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  1. R

    After months of research need HELP setting up my first 120 gallon saltwater tank

    Hi You ALL, I have been reading, watching youtube vids, reading more, watching more videos, day and night, home and at work. Pretty much the last 3 months i have been all about saltwater fish tanks. At first i was looking at buying a 50 gallon tank bc i read that its the best beginner tank...
  2. lazycouch

    good overflow box??

    hey everyone, i’m looking to start an under tank refugium for my 30 gallon but drilling is not an option. i was wondering if you can post some links or recommend good or the best overflow boxes for my size? thanks! the fuge will be somewhere between 10-20 gallons
  3. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Overflow/Return Pump Equilibrium Issues

    I am complete novice when it comes to sumps and plumbing. I have a 120g tank that's got a Trigger Emerald 34 Sump installed underneath it and a Reef Octopus Varios6 return pump. Since the tank is tempered glass, I have no choice but to go with the overflow method as a means of moving water to my...
  4. TheReefArchitect

    Pokpo Genesis External Overflow System

    Afternoon All, I thought a quick post regarding this product may help people with the same issues I faced. Having moved from a fully planted freshwater setup I was desperate to keep the original tank and stand (Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 900) 1. To save money 2. I like the overall appearance...
  5. P

    Basement floor unlevel= overflow weir unlevel. Help James Cameron. Or anyone

    I knew the basement floor was unlevel, it with my custom coast coast overflow *48 inch. i still am only getting 3/4 of the length letting water in. I believe the right side lowered 1/8 at the most would solve the problem. Unfortunately this is a custom design I did, and the overflow does not...
  6. nickkohrn

    Need Assistance with Plumbing Decision

    I am working on putting together a new frag system. It will consist of a 40-gallon breeder and a Bashsea Smart Series sump. The sump has three 1.5" drain connections, which is helpful as I intend to use a Bean Animal configuration. However, that is where I need your assistance as I decided to...
  7. 7

    California WTB ghost style overflow kit

    Need something in the 600 - 1000 GPH range. Not picky on brand, Modular Marine,Eshoppe, Fujicube, Synergy, Reef Savy. Let me know what you’ve got.
  8. Zachvet

    Need Sump/Refugium Advice

    I recently bought a drilled 125 and would like to build a sump/refugium under the tank. An overflow box is included that fell off the back of the tank so I cleaned all the old silicone off and plan to reattach it. Before I do, I want to get a good understanding of how the plumbing will work as...
  9. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee Brand New Skimz OB2500

    I just bought this skimz overflow box last week to convert my JBJ AIO, well I found another tank I bought so I dont need the overflow. Paid 99.99 for it, I called about sending it back but there is a 10% restocking fee, so I figure if I can get 75$ out of it I I save someone a little money
  10. danschoenherr

    ZooMed Low Boy frag tank - drilling questions

    I have a Zoo Med 50g Low Boy frag tank that I will be drilling. I have a custom made overflow box, similar to an Eshopps, that I plan on installing on one end with a single bulkhead. As for the return lines, which I am planning on using (2) 3/4" Loclines, one on each side of the overflow, is it...
  11. Lylelovett

    Enkamat to quiet a weir...

    Hey all, So I have the Synergy 16 Ghost Overflow and finally got it dialed in pretty good; it's nearly silent. But I was dealing with a noisy weir; seemingly coming from the water drop between the inner and outer box. I had adjusted the water level in the overflow as high as I could...
  12. Mical

    Minnesota Lifereef Overflow (Full Size) $85 shipped

    Lifereef Overflow (full size) w/standpipe - former owner made standpipe This design is recommended for aquariums up to 48" long or flow rates up to 600 gph.
  13. Rik

    Illinois Extra Items to Sell

    I will update with a few more items as I get a chance to take some more pics. Now that my tank build is complete, I have a few items I no longer need to hold on to. UPDATED 8/28/18 : Bashsea Bio Fuge 24-10-14 Sump - NEVER USED, BRAND NEW with box : $200 picked up in Chicagoland - $235 shipped...
  14. BellaD

    New Jersey In-Sump Protein Skimmers

    I had this protein skimmer on my 125 Gallon tank. I recently downsized to a 55 Gallon tank and bought a HOTB protein skimmer. I have two of these In-Sump protein skimmers that I would like to sell for $80.00 Each. I'm not a big fan of shipping, so for now these are Pick Up Only (Blairstown, New...
  15. Amadeux

    Florida Miscellaneous items for sale

    Selling the following items: $60 - 65 gal. Aqueon tank. Not drilled. $450 - Neptune Apex Classic. Includes Classic Apex Base Unit Controller, Apex Display Module, Long-life Temperature Probe, Energy Bar 8 and Lab Grade pH Probe. $50 - CPR Aquatics Deluxe CS50 external overflow box with lid and...
  16. B

    Multi-Tank Plumbing Advice

    I'm attempting to make some adjustments to a recent multi-tank system I'm working on. Essentially I have fish tanks vertically placed on a rack and I'm trying to figure out how to setup some of the plumbing. The tanks are all configured the same, internal overflow boxes on the left side...
  17. SaltySquid

    Issues with plumbing overflow for Nano tank

    This is from another post I started but hopefully someone can help me figure out a solution to this issue with my overflow not working:
  18. Be102

    Float switch in overflow?

    I was just thinking this might be a good idea to shut off my return pump if my overflow ever got backed up by anything. Would this work out? I have a varios 6 and was thinking about setting it up either in the display or the sump but thought the overflow would be best. Anyone ever run a float...
  19. S

    From Canister filter to sump. Help please

    Ok so I’m still new to this website and the hobbie. I have a 40 gallon saltwater tank.. Fish and live rock only.my tank is 4 feet high. I’ve been using a fluval canister filter and Im honestly fed up with canister filters and wanting to move to sumps. I have a diy 10 gallon fish tank made to a...
  20. S

    From Canister filter to sump. Help please

    Ok so I’m still new to this website and the hobbie. I have a 40 gallon saltwater tank.. Fish and live rock only.my tank is 4 feet high. I’ve been using a fluval canister filter and Im honestly fed up with canister filters and wanting to move to sumps. I have a diy 10 gallon fish tank made to a...
  21. Jeremy K.A.

    Safest HOB Overflow

    Hey R2R members I'm going to set up a 40 gallon breeder tank for frogfish and have a few other tanks, none of which have sumps etc, that being said I'd really like to do this one "right". I'd prefer not to drill the tank, and would rather use a HOB overflow, but have heard of them being a key...
  22. CodyRVA

    Eshopps Overflow Review?

    Looking at the Eshopps Eclipse Internal Overflow for a nano build, anyone have any experience with this overflow?
  23. Manaz101

    Eshopps PF‑300 Overflow

    Cleaning out my garage and have a never used Eshopps PF-300 Overflow box i purchased for a project and never used. It's been in the box since i bought it, never even seen water. Let me know for PayPal info. $50 Shipped or $40 local pickup (Orlando, FL).
  24. MarineDepot

    10% off Marine Depot Brand Products ❤

    10% off Marine Depot Brand Products ❤ Save on RO/DI and ATO systems, overflow boxes, and more!
  25. mk7169

    need help drilling

    Hi guys, I'm in Warminster 18974 and we just bought a 125 gallon tank. I would like to drill the overflow, but I have no experience with this. Is there anyone in the area who might be able to help ? Thanks in advance!