mixing station

  1. Bepis

    making my own Saltwater Mixing Station

    Hello peeps, just wanted to get everyones thoughts on this. I have two 32 g brute trashcans that I've drilled holes in for bulkheads, I then bought all the plumbing and a hydor seltz d 1000. I have all the necessary valves, float switch, and BRS RODI system. PS needed this for entry in giveaway.
  2. Billldg

    Large Build Bills CDA 225 gal 72x30x24 tank upgrade/Dream Tank!!!

    Well, today is the day. I finalized my order and put a down payment on what will be my dream tank. I ordered a Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal tank along with metal stand. Below is what I plan on installing in the tank. Tank and stand: Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal 72x30x24 tank with...
  3. J

    Build Thread Time to revisit the reef after 15 years - Adding salt water to the fish room (build out)

    A little late starting this, but after 15 years I finally decided to try reefing again. Currently set up in the fish room are 15 freshwater tanks (really 16). Swore I wasn't going to go down the reef path again, but it was always there tempting me. So after months of debating and catching up on...
  4. ReefSentinel

    Large Build ReefSentinel’s 200g Mini Barrier Reef build.

    Hello All & welcome to my build thread Following many hours of research over the past 6-12mths, watching many Youtube channels (BRS, fishofhex, Saltwater Aquarium etc) and following some great build threads here I am jumping in to share on my reef build journey. You are all welcome to join the...
  5. Tkipl

    Build Thread New Peninsula Build (P650)

    Just taken delivery of a Red Sea P650 .. thought i'd start a thread to track my progress Gradually pulling together the equipment - countdown to first water in ~2 weeks! Room prep - new tile floor: Mixing station prep - slabs down: Water tanks and plumbing on it's way: P650 has...
  6. GlassMunky

    HELP!! Heater Shattered In Mixing Station. Brown Powder Everywhere

    So I just had the weirdest thing happen.... I was walking outside to go check on the garden as we just planted some new tomatoes over the weekend and as I walked out my garage, where my Saltwater Mixing Station is located, I heard 3 LOUD BANGS!!! Almost as if someone was pounding on the...
  7. Seanbugeja

    Mixing station plumbing help!

    Hey all. A little question about my mixing station. Currently designing it. I intend to set up 3 reservoirs one with rodi, 2 with salt mix to be connected to my auto aqua awc (auto water changer). I'll be doing daily water changes of 10 litres (650 litre aquarium). I need two tanks with salt...
  8. Austin Lee

    Need splitter for Washing Machine Valve

    Hi all, I am working on setting up my RO/DI unit in my laundry room at my apartment. I've been looking around for a non-copper Y valve for my washing machine cold water valve. I've found them for garden hoses but am not sure if those will work. Any ideas/suggestions?
  9. My 50 gallon Saltwater Mixing Station Video

    My 50 gallon Saltwater Mixing Station Video

    Bare with me on the quality since it was done on my IPHONE. Please Feel free to hit the subscribe button so we can stay connected. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZVSZtsb3-MYAih1QoKMqRw?view_as=subscriber


  11. 50 GALLON mixing Station + 6 Stage RODI

    50 GALLON mixing Station + 6 Stage RODI

    2 25 gallon Ace Moto storage vertical containers including a booster pump and a 6 stage RODI with a 2nd membrane upgrade. When doing the upgrade you double your production in product water and produce a lot less waste water so you don't burn through your filters
  12. SuncrestReef

    Build Thread SuncrestReef's Red Sea Reefer XL 425 build

    Tank status as of Oct 2019: (original build thread begins below: ) --- After months of planning, I'm finally ready to start my official build thread. This will be my first aquarium, so please be patient with me as I'm completely new to this hobby. A couple weeks ago I first joined R2R and...
  13. Giraffe0621

    RODI/Saltwater Mixing Station - dual pumps, heater, Norwesco tanks, etc. Milford, CT

    -Twin 35 gallon Norwesco containers, each independent of one another with dual RO/DI feeds, dual Quiet One 4000 pumps -Control Board with: -Switches for RODI and salt pumps -Switch for the included Finnex 150w digital heater -Switch for the included Korallia circulator pump...
  14. FLSharkvictim

    Ace Roto 25 Gallon Vertical Storage Containers

    Finally, after 5 weeks, my 25-gallon vertical storage containers have arrived w/ lids & pre-installed Sch 80 Bulkheads! Time to start working on my new design for my #SaltwaterMixingStation! TANK INFO: 120 MIXED REEF
  15. haanstang

    Blue line 70 HD

    I just picked up a like new blue line/ pan world 70 HD for a steel. I already have a jecod/jeabo Dct 9000 for my return pump. I'm wanting to use it for a mixing station pump which will be in the garage. So I will use it to pump FSW and top off water to the fish room 25' away and up 4'. It's...