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  1. Mfield16

    Maryland Powerheads UV Drygoods Pentair 18W UV - 2x Gyre 2k's w/ Controller - Eclipse M Overflow Box - Maryland - Will Ship

    Pentair 18W with about 8 months on the bulb - Asking $180 plus shipping. The box is heavy and large so if we're going west coast, it could be pricey. 2x Icecap Gyre 2k with wifi controller and extra parts - Asking $140 shipped total for both and controller. Not really trying to break these up...
  2. E

    Internal vs. External Overflow

    I am new to this hobby and jumping in with both feet and am having a 48” x 18” x 24” / 90 gal acrylic aquarium made. I’ve started conversations with Clear Fabrications and Midwest Custom Aquariums, but would consider others if folks have strong recommendations. I had originally thought I’d...
  3. Doctorgori

    Ohio Aquariums Drygoods Free Aquarium 210 gallon and more

    It’s free (tank only) just get it out of my house. I have other aquariums (for free) but this one has to go first. It’s VERY large and heavy, you will need 4 strong people and a truck ( in basement ) Also have 55 gallon, 40 breeder and reef ready 60gallon with eshopps overflow. Any or all so...
  4. Troyer15

    Delaware Plumbing Drygoods Fijicube 800gph overflow box

    Brand new never used on a tank. 75 bucks takes it. They go for 150 new from fijicube. Comes with the fittings and bit to drill the aquarium. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal accepted
  5. J

    New York Plumbing Drygoods PF-800 HOB Overflow Eshopps - Shipping - $90

    Never used. Was purchased before I realized I was able to drill my tank. Will ship to buyer or will discount for local pickup.
  6. Mike T IL


    For a drain… When transitioning from 1.5” to 1” is it better to use a 1.5” to 1” bushing or should you gradually reduce with 1.5” to 1.25” bushing with a section of 1.25” pipe then a 1.25” to 1” bushing?
  7. Mike T IL

    External Overflow

    Currently have a 20" Synergy Reef Overflow purchased in 2020. I recently reached out to Synergy Reef for support and was told that they have discontinued the 20" models. What other external overflows are recommended that will fit the already drilled holes for my Synergy Reef Overflow. My tank...
  8. mcdrichj

    Unique Custom Glass Overflow DIY

    So after I cut my first pieces of glass and remembering the projects other reefers had posted, I realized that I need to make a post about this project. So I have a 75gal tank that currently houses a couple ciclids that I will be re-homing. I have decided that I want to take my 15gal nano and...
  9. F

    How to setup bean animal for sumps with single drain?

    I am planning to setup my first saltwater, I have gotten my hands on a 60 gall cube and ESHOPPS Prodigy with two drains hole for the aquarium and it can be arranged in bean animal configuration. I am planning to use ESHOPPS RS-75 as sump but I noticed it has only one drain inlet. My question...
  10. M

    240 gallon breakdown, Morristown area, NJ

    Relocating Necessity. Live rocks with thriving mushroom colonies and other livestock. Other reefing supplies. Interested best offer and Local pickup only.
  11. R

    Overflow leak

    Hello everyone, So I installed a overflow box on my rimless tank. Everything seems fine but there's a very small leak where both pieces connect in-between the glass. How would I fix this? Thank you
  12. Eshopps Eclipse medium overflow box

    For sale Eshopps Eclipse medium overflow box

    New in box Eshopps Eclipse overflow box. Asking $100.00 buyer pays for shipping
  13. Post in thread '(NEW NEVER USED) ESSHOPS alpha prodigy L overflow box'

    For sale Post in thread '(NEW NEVER USED) ESSHOPS alpha prodigy L overflow box'

    Post in thread '(NEW NEVER USED) ESSHOPS alpha prodigy L overflow box' https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/new-never-used-esshops-alpha-prodigy-l-overflow-box.896162/post-9965214 HEY GUYS SORRY FOR THE LINK STYLE POST. I accidentally posted under corals for sale rather than dry goods. It’s a...
  14. Kerbash

    3D printed overflow box (220 gallon)

    Hey, I made a 3D printed overflow for my 220 gallon and I just wanted to share my process and my blueprint in case someone wants to use it. Been using it for 2 months now no leaks or anything like that and works great. Also cost around 50 bucks, $40 for the 5 bulk heads. 10$ for the filament it...
  15. Eclipse M Overflow Box (800 GPH) - Eshopps

    For sale Eclipse M Overflow Box (800 GPH) - Eshopps

    ****ITEM IS NEW**** Quiet, Slim, Plug & Play The Eclipse aquarium overflow system consists of a slim black box that is mounted inside of your tank and a clear external box that mounts outside of your tank, to transport water down to your sump with as little noise generated as possible. The DIY...
  16. H2Overflow® Stealthbox®

    For sale Florida H2Overflow® Stealthbox®

    ****ITEM IS NEW**** Product Overview Allows single, double, or triple H2Overflows® to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of output options for up to 3600GPH! (Single — 1200GPH, Double — 2400GPH, Triple — 3600GPH) Many internal plumbing configuration options makes it the most SILENT and...
    or best offer
  17. I

    USA WTB Eshopps Nano Overflow

    Looking for a Nano Eshopps Overflow for my 10g project, lmk what you have, thanks!
  18. E

    Help changing overflow on my tank

    So I want to change the inside part of my overflow because I hate it, the box on the outside is fine I guess but the overflow “screen” drives me nuts, so my question is how can I change this to a normal overflow box? Is t possible? The drilled hole is 1 1/2 inches o just want a box inside my...
  19. Boaz1021

    Glass lip on 150 Gallon tank interfering with overflow

    I just finished drilling my tank for an overflow, followed the template, and the interior box hits the glass lip on the inside of the tank. Most tanks I've looked at don't have the lip, so is it safe to cut that piece for some clearance? What is the best way to cut glass that thick that is...
  20. L

    Escaped Rainbow Bubble-tip Anenome

    This guy recently split. Yesterday he shrank down small enough to go through the weirs of the overflow box and now he is anchored in the corner where I can barely touch him with a pencil. What the heck can I do to get him to come out???
  21. V

    Help with overflow box

    Hi all, I probably should have posted it here in DIY section but I was not sure where it may fit in. I was wondering what was the best way to move forward with this problem and if you had any insights, that would be great. Here is original post...
  22. D

    HELP! Now-Juvenile Mandarin keeps getting pulled into C2C overflow

    Hi all! For a little background, my boyfriend has been planning his reef tank for about eight years (he even chose his apartment in the city he lived in before we met so it could sustain a 400 gallon reef tank). After a 29 gallon gift, 100 gallon tank COVID project, we now have a 100gal tank...
  23. JuiceByCliff

    Green star polyp on the overflow box

    Scraped this off the back of my 10 gallon nano. Tried to just use ceramic Magnets to allow to adhere naturally but consensus is that this is asking for trouble. got after it tonight with the reef glue...have to press lightly but hold for 20-30 seconds but it will stick! Also have to make sure...
  24. C

    HOB Overflow for 75g. Need help deciding

    I am planning my first reef tank (75g that is currently freshwater) and am having trouble deciding on the HOB overflow that I am going to use. I cannot drill the tank because it is tempered so a HOB overflow is needed. Since it is in our living room, it would need to be as quiet as possible...
  25. R

    Drilling for Overflow and Size Recommendations

    I recently purchased a 36-gallon Bowfront tank with the intent of establishing a reef. It has been a dream of mine for years now! After watching some videos I think that I will be able to drill it! Just have to call and confirm that the back is not tempered first. My question is... what size...
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