1. Danny19

    Please help identify

    Hi Brains trust I need some help in identifying (i think it’s a Gonipora) and recommended care for this coral ie recommended flow and amount of light My lFS told me high in the tank with ned to high flow but i am just wanting clarification Thankyou in advance
  2. V

    What is this

    Hoping someone can identify what this invert is and if it’s harmful at all. Looks like a slug with a soft shell, snail without a shell.
  3. hsp

    Is this Coraline?

    I have started my tank on 1-February-2024: Red Sea Reefer Max G2+ 300. Pictures taken under white light. Thanks for helping to identify.
  4. tpolcaro

    Can anyone ID these?

    Could someone ID these? The first one has a fan like structure with almost luminescent coloring. The other two seem like sponges. The orange ones on my live rock have one or two holes and the white one has a lot. Any input helps :)
  5. AdamR0331

    Started noticing these in my Reef Tank what are they?

    What are these Little Critters that are appearing more and more in my tank? Are they a pest or good ? If a pest what if best way to remove them
  6. Jesse Sunday

    I infected my son ... (Cycle and ID question)

    It's official. He's as much of an addict as I am now. This is the start of my son's 32g BioCube that we just picked up this weekend. We added about 30lbs of (live) sand/crushed coral/shells and even some seaweed/other random life, on Sunday. It's settled down nicely. He's super excited...
  7. mdock

    What’s on this coral?

    Can anybody help me identify what’s hanging out on this coral in the front? I just got it in. I know the one piece is bubble algae and I should just take it off but what’s the other stuff? Thank you!
  8. AquaForge

    What Zoa/Paly is this?

    Need some help identifying this zoa. I got some GSP 2 months ago and there was a tiny little nubbin of a zoa in it. It barely looked like one, smaller than a pencil eraser. I seperated it and put it on a rock near my other zoas. Now its one of the biggest in my tank and I have no idea what it...
  9. jlane220

    SPS Identification Pocillopora or stylo?

    I picked up this colony a while back and was told it was a style. But the more I look at it the less convinced I am that it is. Is it a pocillopora maybe?
  10. T

    Identify velvety growth on corals

    Would anyone be able to help identify what this thing is? It’s velvety with a slight prick around it. Has a hollow portion on the inside (as shown in the pictures). It’s almost egg sack like and is very squishy. Was growing on the side of one of my polyps.
  11. J

    Strange strand of white on rock

    I woke up today and noticed a strange strand of a white stringy substance at the base of one of my rocks. It looks like it was put there rather meticulously because of the back and forth pattern, so I wanted to check to see what this might be. It seems to he stuck to the rock for the most part...
  12. jhrowlands

    Yellow flower/feather like hitchhiker coral id

    Been meaning to ask for a while. This yellowish feather/flower looking coral next to the yellow coral goby appeared in my tank on its own. Any idea what it is? I’ve been allowing it to grow. Safe to stay or remove? Not the Yellow Sea whip in the top right corner; coral in the middle of the...
  13. mdpitts

    What’s this in my filter chamber?

    Good morning folks. I was cleaning my tank last night and pulled out the filter basket to rinse out some filter pads and noticed this alien in the bottom frame. It’s a little chunky and looks like it’s spreading. I haven’t seen this in my tank and I’m wondering if I should hit it with a...
  14. J

    Can anyone positively ID these clownfish?

    Lfs has them listed as african clownfish because thats what the supplier lists them as on their fish list. They are not clarkiis im quite sure because the clarkiis are in another tank and more than double the price. Are these A.tricinctus? Previously people have told me they are clarkiis but all...
  15. C

    Green sponge identification!

    I need help identifying this new sponge? I haven’t added anything to the tank in ages it doesn’t seem to bother my corals or nem. About the sizes of a small worm, they don’t move and are firm when touched. They don’t fluoresce under actinics. Any ideas? Ignore the hair algae
  16. R

    Zoa id

    Hi, I have plenty of zoas, but most of them are difficult for me to identify. I tried to find them online, but with no results. Could any zoa experts identify them for me please? Thank you in advance. Rayn
  17. peewee5779


    At first I bought this as a chalice but I'm wondering if it is a Turbinaria? Are Turbinarias LPS or SPS, it doesn't seem clear to me on the information that I saw?
  18. K

    This worm actually made me jump back when i found it

    I was readjusting a little log we have and when I picked it up all I saw was a stomach? Part. I literally jumped back, it surprised me. Does anyone know what it is and is it safe for my fish, crabs, snails, and coral/mushroom corals? They're my main concern obviously and I just want to make sure...
  19. L

    Help identifying white growth

    I found this strange white mass growing in the Chaeto in my fuge. Almost looks like some sort of anemone but it easily broke apart when I touched it. Any idea what it could be?
  20. mdpitts

    Anemone with descriptive name? ID needed pls

    Hi Everyone - I purchased this fella yesterday and I forgot what it was called. It had an adjective as part of its name - something like “Remarkable Anemone” or “Fascinating Anemone”. It is attached to a round frag plug and seems like it has a hard base. It has become a little more relaxed...
  21. S

    Coral ID Confirmation?

    I got these guys all 50% off from my LFS and have a vague idea of the types but wanted to get confirmation from more experienced people! Also, for those who ID them, could I get some advice on placement/care? My ID’s: Front (green, metallic/stripy): green leptoseris Left (red with lavender...
  22. Afkomjorgen

    A white rocket shaped worm? And pred flatworm

    White worm found in rock. I was chiseling away pieces of rock with mushrooms. He was literally running through the rock away from me. Found this massive flatworm in there too, 3-4”. What is the white worm? Peanut? This is the third predatory flatworm I’ve found in this tank. What is it, what...
  23. Canned55

    Coralline ID?

    So I bought this cured rock from a LFS for the 55 gallon that I am starting. I assumed that coralline algae comes in many different colors so I did not think anything of it. This one looks orange. I swear that in the past I have had something orange-ish like it in the past. I am just checking...
  24. joe_sharkk

    Help ID shark

    Hello! I was about to bring home a baby bamboo shark my LFS ordered for me. I’ve worked with them many times before, and so this baby looked a little odd to me. They say it’s a brown banded bamboo shark… but at this size (like 7 inches) they’re usually much darker striped. Also the head seems...
  25. johnf3

    What are these white tentacles?

    I recently purchased a nice purple nephthea coral and just now noticed these white tentacles that have grown from the rock since I got it. I don’t remember seeing them when I put it in the tank so I’m pretty sure they’ve grown over the past month. Very curious as to what these are/ this is?