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  1. newreef1

    EMERGENCY Ich Again!!!!

    Guys my tank once crashed because of Ich and I lost everything. I cleaned the entire tank out and restarted. I QT my first batch of fish and everything was fine. I got more fish on Thursday and they were put in QT. Someone in my family, put the fish because they looked OK in the main DT today...
  2. SaltyShel

    Build Thread First Tank - 16gal BioCube!

    Hey everyone! This is my very first saltwater tank and I’m so excited. I have always wanted one! A little background, it’s a 16gal BioCube, previously owned. My dad got it for me, since he decided to downsize his 32gal (which he still hasn’t done yet lol), and didn’t change the rock, sand, or...
  3. newreef1

    New Tank first time ever

    Good afternoon everyone. I had saved up money and after successfully passing my finals last semester decided to gift myself a new tank. I had a 55 gallon freshwater tank which I replaced with a Red Sea 750XXL unaware of all the details and how much goes into a reef tank, I now feel stupid and...
  4. Neon Aquatics

    Toadstool mushroom extraction. Need suggestions

    Hello everyone, I am in need of some suggestions on how to remove a giant 14”-16” head toadstool that has taken over my tank. It is shading out all of my other corals, and it is time to go so I can move on with my reef in a new direction. It has attached most of its body to the rock work, and I...
  5. #R_TST

    ADVISE? stocking 32.5gal Fluval Flex

    Noob here. I’m doing my fish planning while I wait for my tank to arrive this week. I want to make sure I have decided on my livestock so I can be sure to take their habitats into consideration when I build my rock formation and start cycling my tank. Getting the 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex and...
  6. Tobiaks

    Fish list compatibility and validity

    Hi everyone, I have a 50g tank with a 2 inch sand bed and sump with a fuge. I’m thinking of getting the following inhabitants for it. Can I get help ensuring that there are no issues here? Not overstocked or have incompatible inhabitants? 2 clowns 1 firefish 1 six line wrasse 1 starry blenny 1...
  7. R

    Hello Just Ordered My First Tank

    Hi everyone, My name is Tyson and I’m from Austin, TX. I’m also about to graduate from UT Austin. After having freshwater tanks for many years, I finally decided to start a saltwater tank with a new Waterbox Peninsula 25 that I ordered on their Blue Friday special. I’m looking for advice on...
  8. Piscean_Introvert

    Nitrites Rising

    Hi all, So I recently completed the cycling of my first tank and added a couple clownfish and a couple of snails, however it appears my nitrites are climbing back up slowly, any suggestions as to the cause? Other than water changes, is there anything I can do?
  9. W

    Does this anemone look healthy

    It’s a black widow anemone that is hoasting a maroon clown fish. It has been in the tank for about 2 day and I also have another anemone in the tank that is really healthy could it be that the clownfish is being to hard with it
  10. Duncan98

    Beginner Corals and Good CUCs

    What are some good CUCs and beginner corals I should be looking at? I have a 25g lagoon with two clowns just introduced to the tank. Looking to get a CUC in there in about a week or so. I was thinking of getting a goby, and maybe a cleaner shrimp and/or a couple of snails. On the topic of...
  11. OllieGreen

    Hello Hi! Anyone Have Advice For My New Nano Tank?

    Hi! I'm new to reefing (but I've been interested in it forever) and am just starting up my first nano tank. I'm really excited and ill be putting everything together in the next few days. I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on my tank and let me know of anything that i'm...
  12. W

    Is this torch splitting

    Torch splitting??? And also is this indo torch
  13. gidelgadojr

    Just bought 65 gallon used tank

    Bought a 65 gallon tank that was running for a year, but the owner got a bigger one and gave me this with everything included, but lights and stand. I build my own stand replaced the piping because it needed a touch up. I filled it with freshwater everything runs smoothly. I’m putting in the...
  14. Reefing_addiction

    I’m slightly forgetful please help

    So I recently purchased 3 corals but my brain refuses to let me remember what they are. I should have written it down before I left my LFS guess I was to excited! Please help! I’m pretty sure the one to the far right is a Zoa. The first pic will be of all three together and then I’ll crop them...
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    New candy canes help

    I just got these kryptonite candy canes a few days ago. They split between the pollops after bringing them home and now the tissue is receding. I’ve moved them higher in the tank where the flow is less and they’re about 8” directly below my light to get some good light. What can I do to help...
  16. BeagleBro52

    Need new light ASAP

    Hello, I have a 20H tank with a Green star polyp currently. Had a Fluval Marine 3.0 light with the Wifi adapter so I could preset time, intensity, and all normal needs. I recently ordered 2 corals (palys, and zoas) that will be here in about a week. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the light...
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