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  1. nanonøkk

    nano tank fish

    ok so i was looking at my tank and i think it probably needs a fish it’s only a 10 gal i used to have a clownfish but she became very very aggressive twards me to the point she wouldn’t stop biting me every time i put my hand in the tank so i decided to sell her so now i’m trying to figure out...
  2. R

    Blenny ID?

    Didn’t know if this belonged in critter ID or fish discussion, so here I am. I had my first reef tank about 4 years ago (has been broken down since) and found this photo of a blenny I had, and wasn’t able to identify it. Any thoughts? It was sold as a rhino blenny, but was obviously not that. Is...
  3. L

    Acclimating mollies and other fish to saltwater

    Does anyone have any tips to acclimate mollies and guppies to saltwater? I also have a question if I could acclimate other fish to saltwater. I was thinking bumblebee gobies and knight gobies. My tank is a 20gallon so nano fish only!
  4. D

    Nuvo 20 from the dead

    Hey reef2reef, a lot has happened since I was last active 3 months, but imma take it back about 3 years. About three years ago I got into the idea of having a saltwater tank and after saving all my money for about 6 months and I purchased a tank, rock, sand, heater, and quarantine tank set up as...
  5. AlexChef

    Slow to No LPS Growth

    I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on why my LPS and zoas are showing very slow growth. I have a Fluval Evo with an AI prime light. I just got Seifert tests in the mail today to test all my levels. I am currently dosing 2 part 1.25ml of B Ionic 2 part. This tank has been running...
  6. X

    Seachem tidal and corals

    I'm about to make the jump from freshwater. After almost a years research I have finally decided to dive in. I want to do a reef nano tank, with mostly corals. My knowledge on them is limited although I will always study anything before buying it. I have bought a 150 ltr (40 G?) Tank. A sump is...
  7. Wutero

    Nano Build My 5gal Nano reef !

    I have had this 5g reef tank set up for about 2 years now and im honestly loving the results im getting from it. Just thought i’d show it off :) Its a AJ-40 with a colbalt mini MJ (i think 404) in the back. The light I use is a Kessil A80 set at 100% blue. I don’t run any carbon or dose any...
  8. S

    Build Thread Seaescape's Aquatic 24G Nano and 5G Pico

    I have been out of the hobby for 8 years and decided I missed my thank way too much. So I have done what every normal hobbyist does, go with two tanks HAHAHA! I used to have a Red Sea Max modified with a Sump, and loved it. There was also a 75 gallon that I had, but the nano tank for whatever...
  9. reefmasterdomi

    Your Nano Reef Aquarium!

    Hi, I want to see all of your guys’ nano reef tanks!! Please post pics if you have a tiny reef :) This is my Fluval spec iii turned marine aquarium. The only thing I changed was the light to a Kessil A80. Cheers!
  10. nano/reef/newbie

    Nano Reef 35 Aqua One/NEED HELP Neewbie

    please help i I am A complete novice and haven’t got a clue what to add to my tank. I will add pictures I would like a few fish (clown fish)and four coal maybe more if I can fit in the tank please tell me if it’s just a good job I’ve done at making it look nice but not so good for the fish and...
  11. BigOunce11

    Help with dinos in fluval evo

    Hi all, in January I set up my fluval evo, all going well, other than the dinos i am currently watching fester. From what Ive read, the solution seems to be to raise phosphate and nitrate, mine currently being 2ppm nitrate and 0.1ppm phosphate, however am unsure of the best way to do this with...
  12. Full Tank Shot

    Full Tank Shot

    Full shot under blown out blues of my Biocube 29.
  13. Aqua Splendor

    Nano Build ༺ ᴀq͎ᴜᴀ ꜱᴘʟᴇɴᴅᴏʀ - ɴᴀɴᴏ ʀᴇᴇꜰ ༻

    I'm super excited to finally enter in my first Aquarium competition, it's a competition on "365 Day Challenge", I always wanted to participate in this kind of event, this time the timing is good . I wanted to show my aquarium also on Reef2Reef so everyone can see it. My name is...
  14. ahaas248

    Do you consider a tank above 30 gallons to be nano?

