1. jadbug

    Sarcophyton elegans "Yellow Fiji" tissue disintegration - help!

    Hey all! I was fortunate enough to pick up a Sarcophyton elegans (I think a Yellow Fiji just not coloured up yet) a couple of weeks ago online. It arrived pale but in one piece. Unfortunately the foot of the coral has begun to disintegrate rapidly into white debris. The head seems okay, but the...
  2. Trigger1

    Clownfish growth, Uronema vs infection-both?

    Saw large growth on clownfish two days ago. Doing 90 minute RRR dips on both clowns for seven days. Does it look like an infection or Uronema?
  3. P

    Infection from fragging mushrooms

    I recently fragged 2 Rhodactis and 3 maxi mini carpet anemones all with the same outcome. Either one half caught an infection or both halves did. It averaged out at around 50% success rate. The worst part is the infection from my carpets spread out to 2 RFAs which also melted. I fragged...
  4. S

    EMERGENCY What is on my tangs?

    Hey guys, apologies for the long post but I can’t find anything on these white bullseye markings on multiple tangs. I have 2 tanks, both have been running 2 years just about. Mixed reef and the fish are thriving. Parameters are ideal. Recently I purchased a convict tang for my bigger 165 gallon...
  5. An_Enemy

    EMERGENCY Filefish had tail eaten off after getting head-spike stuck.

    I have a matted filefish that's kept in the sump (has become his home to aggression with other fish). Today I found him lodged at the bottom of the tank due to the spikes on its horn. They were lodged into some filter foam that I use to buffer the protein skimmer. There was a pencil sea urchin...
  6. Devildai

    EMERGENCY Fungus? Bac. Infection? Please help me find out

    Went on a family vacation and came back and my little guy was looking rough. I set up a QUICK quarantine tank (I am doing another one with no sand this was just an oh crap moment). Is this a bacterial infection or fungal or possibly something else? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  7. mosj

    Need help IDing internal parasite/fungal infection in a small Ocellaris

    Tank is 10g, about 6 months old. 2 Ocellaris (this one being a young male), BTA, a few softies and a small cleanup crew (peppermint, couple of hermits, turbos, ceriths). Amonia and nitrites @ 0, ~20% water change every 2 weeks. It's my first reef tank. A few days ago I noticed that this black...
  8. bgilson

    EMERGENCY Bi color angel eye cloudy eye

    My bi color angel has a cloudy eye for 3 days now. I set up a quarantine tank last night. Im curious what medicine I need to get to help him out. Im assuming its a bacterial infection. Closes place to get meds is petco as well.
  9. nomad6

    What’s on my Duncan?

    Newbie here my Duncan has been closed up for about a day and today I saw this pimple on it. Is it a new head or an infection? I saw it stretching yesterday in that direction.
  10. G

    Anorexic fish

    Good morning, I am at a last ditch effort to do something to save my fish. I have a naked clown fish that I have had for at least 12 weeks now. He had since been one of my healthiest and most vigorous eaters. about three weeks ago he decided to stop eating. Shortly after I did start to...
  11. LabyrinthCorals

    Juveline Blue Tang Eye Issue

    Hey everyone, Overnight my juvenile blue tang seems to have either gotten a nasty infection/disease of some sort, or injured himself (or both). I did notice slight discoloration and redness near the eye last night but nothing like this. The outside of the eye seems to have peeled upwards...
  12. Ariana R.

    Starfish injury

    My dad has this starfish in his tank for about 4 months now, but lately when I’ve visited one of the legs of the starfish seems to be deteriorating. On my most recent visit, the leg that was originally effected looks much shorter and now the same thing is happening to another leg. My dad had...
  13. tattedupabe

    What is wrong with my puffers eye?

