nano reef

  1. rmiller7891

    Lighting for 20G cube?

    Hello, this is my first time posting on here. I am looking into upgrading my existing lighting on my Waterbox 20 gallon cube. I am currently running a old outdated LED fixture with a single supplemental actinic T5 bulb. I was thinking about a radion xr15 gen 4 pro, but it might be overkill. I...
  2. TLudwig

    Chalk basslet and...?

    I started this 10 gallon nano tank about a week ago and just put in my first invert, an emerald crab. Eventually I am going to add corals and/ or anemones, but first I want to add fish. I’ve spent time researching my options and I want to go with a chalk basslet. Is there any other tank mates I...
  3. H

    Corals dying?

    Okay, here goes nothing, I'm so new to this and I ask that you be kind because I'm frustrated and confused. I read somewhere that everyone needs to know absolutely everything about the tank and the way I'm running it, so I'll try my best. So, about 2 weeks ago now I noticed my torch coral in...
  4. BloopFish

    Nano Build BloopFish's Hodge Podge Reef Fluval Nano 13.5g

    Was meaning to make a thread of the timeline of my nano tank for a while... Initial Wish List: 2 Pom pom crabs 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp 1 Emerald Crab 1 Halloween hermit crab 1 Bumblebee shrimp 1 Anemone shrimp (like a Pederson's) October 3...
  5. O

    Weird copper test

    I got a new test kit for my reef tank and after testing my water it says my copper is between 30 and 100 I’m not sure what this means as everything I’ve been seeing online is measuring copper in ppb
  6. Reef-Gang414

    Build Thread Cobalt C-Vue 26 AIO new build

    Equipment: 1) Cobalt Cvue 26g 2) AI hydra 26 hd 3) Tunze 9001DC skimmer 4) 2 Jebao wave makers Set up the tank about three weeks ago and have been working through the initial cycle. Went Marco dry rock and some live sand that seemed to take a while to jump start. Tossed a bottle of Dr...
  7. Edward A Nasco

    AIO Build Present Look Of My Fusion - 40

    This is my Fusion 40 as of 09.02.2019. I'm focusing on mostly keeping LPS, SPS, including Acropora's, but don't mine a few softies. Eddie of Eddie's Reef Aquaria(My YouTube Channel)
  8. R

    Nano Build The Fluval Evo 13.5: The Full Journey

    Hello! I am new to saltwater and to this forum, however I have done extensive research on the hobby and have decided to setup a fluval evo 13.5. This will be a thread following the progress of the tank, which I recently bought for only $60. For stocking, I was thinking a few easy corals and a...
  9. ahaas248

    15 gallon nano reef tips!

    I have a 15 gallon nano reef, running 2 kessil a80’s over it (1 on its way in the mail) with spectral controller. Running a icecap gyre 1k around the back just to clear up detritus. For filtering I have a reef glass protein skimmer, and I have an aquaclear 70 with the ocean box designs surface...
  10. Charlie117

    Nano Build New reef questions

    Hello all! So I used to have a reef tank and had a very “text book” cycle, ammonia rises, then nitrite, then nitrate, then a big diatom bloom and a die off. This time around I had the same chemistry, but no diatoms, it went straight to a dusting of green algae. It’s been about two months and a...
  11. Jeremy Chatham

    Mississippi Full 29 Gallon For Reef Setup

    I am trying to get rid of a 29 gallon, stand, and hood with all components needed to setup for saltwater. Includes: Overflow, Custom Built Sump{1approx:11-17 gallon (}, t5 built into the hood. This setup would be a great startup aquarium tank for someone interested to get into...
  12. Fishbike13

    15g nano reef-initial thoughts?

