and I love to capture footage of them just doing whatever feather dusters do. This...
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