nano reef

  1. coralfish12g

    Floating Coral in a Reef Tank (VIDEO)

    AYO! Seriously interested to know what you guys think of this tank? Personally, I think it's creative and awesome, however I have seen some people hate on it saying the aquascape is not for them :/ Thoughts? (details on this tank are in the YouTube description, just click on the video link)
  2. moses reef

    New reef advice please!

    Hey guys I just got into the reef game again after a few failed attempts. I am finally at the point where I can throw a little bit of money at the tank and I am really wanting to create a reef. I can only have a 5 gal due to housing restrictions and i know this might make things harder but im...
  3. Tankster86

    Will travel for coral

    I live in Concord, but the company I work for provides me with the opportunity to travel all over NC, VA, and SC. I have been in the fish keeping hoby for about 7 years now, but I started my first Nano reef in February of this year. Currently, I have a small Bam Bam orange zoanthid colony, it's...
  4. Ryan@ShelteredReef

    Nano Build Fluval 6g Edge Revival

    A little background; I had this setup back in college and kept a pretty successful tank with primarily SPS along with hammers and zoas. Even with it being moved to and from the dorms every few weeks in line with breaks, I had decent growth and color. After graduation, I gave the tank to my...
  5. Megan Smith

    Fluval Edge 12 gal nano reef tips

    Hi Guys I recently got a 12 gallon fluval that i would love to make a reef. Im trying to figure out the best filtration method for this nano because i am limited on space with the 6 inch opening and the shape. I saw a video on the marine pack on youtube that is a cool filtration system for...
  6. Reefer805

    Build Thread 29 gallon reef tank build.

    So I'm one week into my first ever build. Equipment Tank- aqueon 29 gallon Filter- Aquaclear 110 HOB, intank media basket Skimmer- Tunze 9001 in HOB filter. PowerHead- 2 koralia 425 nano, 1 aqueon 750 Heater- Hydor 100w in HOB filter Lighting- soon to be ecotech 72DX Media used- floss...
  7. phytofish

    Remember your very first reef tank?

    Looking back at my first reef tank a couple years ago, a 29 gallon from petco with a HOB filter, a $10 heater and two $8 powerheads from Amazon.. This tank had no business even keeping the hardiest of fish alive! I had no idea what I was doing! How did I grow coralline all over the rocks...
  8. Mariners

    Nano Build Opinions on leds lights for jbj 28 g nano

    hi everyone, I was hoping for advice on led lights. I have the jbj 28 g nano and i was considering removing the stock canopy and replacing w a clear lid. The leds i was looking at includes: 1) aqua illumination prime hd $225 2) aqua hydra 26 $349 3) aquatic life halo deluxe reef fixture...
  9. Angelo Fatica

    AIO Build What do you guys think of my nano reef?

    This is my Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Gallon AIO tank. Started it up about a year or so ago, but it's not my first reef tank ;). All the coral started from little frags, so there is at least a healthy growth to some extent. Im not a guy to use aquarium controllers and high-tech type of...
  10. kanders87

    Nano Build 6.25 Arc Nano Reef Build

    Hi all! I am setting up a new nano reef to transfer everything from my Evolve 8 into. I wanted a tank that was longer vs square like the 8. So, I got the Imagitarium Arc 6.25 gallon bowfront glass aquarium. It's an AIO, but I plan on modifying some of it. For starts, I'll be replacing the stock...
  11. Robin Haselden

    Nano Build Turtle's 14g SPS Nano Build.

    Hey guys, never done a build thread. I'm getting ready to start up a IM 14g peninsula nano, and I thought I would share my progress with you. I bought this tank because because I had purchased a Biota coral beauty angelfish online, not realizing exactly how small it is. I thought, "Ok, 1⅛"...
  12. P

    Build Thread Nemo's Reef by P Sherman

    Hey guys, After recently moving from 42 Wallaby Way to our new home we decided to build a 'small' saltwater aquarium to learn a little about science and keep a clownfish or two. I have never had an aquarium before so this is my first attempt to recreate about 2 cubic feet of the south Pacific...
  13. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    About two months ago I bought an algae scrubber from Santa Monica filtration (Drop 1.4). I have had it running and am getting ZERO growth except for some nasty slightly brown goo. In my tank however I am getting a very small amount of green hair algae. Any advice on how to get the growth in the...
  14. MidwestReefer

    Using Carbon?

