1. The_Barrs_Reef

    Coral/Fish Food Mix

    Hi everyone I’m thinking of changing my food mix to better get food for my coral and fish at the same time nightly. this is the mix I make currently make and it last me about a week. Thoughts? And what’s everyone else mix for coral and fish? San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Saltwater Multi-Pack...
  2. Waterbox Aquariums

    Optimal Nutrition + Feeding Practices: Promoting Health and Longevity in Marine Fish PLUS Your Chance to Win a $100 Waterbox GiftCard

    Hello, R2R! Did you know that with proper care and nutrition, fish can live approximately 30 years in captivity? Not all fish carry the same nutritional needs, so it is important to feed your herbivores, omnivores and carnivores accordingly. Join in as we prepare a meal for Mango, our...
  3. WheatToast

    Ridiculous fish foods

    What ridiculous foods have you fed or have been told to feed your marine fish/invertebrates (post below)? I remember that the book below recommended feeding Hamburger meat:
  4. BTimms

    DIY Amino Acid Formula

    5g bcaa (unflavoured, no additives) 125 ml vinegar 375 ml ro water
  5. F

    Need help creating a feeding schedule.

    I know I have been feeling to much based on others post on the subject. I just needed some help creating my own. I have tried feeding based on how much they eat but no mater what they always seem hungry. I also am worried about a valentine puffer nipping cora/tankmates (so far so good)...
  6. MarineDepot

    5 TIPS For Feeding Picky Fish In Your Tank | A How-To with Hilary: Marine Biologist of WaterLogged

    We all have had those fish who are difficult to please and feed! Join Hilary from WaterLogged in our newest video to learn some tips and techniques on how to get those picky eaters fat and healthy. Get the rundown on feeding picky fish from a seasoned Marine Biologist and head to Marine Depot to...
  7. caribbean reefing

    Horned blenny not eating , HELP!

    I collected this horned blenny here in playa about 1 week ago and **** it would be easy to feed , but he hasn't touched the sea veggies , pe mysis, or brine shrimp/live Any suggestions on what to try and feed him ? thanks
  8. Schraufabagel

    Which elements do you auto dose?

    I currently have Red Sea Foundation A, B, and C. I also have Brightwell's ChaetoGro, NeoNitro, and NeoPhos since I will be having a reef tank mixed with coral and macro algaes. I will be getting Oyster Feast and Phyto Feast for my filter feeders and fish (in addition to pellets). Finally, I have...
  9. MarineDepot

    Aquaforest is 10% Off!

    For a limited time, take advantage of great savings on Aquaforest test kits, supplements, coral food, and more. Shop Now!!!
  10. P

    What can I feed my Blue Spot Toby?

    I got a sweet lil Blue Dot toby/orangetail fiji puffer a while back and he has shown to be quite a picky eater. Doesn't go for pellets or wafers as expected. I purchased a variety of foods from the super market(clams, shrimp, and scallop). He ignored the clam and scallop, but loves the shrimp...
  11. Sakosreef

    Achilles tang food advice needed

    Hey everyone, I picked up a 3 inch Achilles tang which is currently being quarantined. Some details: he is in a 20 gal qt tank, I have a big pvc pipe he hides in, there’s a powerhead creating flow in the tank, current copper level is 2.25 (copper power), he’s been through a round of prazi. I...
  12. H

    Wild Caught + Feeding

    How do aquarists train wild caught fish to accept foods after being collected from the ocean?
  13. B

    Thousand Ways To Use Dosing Pumps

    I'm curious to find out what people are using their dosing pumps for! Mainly other than standard 2-part. What other supplements can we automate by incorporating dosing pumps? Diluting products that normally are dosed by drops or caps? Using automatic magnetic stirrers, to suspend solids? Come...
  14. hyeclass


    Bulk Reef Supply MYSIS SHRIMP - FREEZE DRIED what you guys think about FREEZE DRIED by MYSIS
  15. Michael Gentile

    Correct way to feed and keep everyone happy

    As my tank matures more im trying to get better at feeding my tank. I only have two clowns and a 6 lined wrasse with a fire shrimp and a small cleanup crew (i introduced my wrasse 1 year after my fire shrimp and things have been going well for a couple months)(79 gallon total system). Im now...
  16. NewNanoTank

    Removing excess food

    So I just fed my 2 clown fish today (10g tank) and usually after feeding I try to remove (with my hands because I don’t have bottom feeders or a net) the left over fish food. However, looking at the tank right now there are 2-3 pellets I missed from previous feedings and 4-7 visible sized pieces...
  17. Noob_Sam

    Fish food? HELPPPP....

    What food should i feed my fish? i currently feed ocean nutrition formula two, frozen mysis and brine shrimp, and nori sheets for my tangs. I tried to look it up online but there are sooooo many different brands and stuff. should i feed flakes and or pellets? What else should i feed. Fish: 3...
  18. Spare time


    I was thinking about making some of my own fish food. I really don't like the freeze dried stuff as It just floats into the overflow so I want to avoid that. I also don't want to just buy brine shrimp at the LFS since I am wanting to make something different. Does anyone know if it is safe to...
  19. Acowutter

    Tang nutrition??

    Well I’ve had my sailfin tang for about 6 months now. And he seems happy swimming about pecking the rock eatin’ good and all that.( eats formula two and some formula one pellets as well as he eats the brine shrimp I dump in the tank) I feed pellets twice a day and a cube of shrimp every other...
  20. LxHowler

    Keeping live mysis shrimp in tank

    Hi, my LFS has had a shipment of live mysis shrimp and I was wondering, if I was to add them to my tank would they be able to survive as a food source for my fish, obviously I expect them to get eaten but would some be able to survive and populate the tank as a longer lasting food source if I...
  21. BeaverLakeAndy

    Powder Brown Tang Will Not Eat - Need Suggestions

    I've had a 4-5 inch Powder Brown Tang in my 125 for almost a week now, it's the only tang, and largest fish in the tank. It appears happy and healthy, but it literally will not eat. I've tried frozen LRS Fish Frenzy, three different freeze dried foods, two different pellet foods, and nori...
  22. w_1qaz

    Green Canary Blenny not eating

    Any one else have the issue where their Blenny will only eat frozen foods? I got this fish 4 months ago and I cannot get it to eat anything other that frozen. I go over a week at a time with only feed pellets in tank, and it will just not eat; hoping that it would get hungry and migrate over to...
  23. J

    Clean up crew for sand

    I’m working on a list for what fish and clean up crew I want for my 40 gallon 3ft long tank. I want to have a diamond back goby in it to sift the sand and clean it up. If I put in some Nassarius snails in will they be competing with my goby for food or will the goby be alright.
  24. Jessieg

    Naso Tang

    Hello everyone, This weekend I finally was able to get a naso tang at my LFS. I had been going back and forth about getting one and when I saw it I fell in love. I know Tangs can be very picky and they need algae and nori to eat. I have the omega one red seaweed and he seemed to like it but then...
  25. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Dog ate Reef Roids - cause for concern?

    Apologies to admin if this is the wrong thread. Apparently my dog decided to misbehave today and bust open the Amazon box that contained my reef roids in it. I came home to find the whole container cleaned out. Do I need to start calling up my vet? The container says the only ingredients are...
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