instant ocean

  1. Zoa_Fanatic

    Instant ocean reef accelerator

    Has anyone used this additive? Is it safe for use in a reef tank or should it be avoided?
  2. graffitireef

    Build Thread Graffiti Reef Fluval Evo 13.5 Build

    Hello all, wanted to post some progress photos. Finally got everything so I could start building. This is my first time doing a nano and so far its alot of fun. I used Marco Rocks because I wanted to try something different and plan on making this a no hitchiker/no ich tank. Say what you will...
  3. Sick_man

    Help with Salt

    Hi, so I'm running low on salt and have been using regular instant ocean. I wanted to try the reef crystals because it is marketed toward corals and it is cheaper on Amazon at the moment. Would it be okay to switch salts? Tank is about 2 months.
  4. Reefer37

    Lower Magnesium with Instant Ocean Salt

    Has anyone else noticed having to supplement a bit of magnesium between water changes with Instant Ocean salt? I've noticed on like the last 3 water changes my magnesium level dipping below 1300 almost every time. This last time I did a larger water change due to increased phosphates and it's...
  5. Dr. Dendrostein

    California Nevada 92501 local pick up. IO salt 400 gal. $70

    At my contractor lot , one of my workers over bought some marine dry goods for business and when I checked invoice wrong salt picked up. Our loss someone's gain. PM for more info Just pick up last Friday
  6. D

    Instant ocean dGH using reverse osmosis water

    Hi, does anyone know what the GH of instant ocean is after being added to reverse osmosis water at full salinity aka 1.026 so I can try and figure out what my aquarium water GH is. thanks David.
  7. AshenEmberose

    Nano Tank Help!

    So I got my salt on Tuesday for my 10g nano aquarium and i added half the salt into the tank then stirred then the other half and stirred and most of it is dissolved except for these last few bits and its driving me crazy. I got Instant Ocean sea salt. QUESTIONS Will the undissolved salt...
  8. Chefman76

    Build Thread Waterbox Frag 105 SPS dominant build thread!

    The Mrs and I decided to start a new SPS tank during this pandemic! We went with a waterbox this time around, I'm sure we’ll be upgrading in the near future. The money we saved on the tank vs some others we have put into the components. today was the first day of setup, hung the T5‘s, did the...
  9. MichaelP121579

    Saltwater storage

    Last Saturday I bought a Brute Garbage can I washed it thoroughly and dried it. I mixed 30 gallons of water (rodi) Instant Ocean RC temp is 78.0 salinity is 1.025 a few mins ago I was getting ready for water change and I see this. I kept the lid on it so nothing has fell in the water. Any...
  10. Idoc

    Thinking of switching salt mixes from HW MarineMix to IO

    I see so many wonderful reef tanks using IO salt. I currently use HW MarineMix...thinking of switching! It is so tempting when you see $45 for IO (200g box) and compare that to $76 for HW MarineMix (160g box). HW MarineMix mixes very quickly and absolutely no residue! I do like this... I...
  11. BlueWorldJeff

    Using old salt water

    I was making a batch of Instant Ocean two weeks ago when I ran out of salt and only got the SG to 1.022. I didnt use it at the time for my water change and its been sitting in a rubbermaid trash can for two weeks in my garage with a lid on and no circulation. I got salt now and am going to do...
  12. 1

    Mixing different salts? (IO & RC)

    Running low on the regular Instant Ocean salt and since I'm planning to switch over to Reef Crystals because I will be converting to reef soon enough. Is it okay for my next water change to mix my left over of IO with the new RC? The way I prep the water is I let the salt mix for at least a...
  13. 1

    Adding IO Bio-Spira to an established tank?

    Going to do 20-30% changes over the course of the next two weeks, I was thinking of adding a full bottle of bio spira at the end of the all the water changes to keeps things balanced. Good idea or bad idea?
  14. boxofrocks

    Large Build Rimless 240g - boxoflpsandshrooms

    Tank: Low Iron 3/4" Glass 72" Long x 31.5" Front to Back x 24" Tall 2 x 1.5" Drains 1 x 1" Return 39 Trigger Systems Sapphire Sump + Matching ATO Jebao DC6000 Return CoralBox Skimmer 2x MP40 Powerheads Mixed Pukani and Tonga Branch Rock Asta LEDs on Chaeto Lighting: Reefbreeders Photon v2 x 3...
  15. ThunderGoose

    Does salt mix have anything to do with pH?

    I set my tank up last December and I'm doing a one year re-evaluation to see if there are things I can improve. I use IO reef crystal and my tank pH has been consistently 7.8 - 7.9, regardless of windows open or closed and even after I added a macroalgae refugium. I don't want to chase pH but...
  16. GenericReefer

    How to complicate mixing salt.

    Hey guys! So I went up to my LFS, and while getting some new salt, they gave me a tip on weighing the salt to get a more precise reading. So how many grams of IO Reef Crystal would I need for a single gallon?
  17. Flippers4pups

    Build Thread Flippers reef 125 gallon

    The story of Flippers reef started long ago.......... In a time before a thing called "The Internet"existed. Land locked Missouri, mid western U.S.A. back in 1993. I had just got out of the army in 1992 and got busy starting a family. See, I had fresh water tanks off and on since I was very...