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  1. joefeets1

    New tank internal struggle

    So I am looking to get a new tank. I currently have a 20 gallon cube and 60 gallon cube but would like to upgrade to something bigger. I was originally planning on waiting a while to do this but the seams my 60 cube are starting to get questionable. I bought that tank used (for a steal) and...
  2. T

    40 Gallon Reef tank

    I am setting up a 40 gallon reef tank for my first tank and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on what I have so far that would be great I so far am planning on putting in a 1 Caribbean jewel damsel 2 Clowns 5 Super Nassarius snails 1 Emerald crab 1 peppermint shrimp Also...
  3. G

    Build Thread New Build RedSea Reefer XL 425

    After a 5 year hiatus from the hobby having previously owned a 250L reef, I have decided dive right back in with the RedSea reefer XL 425 still trying to fine tune the equipment list, but this is where I am so far 2 x redsea 160s redsea RSK-600 protein skimmer 2 x redsea reefwave 25s Reef...
  4. noobtanker

    Brigthwell Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

    Hello all, Please can I have some advise. I used Brightwells dry rock bacteria starter kit on my 425xl. I followed all instructions as given on the kit. Used dry rock, dry sand, all filtration systems are off or taken out etc etc. My readings have been as follows: DAYS AMONIA NITRITE...
  5. SaltyShel

    Build Thread First Tank - 16gal BioCube!

    Hey everyone! This is my very first saltwater tank and I’m so excited. I have always wanted one! A little background, it’s a 16gal BioCube, previously owned. My dad got it for me, since he decided to downsize his 32gal (which he still hasn’t done yet lol), and didn’t change the rock, sand, or...
  6. GhostInTheShell

    Why is my Alk dropping independently of other parameters?

    The alkalinity in my tank seems to be dropping steadily (about .1 dKH/day) independent of the other parameters. All parameters are tested daily because my humans are new to reefing and want to understand how everything works together. The other parameters remain relatively steady at: Temp...
  7. GhostInTheShell

    Hello Hi, I’m Ghost

    Hello reefers, My name is Ghost and I am a tiny marine hermit crab. One day in September I was just minding my own business, sifting Caribbean sand, when some loud divers thought my beautiful shell was empty and took it. Upon returning home and discovering my existence, they promptly set up a...
  8. Leon Gorani

    Still have algae with low nutrients and how reliable are Hannah phosphate checkers?

    Hi so I have a pretty new tank, only 5 months old about, and I have two things I am questioning. First, I had somewhat high phosphates in July they were about .48, and my nitrates have never been higher than 6ppm on my Red Sea test kit. But I have a lot of green hair algae, which I thought came...
  9. W

    Upgrading tank and need some stocking advice

    My brand new Red Sea max 650 is arriving on Friday, which will replace my first 55g tank. My current fish stock is 2 yellowtail damsels, a six line wrasse and two black percula clowns. Basically I have 5 ****** fish that will be moved into the new tank. I would like some advice on what fish...
  10. RiptideAquaculture

    I'm bored, let see your first coral you added to your reef!

    In my most recent Reef this is my first addition. Build thread coming soon. "Show me what you got!"
  11. 15aleo

    First saltwater tank

    Hello! I'm getting ready to set up my first saltwater tank. My husband has had large saltwater tanks in the past (75+gal) but I'm just trying to set up a 30gal for 2 clownfish, an anemone, maybe some shrimp, and a starfish. I'm not sure if/how much coral I might get as I still need to do more...
  12. S

    EMERGENCY Not Sure if Tank is cycled

    Hi All, I have started fishless cycling with Dr tim's in my 50G tank with Live sand and dry rock. It took about 3 weeks when I got 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrite. As suggested in other threads ,added 2ppm ammonia again just to confirm if my tank is actually cycled . And it took 4 days to get 0 again...
  13. GuilhermeLba

