1. KrisReef

    Hello Should I quit my job?

    I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I have had a reef tank in my garage since we moved back to southern California in 2007. I've had tanks much of my life but I've never wanted to automate them as I prefer to tinker. I'm thinking about changing and getting a reef controller or just...
  2. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Got Aiptasia? Check out our Aiptasia eating filefish chowing down!

    Hey Y'all We know hobbyists want Matted filefish that eat already Aiptasia, so we feed our matted filefish aiptasia and hydroids weekly so they can recognize them in your tanks. Check out the GoPro video below. If you have a huge Aiptasia problem I recommend a few of these guys with our...
  3. If_Only

    White spot pygmy filefish!

    I've been veeerrry interested in filefish-es quirky behavior and cool swimming pattern and colors. I've always wanted to get a huge one but you know, i only have a reef tank. Iven seen some people keeping this whitespots in reef tanks. Any info on these guys? Information is kind of scarce, at...
  4. Y

    Attack of the Molly!? Molly attacking my filefish

    Hi, So I have a 32.5 gallon tank, it’s been running for a couple months now, and I decided to add some more fish. I had a clowfish, and then added a black Molly because I was interested in converting a simple freshwater fish to saltwater. It was successful and the Molly is very very active...
  5. MnFish1

    Aiptasia treatment success or failure.... A poll

    SO - somehow - no clue how - I ended up with some aiptasia anemones. I just tried to kill them with 'removal' - and a month later - I had 50. They weren't spreading - and I personally don't mind them - they didnt seem to hurt anything - when it increased to more than that - I thought - hmmm...
  6. Perpetual Novice

    Adding unhatched brine shrimp eggs to aquarium. What would happen?

    Everything says to hatch the eggs first then add the live brine a little at a time as food. But what if I want a constant food supply for picky fish. Can I add eggs directly to the tank so they can pick them off as they hatch? I’m thinking of wrasses and filefish in particular.
  7. H

    Harlequin Filefish

    So I’m planning a large 360 gallon SPS tank. My question is, will this tank have enough coral growth to feed a Harlequin Filefish and make sure not too many corals are lost? Of course I’ll wait until the system is very mature.
  8. J

    Are my filefish fighting or mating? [VIDEO]

    I bought a pair of "bonded" white-spotted pygmy filefish from live aquaria and they swam together for a bit when I first put them in my tank, but now it seems like they hate each other. The video is of the smaller one chasing the big one, but it happens the other way around as well and is...
  9. J

    Could my yellow clown goby have stressed my pygmy filefish to death? Is getting another filefish a bad idea? Newish reefer feeling very discouraged.

    Hello all, this is my first post on this forum over the past 8 weeks I have been setting up my reef tank with my LFS and everything was going pretty well until yesterday. Cycled water for 4-5 weeks then added a black and white clownfish followed by a yellow clown goby a week or so later. Fast...
  10. Perpetual Novice

    What are some food supplements for coralivores?

    About 6 months ago I bought a pair of orange spotted filefish. I know they’re supposed to eat exclusively live coral but can sometimes be trained to accept prepared foods. I couldn’t supply my filefish with live coral but the whole reason I bought them was because they were eating frozen food in...
  11. jozer1

    California Need to re-home a Filefish

    Looking for fellow reefers help. I just bought a filefish a few weeks ago to remove all the aptasia from my small tank. The fish did it's job but there's a few issues. 1. The wife does not want it. 2. it's in my 13Gallon and we think it's eating the zoas from our 13 gallon tank. All my frags are...
  12. Breefer94

    When Is euthanasia best?

    I have had a pair of radial filefish setup in a 32 biocube for about a year and half now with no problems other than jumping incidents. I originally had a mesh top that one of the file fish got stuck in when he tried to jump. I was lucky enough to save him and replaced the top with a glass top I...
  13. AquaLocker

    GOT FISH??? We Do! Get them now at HUGE Savings!

    Here are some of the smaller categories we have! We will continue adding larger categories like Blennies, Gobies, Pufferfish, Butterflies, Anthias, Triggerfish, and more. Shop All Saltwater Fish here:
  14. snwmnky007

    Who to Choose? Best (looking) pest control fish?

    With everyone trying their hardest to QT, dip, and keep parameters perfect, it still can happen. Pests! Maybe bristle worms, Aiptasia, flatworms, or hair algae. The question what do YOU use for that unexpected nuisance? there are a lot of short term cures but what would you want to put and KEEP...
  15. Kamden Uelton

    Build Thread Kamden’s 30 gallon

    Hey! My names Kamden, I’m a 14 year old with a love for aquariums and marine life My aquarium is a 30g Nuvo 30l, This aquarium has a mix of Azoo, SPS, and softie corals. Fish Mimic Filefish Hector’s Goby Blue stripe Pipefish Inverts Mixed snails x12 Emerald Crabs x2 Crinoid (Himerometra...
  16. Dalton Hunter

    Aptasia eating filefish review

    I have tried everything to fix my aptasia problem (Copper-banded Butterfly, peppermint shrimp, aptasia-x, and aptasia away). About two weeks ago I finally broke down and bought a CAPTIVE raised aptasia eating filefish ($30). I have always been worried about purchasing these considering the fact...