hydra 26hd

  1. MillsReef

    Aquascape opinions?

    I haven't quite made my mind up on this aquascape, and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice/constructive criticism before the new tank gets wet. This is my first time using base rock instead of live rock, so I know it isn't perfect.
  2. damselindistress

    Best time of year to buy lighting?

    After collectively spending hundreds on cheap light set ups I'm finally ready to buy my first "real" set of lights. Is there a time of year the manufacturers or vendors clear out old inventory and have a sale?? I've been lurking in the dry goods marketplace but cannot seem to be quick enough on...
  3. VKGT

    Illinois WTB: Hydra26HD (black) w/HMS mount

    Looking for a black Hydra 26HD black. Prefer HMS mount but not a deal breaker. Let me know what you've got
  4. Jaag

    Just Moved To The Area

    So glad I came across this forum. I moved here from out west almost a year ago. I am here for physician assistant school. Just this week I set the smallest tank I have had, a 2.5 gallon pico. That is all I can do in my situation right now. My brother flew out to see me and brought me some of my...
  5. MichaelP121579

    Light placement

    Hello I have a 48x24x12 I have 2 Hydra 26 Hyper Drives. I was thinking about moving light to center of tank because they cover 24x24. I'm thinking I'd get better coverage that way, currently they are 10" from corners and 12" above water. I'm getting lots of light " bleeding outside of tank.
  6. SilverCityReef

    Hydra 26 Mount Help/Ideas

    I'm looking to build a diy mount for my 2 AI Hydra 26HD's. I like the TV mount idea but if I dont have to drill into the wall that would be better. Basically I'm looking for ideas for mounts and also have a couple questions for anyone who has made the TV mount for Hydras. Is it possible to...
  7. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTS White Hydra 26HD

    I have a used White AI Hydra 26HD that a bought from another R2R member a few months ago but haven't used. I was told it has less than a year of use at under 70%. Asking $250 + shipping & paypal fees or I will cover both for $270
  8. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB WHITE Hydra 26 HD

    About to get paid for some work I did a month ago and am looking for another Hydra 26HD. Must be WHITE and in good working condition, NO DAMAGE. I dont need the mount unless it's the 36" multi-light bar and brackets. I would trade my ONE white Hydra 26HD + Cash if someone has 2 Black they want...
  9. SilverCityReef

    Cheaper Lighting For SPS Dominant 40B?

    So I am finally starting the tank cycling process so it's time to start planning out lighting. I picked up a Hydra 26HD off another member with plans to buy another one around this time. Unfortunately, I'm not sure another $350 light & a $100 mount are in by budget right now or if 2 Hydra 26HD's...
  10. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 25, ai prime, hydra 52

    Hey everyone I made a diy mount for my 2 hydra 26 lights and it only costed about $25 to maleness both mounts which is a lot cheaper than the store bought ones feel free to ask any questions on how I did it! I still need to paint them and drill holes to hide the wires.
  11. Evan28395950

    Hydra 26 HD LED Question

    Hello there, tomorrow I will be receiving this light as gift. I was wondering if it is enough for a 24 gal? Or is it over powering (if so, should I run it only 50% or so?) Also have you have good or bad experiences with that type of light?
  12. B

    Pennsylvania Aqua Illumination Hydra 26HD (3 available)

    Due to a recent lighting upgrade, I have three Hydra 26HDs which have been used for a total of three months at less than 30% (no corals yet) up for grabs. Two of the lights came with my Red Sea Reefer 350 deluxe and the other was purchased at same time. I am asking $275 shipped per light. I...
  13. L

    Tennessee Hydra 26 Black

    I have (2) Hydra 26 in Black color that I got with my RSM E260 package. I ran these for less than a week. They are easy to program and are great lights. They will ship with after market power cords that go from the wall to the brick. This is due to the fact that Red Sea provides a proprietary...
  14. 1Blazer

    1Blazer Build Thread - Red Sea Reefer 425XL

    Hey there! I'm Zach and I have been in and out of the hobby over the past 10 years due to having to travel for work (SC->TX->IL->TN->GA and now Monterey Bay, CA). As many of you know stability is key especially when it comes to SPS which is my personal favorite type of coral but my career hasnt...
  15. J

    AI prime hd or hydra26 hd?

    I have 2ft tank which i want to upgrade the lighting for. Im stuck between the prime hd and the hydra26 hd. Tank is 2ft long 12 inches wide and 16 inch tall. Its. 25g all in one. Corals inside are lps and softies but may get some sps in the future. Lfs owner told me t take the prime and not the...
  16. baktabiznis

    Florida Reefer 250, Eco Tech mp10wqd, Hydra 250HD's, ex...

    For sale is my Reefer 250 like all equipment is MINT**. There is no mods to the structural integrity of the stand. Everything inside the stand is hung with velcro and the complete setup is in mint* condition. I installed a multi color led strip (sticky tape) for lighting on the top of the inside...
  17. Uscanga2311

    Hydra 26HD or Radion XR15 G4.

    Hi R2R Family. HI I'm starting a nano tank (18inx18inx18in), it will be a mixed tank (Sps, lps, and soft corals), I'm indecisive to get a hydra26 or a RADION RX15 G4, hope you can help me!
  18. Fritzhamer

    Hydra 26 HD (2), par sensor HMS mounts

    Two Hydra 26 HD, used for two months $300 each or both for $550. HMS 36” rail, hydra mounts and hanging kit $100 Biotech Marine BTM-3000 par sensor (used twice) with homemade acrylic rod holder. $175 Or take everything for $800
  19. Wrasse-cal

    Black Friday: “best” SPS lighting for 24 inch cube

    All, I know “best” is highly subjective, but I want to see what you all would do if you were me. Parameters: I’m setting up a new tank, a waterbox 75.2 “cube.” (24x24x20) Stimulating max coral growth is the most important factor for the light Connectivity is nice, but I don’t need to be able...
  20. Kevinkmk

    Chalice coral lighting level

    Hi chalice experts, I want to get some advise on the chalice light intensity . Currently I'm switching to a hydra 26 for my nano tank. As I have different type of chalice (rainbow, pink bobbies, mummy eye ), I want to know what is the best par level for them. Before I kept them around 70 to 80...
  21. Reefkeeper60.gg

    Hydra 26 hd light schedule

    Hi! Would anybody be willing to share their light schedule/setting for a hydra 26 hd? I can't seem to find a good one. It is for a tank with a height of 18" and the lamp is at approximately 11" from the surface of the water. TIA!!!
  22. Reefkeeper60.gg

    Hydra 26 HD light schedule

    Hi! Would anybody be willing to share their light schedule/setting for a hydra 26 hd? I can't seem to find a good one. It is for a tank with a height of 18" and the lamp is at approximately 11" from the surface of the water. TIA!!!
  23. John Stuckey

    How Do I Upload AIP Files to MyAI app

    I bought the Red Sea Reefer 350 Deluxe with the 2 AI Hydra 26HD lights. I see people have some custom .aip files but don't see anyway to upload them either to the phone/tablet app or the website. Can anyone help with this? Also interested in recommended .aip files for mixed reef...
  24. Curryb15

    Hydra 52 HD

    hey @Bulk Reef Supply you guys make awesome videos on lighting and what’s good for your tank. I was just wondering if there was any plans to analyze the hydra 52 HD. Trying to decide if I should upgrade to radions
  25. brett_schn

    WTB hydra 26hd

    Pm me if you have one for sale. pm me if u have a mounting system for sale too