    SO ive been keeping a few FW tanks (african cichlids and a planted blood parrot tank) for a few years, and lately they have booth been spawning pretty often which tells me the fish are quite happy, so i decided to dive into the saltwater side for real this time. i have this 15 gallon tank and...
  13. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Top 10 Nano Reefer Mistakes

    VIDEO: Top 10 Nano Reefer Mistakes Avoid these common pratfalls to ensure your nano reef is a success!
  14. Peach02

    Build Thread Peach02’s 33G Reef

    Current photo of tank (last updated 2/5/20 DD/MM/YY) Progress pics 28/1/19 6/2/19 10/3/19 19/3/19 31/3/19 13/4/19 24/4/19 9/6/19 4/8/19 16/8/19 7/9/19 18/9/19 10/10/19 4/12/19 6/12/19 14/12/19 1/1/20 19/1/20 1/2/20 10/2/20 2/5/20 I messed up my first build...
  15. Boloyong

    Nano Build Bolo SPS Reef 22 gallon

    Hello dears! Here is my little sps reef))) I apologize for my English, I write through an interpreter 60х30х36cm 8mm optivait display, mine Remote with Herbie overflow SAMP 50х27х40cm 3 compartments: protein skimmer, refugium, return pump A Protein Skimmer Deltec 1350 Vortech MP10w current pump...
  16. WuzzoFish

    Nano Build Wuzzo's First Reef

    Hello and welcome to this thread! This is my first tank and I had a super, super tight budget for it so sorry if I do something wrong! I am also new to this and have only had this tank for maybe a month or two.
  17. coralfish12g

    Private Tour of The Long Island Aquarium (VIDEO)

    NEW VIDEO: (Episode 2) of my East Coast Series is up! Special thanks to Joe and the Long Island Aquarium for giving us this amazing experience. I truly believe this is one of, if not the best reef aquarium in the world. 20,000 gallons completely loaded with coral and fish. I've been to NY many...
  18. AcroNem

    Build Thread My .3 Gallon Reef

    It's ironic that the first time I actually make a thread about my own system it would be something tiny. A lot of you know that I'm a saltwater aquarist at a public aquarium, so I work on systems like this 5k gallon reef I also have my personal 150g and 250g coral propagation flat (flat is...
  19. coralfish12g

    I cloned my nano reef?! (video)

    All good things must come to an end... meaning it was time for my mustache to go :( Luckily I was able to set up a new tank to help the healing process. It is nearly identical to my current one with a couple of practical upgrades. Check out the video here:
  20. W

    Nano Build Wisdom's 10g SPS Dominant Reef

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here! Gonna post some progress on my 10g SPS dominant reef tank. Been up and running for a few months now. Instagram: @wisdom.reefer Standard 10g - Bahamas Oolite Sand Light - Coral Box Moon LED Plus Flow - 150gph HOB, 425gph & 240gph Hydor Korlias HOB has...
  21. Zack Pedersen

    Nano Build Nano Tank Brands and Models

    Hello Everyone! I have been out of the hobby for quite some time now. I started with a 30 gallon 6 years ago, upgraded to a 90 gallon 5 years ago, and sold it all 3 years ago. I have seen quite a few new nano tanks on the market, and have seen one nano tank in particular that caught my eye...
  22. RealReefer

    AIO Build Real Reefer's 5g AIO DIY

    Helo fellow reefers! Hope you are well. Some awesome setups here. True inspirations. I would like to share with all of you my new 5g AIO DIY build. The Reef : 300mm (l) x 350mm (w) x 300mm (h) - Water level 270mm AIO box: 300mm (l) x 80mm (w) x 300mm (h). 1. Overflow chamber: 50W heater and...
  23. Curryb15

    Nano Build Nuvo 10 build

    hello all I’m venturing into the world of Nano reefs ! I have a 50 gallon cube that you can check out on my build thread. So here it goes ...... Tank is a nuvo 10 gallon aio! This will be my wife’s tank as she wanted to have a little something of her own to take care of. By take care of I mean...
  24. R

    Nano Build MH over Nuvo Fusion 20

    Anyone running MH over there 20 or other nano reef? I just hung mine and have it set at 150w but am trying to figure out how high to hang it above the water. I'm not worried about heat or evaporation right now since the tank is empty and I am going to have to make adjustments accordingly...
  25. coralfish12g

    Floating Coral in a Reef Tank (VIDEO)

    AYO! Seriously interested to know what you guys think of this tank? Personally, I think it's creative and awesome, however I have seen some people hate on it saying the aquascape is not for them :/ Thoughts? (details on this tank are in the YouTube description, just click on the video link)