    Live stocking ideas! HELP MEEE

    Hello guys, I'm new to the saltwater world, and I would love to hear some suggestions about which fish should I put in my tank, I already have a pair of clownfish and a shy juvenile yellow watchman goby (hoping he gets a lil bit more brave as he grows, if you have any experience with that fish...
  14. Squeven

    Upgrade due to Aiptasia

    Hello All, I am upgrading from a BioCube 32 to a 75 gallon display with a 20 gallon sump. Finally got permission because my aiptasia problem is out of control. I am currently transferring fish to the new tank, and will start with coral soon. The problem I am running into is that I can’t seem to...
  15. D

    Is it save for corals

    Hello, am new to the saltwater hobby, my tank have been cycling for 12 days today, and my water parameters are ammonia: 0,2 ppm, NO2: 0,5 ppm and NO3: 10 ppm. Is it save to put in some soft corals? sorry if it is a stupid question
  16. B

    Nano Build Water for new nano tank?

    Hello, I set up a 15g nano tank last week to hold two fish sent by my son (firefish and a neon goby). I used two pieces of live rock that I purchased plus a sponge from my established 45g. 50% water from established tank and 50% new water The LFS said I could put the two fish in right away...
  17. C

    New Tank Fishless Cycle Issues

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker on this forum and recently got into the hobby (5 weeks marine, but 2 years freshwater). I set up my Red Sea Nano Max 75L 5 weeks ago with the included protein skimmer, Red Sea live sand, a couple of dry rocks, Marine Pure filter media spheres, and RODI water with...
  18. L

    Can you use 2 uv sterilizers?

    I'm currently working on getting a 165 gallon tank set up and am trying to do as much as I can to get it running smoothly now, rather than trying to catch up later. I'm not extremely familiar with UV sterilizers but I've yet to find anything about using 2 different ones to cover the...
  19. micahsoft

    Setting up quarantine. What do I need on hand?

    I have my Biocube 32 tank going now. Not much In it other than clean up crew and a tree coral that hitchhiked in. But after reading so many posts I’m starting to see the benifits of a quarantine tank. I originally wasn’t going to do one do to space limitations. I have very little room to run an...
  20. wvfeefkeeper80

    Algae and more algae

    So, I’m coming up on a year in June for my first tank and there have been so many ups and downs. The one down I just can’t seem to shake? Algae. I’ve improved filtration, flow, removed stock, reduced feeding and light exposure (time and intensity). I just can NOT shake the algae. A couple...
  21. jackalexander

    New Tank Syndrome

    I have been extremely patient going through my cycle and it’s been quite fun but I’m tired of it! Does anyone know when the different types of algae will start to disappear? my tank is 6-8 months old and my nitrate is sub 5 ppm. Also, how can I control green hair? it’s getting bad..
  22. M

    Yellow/White (stringy/gunk) Coating on Rock and Substrate - 1 Month Old Tank

    Hello! I will summarize at the end and provide photos if you don't want to read my initial tank journey from start to now, but here we go! I included the journey only because maybe there was a misstep I took that can explain things. Look for the colored markers if you want quick notes, and...
  23. D

    Please tell me we have something viable here ;Facepalm

    Hello all! I've been lurking for a couple days and figured it's about time to jump in and see if I can get some answers on my current situation. I inherited a saltwater tank that hasn't been used in years so my wife and I have been cleaning it up, restoring the stand and investing in making this...
  24. Davar93

    50 gallon stock list

    Hello everyone! I am looking to upgrade from my nano 30 to a 50 gallon cube. Here is what I have for my stock list for far. Please let me know what you think. The ones that say current are currently getting along in my tank. Thanks! 2 clowns (current) 3 chromis (1 current) Midas blenny...
  25. L

    New Reefer WaterBox Mini Penn 25 loves to see what y’all think

    Hello, I just signed up for this forum and I have been out of the saltwater aquarium game for 15years. I recently purchased a WaterBox Mini Peninsula 25 gallon for my birthday in January from worldwide coral and staff member Dre was very helpful. The tank has been set up for a month. I just...
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