    Why are tanks above 30 gallons considered “nano”. I feel like that needs to be changed because calling 30, 35, or 40 gallon tanks nano Just seems very not right. They are not nano at all in my opinion, the cost of setting them up is especially not nano. What do you think?
  15. JoshO

    Build Thread JoshO's Nano Reef

    OVERVIEW: Aquarium: Fluval Evo 13.5 MODIFIED Light: AI Prime 16HD Wavemaker: Jebao RW-4 Salt: Tropic Marin Pro-Reef (1.026) Filter Media: Chamber 1 - Floss Pad, Foam pad, Maxspect Nano Spheres Chamber 2 - Heater, Return pump, Carbon Temp Controller: D-D Temperature Controller Heater: Aquael...
  16. rmiller7891

    Lighting for 20G cube?

    Hello, this is my first time posting on here. I am looking into upgrading my existing lighting on my Waterbox 20 gallon cube. I am currently running a old outdated LED fixture with a single supplemental actinic T5 bulb. I was thinking about a radion xr15 gen 4 pro, but it might be overkill. I...
  17. TLudwig

    Chalk basslet and...?

    I started this 10 gallon nano tank about a week ago and just put in my first invert, an emerald crab. Eventually I am going to add corals and/ or anemones, but first I want to add fish. I’ve spent time researching my options and I want to go with a chalk basslet. Is there any other tank mates I...
  18. H

    Corals dying?

    Okay, here goes nothing, I'm so new to this and I ask that you be kind because I'm frustrated and confused. I read somewhere that everyone needs to know absolutely everything about the tank and the way I'm running it, so I'll try my best. So, about 2 weeks ago now I noticed my torch coral in...
  19. BloopFish

    Nano Build BloopFish's Hodge Podge Reef Fluval Nano 13.5g

    Was meaning to make a thread of the timeline of my nano tank for a while... Initial Wish List: 2 Pom pom crabs 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp 1 Emerald Crab 1 Halloween hermit crab 1 Bumblebee shrimp 1 Anemone shrimp (like a Pederson's) October 3...
  20. O

    Weird copper test

    I got a new test kit for my reef tank and after testing my water it says my copper is between 30 and 100 I’m not sure what this means as everything I’ve been seeing online is measuring copper in ppb
  21. Reef-Gang414

    Build Thread Cobalt C-Vue 26 AIO new build

    Equipment: 1) Cobalt Cvue 26g 2) AI hydra 26 hd 3) Tunze 9001DC skimmer 4) 2 Jebao wave makers Set up the tank about three weeks ago and have been working through the initial cycle. Went Marco dry rock and some live sand that seemed to take a while to jump start. Tossed a bottle of Dr...
  22. Edward A Nasco

    AIO Build Present Look Of My Fusion - 40

    This is my Fusion 40 as of 09.02.2019. I'm focusing on mostly keeping LPS, SPS, including Acropora's, but don't mine a few softies. Eddie of Eddie's Reef Aquaria(My YouTube Channel)
  23. R

    Nano Build The Fluval Evo 13.5: The Full Journey

    Hello! I am new to saltwater and to this forum, however I have done extensive research on the hobby and have decided to setup a fluval evo 13.5. This will be a thread following the progress of the tank, which I recently bought for only $60. For stocking, I was thinking a few easy corals and a...
  24. ahaas248

    15 gallon nano reef tips!

    I have a 15 gallon nano reef, running 2 kessil a80’s over it (1 on its way in the mail) with spectral controller. Running a icecap gyre 1k around the back just to clear up detritus. For filtering I have a reef glass protein skimmer, and I have an aquaclear 70 with the ocean box designs surface...
  25. Charlie117

    Nano Build New reef questions

    Hello all! So I used to have a reef tank and had a very “text book” cycle, ammonia rises, then nitrite, then nitrate, then a big diatom bloom and a die off. This time around I had the same chemistry, but no diatoms, it went straight to a dusting of green algae. It’s been about two months and a...
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