    So i have a porcupine puffer and have had him almost a year now, but today when i came home one of his eyes lost the blue fluorescent color to it, does anyone know what it could be and why does this happen?
  14. C

    Spiny box pufferfish decease ID

    Hi! I just got this guy for free from a petco who called because they knew I had a quarantine tank. I am currently treating him with copper for the ich he has but there is also some other kind of illness on the fins that I just can’t figure out and was hoping to get an ID on it aswell as a...
  15. kels64

    EMERGENCY Mycobacterium? Something else?

    So I’ve had this fish for about a month and she has been a head down swimmer ever since I got her so we all know clown fish are weird and I didn’t think anything of it. Today I turned up the lights to do my weekly close check of everybody and see that she has some kind of lesion/tumor and also...
  16. rlkilwil

    Identification of zoa infections

    Hey everyone! I work at an LFS and know my way around most things, but one thing I have always wondered about and wanted to learn about is identifying the symptoms of different zoa health issues- specifically bacterial and fungal infections! What are the symptoms of these??? How do I tell the...
  17. K

    Pale lesion on clown fish?? Brook??

    Hi I am fairly new to marine tank as I only have kept freshwaters. I have one small orange clownfish and this fish developed white~opaque lesion on R) side of its body. I wasn't sure if it's just body colour change or some kind of infection? I kept this fish about ~1.5month. Noticed this lesion...
  18. K

    Pale lesion on clown fish?? Brook?

    Hi I am fairly new to marine tank as I only have kept freshwaters. I have one small orange clownfish and this fish developed white~opaque lesion on R) side of its body. I wasn't sure if it's just body colour change or some kind of infection? I kept this fish about ~1.5month. Noticed this lesion...
  19. H

    Fish disease or sign of healing on Melanurus Wrasse??

    So I purchased a Melanurus Wrasse two days ago and put it into QT, I am currently treating it for internal parasites/worms due to stringy white feces and the food is mixed to @Humblefish specifications using general cure. Today as I'm observing the fish I noticed its fin was damaged as well as...
  20. M

    New Zoanthus Colony Loosening off rock with white string on them and slowly decaying (smell horrible aswell) !NEED URGENT HELP!

    Hi everyone, So I bought this new zoa colony at an LFS where I have been once before and it's not doing too great. I bought the colony Saturday November 28th 2020 so I've had it for almost a week now. The issues: - Less and less polyps open up every day - White strings appearing at the base of...
  21. mpb5717

    Clownfish Sick, Please Help!

    My clownfish has had this crater looking thing on his face the past week. I’ve been treating it was a medication for bacteria infections but I’ve had no success. I’ve piggybacked this with several 25% water changes, no luck. Since this has started, my poor guy has gotten popping eye as well as...
  22. Sick_man

    EMERGENCY Goby has swollen eyes and has pale splotches

    Hi, I got my YWG 4 days ago and off the bat he wasn't acting too normal. I thought he was just shy. But he just sits in his cave and the 2nd day I noticed he had some loose tissue on his lips. 3rd day, he had pale spots on his cheeks, and now today, his eyes are foggy and enlarged. I ordered...
  23. A

    EMERGENCY ClownFish White Face

    Hey Guys, last Wednesday I noticed my Clown was being severely attacked by the other one (which is actually a little smaller). It got to the point where the one being attacked was trying to jump out of the tank. I noticed that it’s fins were ripped up and had a sore red dot under its mouth and...
  24. liam’s little reef

    Torch Coral with Possible Bacterial Infection?

    Hello Everyone, My New York Nicks torch has been having trouble lately from what I assume to be a bacterial infection. I am at a loss on what I need to do or if anyone has delt with these issues in the past. All parameters are in check and this is the only coral (including all other torches)...
  25. ReefSoup

    HELP!! - Longnose Hawkfish Disease/Parasite Identification

    I began noticing what looks like a white bump on the bottom tip of my longnose hawkfish's mouth. I haven't seen any change in behavior and it's still eating regularly. It's not the clearest picture, but it's the best I could get for now. Any ideas on if this may be a parasite, infection or...