instant ocean

  1. MichaelP121579

    Saltwater storage

    Last Saturday I bought a Brute Garbage can I washed it thoroughly and dried it. I mixed 30 gallons of water (rodi) Instant Ocean RC temp is 78.0 salinity is 1.025 a few mins ago I was getting ready for water change and I see this. I kept the lid on it so nothing has fell in the water. Any...
  2. Idoc

    Thinking of switching salt mixes from HW MarineMix to IO

    I see so many wonderful reef tanks using IO salt. I currently use HW MarineMix...thinking of switching! It is so tempting when you see $45 for IO (200g box) and compare that to $76 for HW MarineMix (160g box). HW MarineMix mixes very quickly and absolutely no residue! I do like this... I...
  3. Triquatics Kickoff Giveaway! 2 will win $500 & 200gal box of salt!

    Hey Reefers! We are Triquatics and we want to kick off the launch of our new site with a Kickoff giveaway! That is right, we are new and were making a splash right from the get-go. Now -November 30th 2018 you can enter to be 1-of-2 winners to receive $500 in AquaCash & a 200gal box of instant...
  4. BlueWorldJeff

    Using old salt water

    I was making a batch of Instant Ocean two weeks ago when I ran out of salt and only got the SG to 1.022. I didnt use it at the time for my water change and its been sitting in a rubbermaid trash can for two weeks in my garage with a lid on and no circulation. I got salt now and am going to do...
  5. 1

    Mixing different salts? (IO & RC)

    Running low on the regular Instant Ocean salt and since I'm planning to switch over to Reef Crystals because I will be converting to reef soon enough. Is it okay for my next water change to mix my left over of IO with the new RC? The way I prep the water is I let the salt mix for at least a...
  6. 1

    Adding IO Bio-Spira to an established tank?

    Going to do 20-30% changes over the course of the next two weeks, I was thinking of adding a full bottle of bio spira at the end of the all the water changes to keeps things balanced. Good idea or bad idea?
  7. boxofrocks

    Rimless 240g - boxoflpsandshrooms

    Tank: Low Iron 3/4" Glass 72" Long x 31.5" Front to Back x 24" Tall 2 x 1.5" Drains 1 x 1" Return 39 Trigger Systems Sapphire Sump + Matching ATO Jebao DC6000 Return CoralBox Skimmer 2x MP40 Powerheads Mixed Pukani and Tonga Branch Rock Asta LEDs on Chaeto Lighting: Reefbreeders Photon v2 x 3...
  8. ThunderGoose

    Does salt mix have anything to do with pH?

    I set my tank up last December and I'm doing a one year re-evaluation to see if there are things I can improve. I use IO reef crystal and my tank pH has been consistently 7.8 - 7.9, regardless of windows open or closed and even after I added a macroalgae refugium. I don't want to chase pH but...
  9. GenericReefer

    How to complicate mixing salt.

    Hey guys! So I went up to my LFS, and while getting some new salt, they gave me a tip on weighing the salt to get a more precise reading. So how many grams of IO Reef Crystal would I need for a single gallon?
  10. Flippers4pups

    Flippers reef 125 gallon

    The story of Flippers reef started long ago.......... In a time before a thing called "The Internet"existed. Land locked Missouri, mid western U.S.A. back in 1993. I had just got out of the army in 1992 and got busy starting a family. See, I had fresh water tanks off and on since I was very...
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