pest control


    First Vacation away from tank, so how do I tackle this?

    Hello Reefers, I was away for the first time for a little over a week from my tank and I have come home to some challenges. My tank has been overrun with hair algae and from what I think is Aiptaisa. If it's not please let me know and what are the remedies that have worked for you? I think it's...
  2. 208Reefer

    Cleaning my sump and found this..?

    Wassup Reefers, Cleaning my sump today and found this little thing on my skimmer. I have only seen one once before in my tank a hand full of months ago and it was between a frag shelf and the glass. (which I got rid of) It looks almost like a vein or root that definitely gets larger over time...
  3. WheatToast

    Thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water

    What are your thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water? Explanation from KP Aquatics: "(Optional Step) Undesired critters (we really don’t like the word unwanted pests as every creature has a purpose in life) can be removed by submerging the live rock into a...
  4. Idaknow15

    Aptasia ???

    I was given someone’s setup to take care of consisting of a couple live rocks, 2 clowns and a frogspawn coral, I noticed a good handful of small aptasia on one of the rocks so have removed it and boiled it and it’s currently sat out in the sun so hoping it’s done the trick! I do appreciate it...
  5. Lebski

    Long clear thread with white ball on coral frag

    Hey guys, I’m quite new to corals in general and was given these frags by a friend, they’ve been fine for the first 2-3 weeks. However, I have just noticed these long threads about half an inch with a white ball on the end of them. I have tried to take some photos, I hope they are clear enough...
  6. d3ro

    What’s this white stuff?

    I got some secondhand corals and I’m trying to clean them up. Are the white tubes anything to worry about? I know the brown tubes are feather worms. Backstory: Yesterday I bought a tank and I didn’t realize it still had fish and corals in it. The tank was nasty and very under maintained. I...
  7. Twillyg21

    “And Bingo...Dino DNA!” How did you beat them? Real experiences only

    Alright, hopefully the video provided a bit of a light-hearted intro to a not-so-light-hearted topic of discussion....Dinoflagellates!! I know this topic has been beaten to death, however since I gather that it is probably the #1 discouragement and source of abuse for those unlucky souls who...
  8. Biologic

    It’s 12 AM, you look into the tank...your worst fear?

    Losing sleep sucks, especially if your tank causes it. You look into your reef tank, your worse fear is....? For me, it’s when I am 2 weeks without seeing a montipora eating nudibranch just eating away in my QT. ::gets out dip bucket and picks clean 10 frags::
  9. watkinsmd

    Dino ID

    Hello Everyone-- I'm hoping I can get some help in identifying and getting rid of an annoying pest in my tank. I think these are dinos but would like to confirm. Been battling this for a year now. First it started out as snot on my rockwork but that's now cleared up after significant effort...
  10. Erik the Red

    Thin white worm biting my zoas, plus other pests?

    Hey guys, I’ve had these small zoas for a couple of weeks in my new tank. They’ve been dipped with “the dip” by fauna marin and then inserted in the aquarium. After a day, they started thriving and some polyps doubled already in size. However, its been a few days since many polyps haven’t...
  11. Gonj

    Help Identify these Mites?

    I was topping off my tank and noticed these little white specs crawling all over the glass. Not sure if they are good or bad, please help identify and share treatment plans if needed. Would be much appreciated thank you!
  12. nbaker47

    Identify please

    One last question. I had a couple of things growing on my euphyllia coral stems. Also some fishing line sized worm looking pests on my live rock that I took a polyp off of. Are these pests to be worried about? Thoughts? I really need some input, thanks!
  13. Zoa_Fanatic


    So I just got some frags today from a seller who has flatworms. Excellent guy, he dipped the frags for me and did a flatworm XIT dip along with his regular coral dip while we talked. I further inspected the frags before adding them to the tank and couldn’t see anything on them (they’re small zoa...
  14. Jax15

    How to stop GSP growth???

    I added a small frag of encrusting Green Star Polyps and gave it its own rock island. Fast forward a year, and it's grown so much that it stretched over the sand and finally found my main rock work. I was too slow in stopping it, and it's now growing up towards my other corals. Last night I...
  15. H

    Pest control in Bare Bottom tank?

    I was wondering what people with bare bottom tanks do for pest control since Halichores wrasses are out of the question. I know you can use Lined Wrasses but I don’t want that much aggression.
  16. R

    Unknown pest

    Can anyone tell me what this pest is, and if it is a threat to my reef. It’s a very small white/ or translucent oval shaped pest. I’m seeing them on my glass as well as coral and live rock.
  17. Yoosuf

    Is there a way to do collectral killing off aptesia?

    Hello and Happy new year Reefers. I am having a really painful issue which is aptesia is poping here and there everyday even after i suck them using a turkybaster. is there anyway to wipe out all without doing individual picking?
  18. ScubaZ

    Worm pest identification

    I passed by my tank when the lights were off and noticed these worm like things on the glass. I removed from what I can see but sure there’s plenty more. I do not know what they are or if they are harmful to my coral any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. TheWyatt174

    Mystery derasa clam ailment

    First post! Sorry its not a happy one :( I got home today and my clam that I have had for about 5 months now is gaping open wider than I have ever seen it. It also seems to have a bump in the center of the mantle as well. This weekend everything was fine and I even have pictures from then as...
  20. smartwater101

    Coris wrasse, instead of sixline, for frag tank? (pest control: all wrasse created equal?)

    Other than making sure it has some sand, would a Coris wrasse do as much pest control as a sixline? I hate my sixline. Hes a typical jerk and I really love the look of green coris. Thoughts?