hippo tang

  1. NauticalMiles1010

    I’m looking for some fish for a Red Sea Reefer XLL 625.

    I’m looking at some tangs and Foxface’s. I think a Hippo tang is to big for the tank but what do you think? Are they reef safe? Are they aggressive? Are they hard to feed? thanks!
  2. M

    Yellow belly blue hippo tang not eating help

    I have a yellow belly blue hippo tang in qt. And he is not eating and swimming and hiding constantly. He in qt with 4 other fish powder blue tang, Midas blenny, and 2 small clown fish. All the other fish are eating and healthy. These are all new fish and they are in qt and never been in my...
  3. Davar93

    Is it HLLE? Help

    Hey everyone! I got my hippo tang in Qt. It has these patches on him now. He didn’t have the one on his head till today, he’s been in copper, nitro, freshwater baths and methylene blue baths. Currently sitting in just saltwater for past 3 days. Is it HLLE? I will try get better pics later. The...
  4. J

    Connecticut New York Fish for sale, Tangs

    Yellow tang ~4inches $200 Powder Brown tang ~4inches $90 Blue Hippo tang~ 4inches $80 Anthias~4inches $30 Zipcode 06901
  5. D

    Ich survived quarantine so now i need guidance on ich management

    hey everyone, i have been quarantining a hippo tang for more than half a year now that i suspected had ich he has been through 2 rounds of 30 day copper then a transfer to a new tank and hybrid ttm 2x, freshwater dip, and a month or two of observation. never actually looked like he had ich...
  6. ssunthar

    HELP: Blue Hippo Tang suffering cyclic white spots

    Hi Experts, Have a question... i have a hippo blue tang and it keeps getting white spots on a monthly cycle. And it will recover after a few days where it will be spotless. During these period, it still looks normal and eating well. During the last event - a few days ago - the small white...
  7. Kerbash

    MIA New Hippo Tang

    yello, So I'll cut to the chase, I got a baby blue hippo tang around 5 days ago, I put him in he was swimming around blue damsels sorta did a little booty shake (not sure is it a sign of aggression? but the tang didn't seem to mind). Anyway the next day I woke up look at the tank and didn't see...
  8. D

    Torn on hippo tang treatment

    ive been quarantining this hippo tang for 2.5 months now and everything else ive quarantined (in different tanks) that i bought at the same time as the hippo had been fully cured and are now in the DT. sadly i cant say the same thing for the hippo. the hippo has been a pig, eating alot, since...
  9. A Wooly

    EMERGENCY Possibly ich??

    Hi, is this ich? my hippo tang seems well and normal. Eating well, no unusual behaviour etc it has been in my tank for over 9 months now. I can’t see any spots on any other fish. Everyone else seems fine. I have a QT tank I can get up and running if needed. if this is ich can someone point...
  10. D

    Should i wait for copper? And how to treat fins

    So I've just gotten 4 fish, 2 clownfish, a hippo tang, and a flasher wrasse. The hippo and flasher are in the same tank. The flasher helps the hippo feel more comfortable to feed and when its out the hippo is out. They are in a quarantine tank. They have been eating really well (day 3 now) and...
  11. M

    3 out of 9 dead fish.. New hobbyist.. Thoughts on my situation?

    Hi all, Im having issues with my 55 gallon tank. 3 of my fish just died. Hippo, Sailfin, and a raccoon butterfly. My tank has been up and running since May 17th. I started with a Midas Blenny and 2 mocha clown fish (added them about 2 weeks after the tank was set up and running a couple days...
  12. Jeff Shaw

    Hippo Tang Faded/Discolored

    I am still new to this hobby and was thrown into it when I bought our current house. Looking for help with my Blue/Hippo Tang. Have a look at the short video I've posted below. In the last couple of weeks his color has been fading and I'm worried he's caught the COVID or something. Just...
  13. S

    Blue hippo tang big spot

    I have this tang for 5 years and he is very active and seem healthy. He have this spot for like 6 months and I cant find what he have. Can it just be a burn spot from the heather ? Can someone tell me what it is ? Thanks
  14. Bennutri

    Will i survive?

    I put my toddler hippo tank amd 8 gallons of cycled water, live rock, and live sand in my new 16 gallon will it survive the next weeks w thse cinditions? Or should i wait on water change ?
  15. AquaHobby31

    Help. Blue tang dark circles.

    What is this?
  16. R

    Hippo tang scared of me

    I have a juvenile hippo tang in a tank with 4 clowns and a yellow tang. When I first got him he used to swim around with all the other fish... then mysteriously half of my fish population died off. Since then he hides anytime I get near the tank. Whenever I initially walk in the room he’ll be...
  17. A

    Fish to eat sea lettuce

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to the saltwater side of the hobby and have a 125g mixed reef tank that has been up and running since January. I like to engineer things and geek out on equipment, so I spent 3 months designing everything before the build. That said, I've had really good luck so...
  18. Joe Batt

    Troublesome Hippo Tang

    I have been restarting the reef after a crash last year. I added some zoa's to the tank a few days back and they disappeared overnight totally. I suspect the hippo tang (the other inhabitants are a sail fin tang, yellow tang, dottyback, 2 x clowns, an old damsel from when I first started). It...
  19. shiftline

    Multiple Tangs in one Reef? - Powder Blue Rescue and curbing tang aggression

    Multiple Tangs in one Reef? - Powder Blue Rescue and curbing tang aggression! I ended up with a powder blue tang on my doorstep needing a home, I was extremely worried about adding it with my hippo tang.. (who actually didn't care..) It was the Yellow tang that seemed to have a superiority...
  20. barista7105

    Aberrant Regal tang

    Got this for 3 weeks, kept in 210g tank. Has been adapting very well
  21. bet


    I purchased a hippo tang yesterday who was doing well originally. However, today I noticed some white spots (clearly not sand) on the side of the tang. The tang is still eating algae off my live rock, flake food w/ garlic, and mysis shrimp. I have read that attempting to catch hippo tangs to...
  22. seastar

    Move Hippo Tang

    Hey all. I recently added a few sunburst anthias to my DT (525xl Reefer) and my hippo tang has decided it would be great port to harass them and rip their fins off. I've decided rather than remove them I'd rather toss the Hippo in the penalty box. Any ideas how to get it out? Every time I go...
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