    hello everyone. I was told today at my LFS that I shouldn't/ don't need to run carbon on my tank all the time.. but only when, and or if I need it. My tank is 13.5 gl, 12 working gallons, with 1.5 gl sump, and holds about 10gl after water displacement. im finishing up cycling the tank, and will...
  15. Nano Reef Q

    Nano Build GFO bag in the skimmer? Yes No Maybe

    I am out of room in my Fluval Evo 13.5 - I currently stick my GFO bag in the compartment with pump since that gets most flow probably. So I am looking at all the turbulence in the middle of the stock skimmer & wondered---"hey what if I stuck the bag there?!" Definitely more water movement! Has...
  16. Gloryofthereef

    Build Thread Glory's 36 gal SPS bow

    After 7 long and un-utilized years without an aquarium set up, I have at long last settled into a new home that I don't plan on leaving any time soon. During our housewarming party, a friend offered her old 36 gallon aquarium/stand. I gladly accepted it with grand plans of doing a freshwater...
  17. NanoKaren

    Build Thread JBJ 28g Nanocube - 1 year old

    Hey guys. My tank is turning a year old this week. My maintenance routine is 15% weekly water changes with sand "vacuuming" and glass cleaning. I run an Eshopps nano skimmer for additional filtration and just recently began running Chemipure Blue and GFO to help with water quality. I'm running...
  18. zen37

    Nano Build Tran-Quility Reef // Fusion 20

    Hi fellow reefer friends, just wanted to share my Fusion 20 adventure with you all. Thanks for for joining :) EQUIPMENT: -Innovative Marine Fusion 20 -Upgraded return pump // Sicce 1.5 -Jabeo RX8 powerhead -Cobalt Neotherm 75w heater -Upgraded media baskets -Ecotech XR 15 with arm mount -Finnex...
  19. Zwogle

    Nano Build 33 Gallon Custom all-in-one

    Dementions: 16x16x30 Equipment: OceanRevive Arctic-T247 Smart ATO- Micro Via Aqua 305 Water Pump Aquatic Life 115 Skimmer Filtration Marine Pure balls and one 1" block Live stock 2 Firefish Stary blenny Shrimp goby Hi fin goby pistol shrimp PJ cardinal (obligatory first fish) Clean up crew...
  20. Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway

    Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway

    Happy New Year Red Sea MAX NANO Giveaway Sponsored by and The contest is pretty simple and easy to enter! HOW TO ENTER 1. Subscribe to the Red Sea Reefer Contest Email List Here and confirm the subscription. 2. LIKE the Red Sea Facebook Page Here 3. Go to the Red...
  21. Narzyzz_12

    AIO Build Slice of the Reef

    Tank: Biocube 29 Lights:AI Hydra 52 HD (Best LED in the Market) Pumps: Stock Return Pump Jeboa PP-8 Sicce ??? Heater: Cobalt Aquatic Neotherm 100 watt ATO:Me will be adding one soon Filtration: Filter Floss, Purigen, Chemipure Elite inside a Intank media basket Aquamaxx...
  22. Sandroni

    distilled water for my nano startup?

    Hi, I was wondering since i don't have an RODI system, could i use distilled? I heard that i shouldn't because some components aren't broken down all the way. but i would love to know your guys opinion on it! :p:p
  23. ClowninAround386

    Air bubbles?

    I'm not sure if it is sand particles or small air bubbles circulating through my tank. I am not sure if this is normal for salt water tanks, if anyone could help or tell me what this is that would be greatly appreciated! (I am new to salt water tanks) This is a 13.5 gallon tank with ~7 lbs of...
  24. Cerulean

    Build Thread Renee's Year-old 4 gal. Pico

    Here is my 4.3 gal rimless Pico. It's been up for around a year at this point. *sorry to the videography forum followers, this is where I meant to post lol :/ Equipment: Aquarium: Deep Blue 10x10 Rimless Cube and a cut-glass lid Hang-on-back: I can't remember, it's been awhile Lighting...
  25. 3lusive

    Nano Build 30q

    Wasn't getting any traffic in the Cube section, so I figured I would move to where the Nano peeps hang out. FTS: 11/01/2016 Specs: UNS 30Q NanoBox Mini Tide 3 Stage Canister Filter (floss / carbon - purigen / Seachem Matrix) Hydor 200w inline Heater Smart ATO Micro w/ Avast...
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