1. N

    Fluval Flex 15 Conversion for Jellyfish and Stand Issues

    Hello all! I'm new here and essentially completely new to the hobby. I have wanted a jellyfish tank for myself for a number of years now and have decided to pull the trigger so to speak; However I found the price of the available tanks/kits to be quite prohibitive and not exactly what I was...
  2. Cichlid Dad

    Found this on my glass today.

    Help. Can anyone tell me what this is? It's magnified with my phone camera. I see flowing strings
  3. P

    Cassiopeia/upside down jellyfish - how big will they get?

    I bought some live rock with these jellyfish attached in the polyp stage. I overfeed frozen food so they quickly spread out through my tank as they’re able to reproduce in the polyp stage without completing the cycle as Medusa. I’m wondering if anyone has an ID on the particular species and can...
  4. Cassiopea tank

    Cassiopea tank

    Cassiopea jellyfish
  5. P

    Upside Down Jellyfish species tank

    Hey community! First post here, looking to document my latest venture into exotic animal care. I had seen a post on another social site weeks ago with an Upside Down Jellyfish and never thought about housing them as I am aware Jellyfish are generally very sensitive and hard to care for. This...
  6. kyleinpdx

    Hydroid jelly (?) under the microscope

    Saw this guy on my glass a bit ago, so I sucked him up with a small syringe and put him under my microscope. Sorry these arent the best photos, they were taken with my phone, I have a phone camera mount for my telescope but it doesnt work as well with the microscope, so I couldnt go any higher...
  7. El_Guapo13

    Upside Down Jellyfish questions

    I had posted this in another thread that was discussing various jellyfish care, but the thread has had no activity since mid 2018. So I decided to increase my chances of getting the advice and answers I need by starting a new thread. My original post from the other thread: So first, in my reef...
  8. Sashaka

    Hydroid or jellyfish?

    Came in on some coral. Sorry about the poor video. It is tiny and was really hard to keep it in frame. Good or bad? Do I need to try to find it and get it out? Thanks! If you can't see the video, let me know. I'm new at posting videos on Youtube.
  9. Brad Miller

    Pennsylvania WTB Jellyfish tank

    Looking for a used jellyfish tank at a reasonable price, anyone have one or know someone that does ?
  10. C

    Need help with possible refugium!

    Hello everyone! I have an aio reef tank that I want to add a small refugium too, not necessarily for the benefits, more for just a challenge and aesthetics. I have 2 options, I could use one of the unused back chambers and put a light in it which I think I could grow chaeto and a mangrove. Would...
  11. shiftline

    Build Thread ReefDudes JellyFish Art Nano Journey

    I have now been keeping jellyfish for 6 months and love the little guys, I find them extremely relaxing and super easy to care for. In order to help other aspiring JellyFish keepers I decided to start a How-to jellyfish series where I walk through all the needed information to successfully...
  12. shiftline

    Win a JellyFish Art Nano Tank!!!!!

    Do you guys want to win a JellyFish Tank? I just hit 1k subscribers on my Saltwater Reefing channel and wanted to throw a contest as a way to say Thank You! Check out the video for contest details: Good Luck!
  13. P

    Upside down jellyfish - sand vs marbles?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the place I should be asking this, but I recently took a visit to my local aquarium and noticed the upside down jellies on marbles. I'll try to attach a picture..(this is my first time posting here so I'm still trying to figure out how to use it). I guess my...
  14. AquaNerd

    JellyTank is a new Startup Nice looking tank for $200.00 and it includes everything needed to get the tank setup. $25.00 more gets you 4 small jellyfish.
  15. DRThompson

    FMAS February 2017 Meeting

    Date: February 28th, 2017 Location: South Plantation High School1300 Paladin Way, Plantation, Florida 33317 Speaker: Jon Norris Topic: Jellyfish Learn all about keeping a Jellyfish tank. Jon will talk about their basic biology and needs and the ease of keeping them at home. Speaker bio: My...
  16. 2Shainz

    Build Thread ShaLin's Jellyfish Art Nano Tank Journey

    So by "popular" demand I am sitting down to document my journey parenting my 3 Moon Jellies: Boris, Ouchy, and Deadpool. Boris Deadpool (Bottom Right) Ouchy I have always been fascinated by jellyfish...except for when I have been stung by them in the Florida waterways kneeboarding and on the...
  17. 2Shainz

    ShaLin Intro and BioCube "Rebirth" Build Link

    Hey Reefers! I'm ShaLin and located in STL. I'm a newbie to the hobby having started with my Biocube 29G in July 2016. I also have a Jellyfish Art Nano tank with 3 Moon Jellies in it. Thinking about creating a thread on my Jelly Tank and experience with it and the mods I have done. I did create...