prime hd

  1. jeffthomas

    Florida AI Prime HD Black with Hanging Kit

    I purchased this light and hanging kit from BRS June 2018. It has been over my IM 25 Lagoon running the BRS AB+ settings. Has grown and colored up my LPS and softies well. I have recently wanted to start keeping more light demanding SPS and upgraded to a ReefLED 90. This light works great for...
  2. M

    AI Prime HD

    Does anybody know how to change the ramp up time on a preset? I am able to adjust the schedule of the whole preset but can’t figure out how to just change ramp up time.
  3. schooleyosis

    Tennessee AI Prime HD (Black) w/ 18" Flex Arm

    Selling my Prime HD (Black) as I have changed my lighting setup. This was bought new in April, 2017 and used for a little over a year as a refugium light. Comes with the 18-inch flexible arm mount. I have the original box for the light, as well. $180 shipped in the Continental USA. No trades...
  4. ludnix

    International AI Prime HD Light shade

    By popular demand I am now offering the same style light shade I have previously sold here on R2R for the AI Prime HD fixtures. This light shade slides over the top of your AI Prime and keeps the light directed into the tank and out of your eyes. This is designed to have no significant affect on...
  5. diverpat

    North Carolina Two AI Prime HD's white

    I'm selling (2) AI Prime HD's in white. They were purchased mid Dec 2018, they have about 5 months of use on them and are in excellent condition. Each light includes power supply, cords, and box. They do not come with mounts. I'm selling them because I upgraded my lights to AI Hydra 26's...
  6. Stephen Reed

    Ai prime lense melted

    I’ll start out by saying I really like this little light, the WiFi can be hit or miss but I don’t think it’s something you should be messing with daily. My ai prime is only 6 months old at the most. last night when I was feeding my tank I noticed in the reflection that 2 less were a lot crisper...
  7. MarineDepot

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light Illuminate your Fuge!
  8. Haggisman14

    North Carolina WTB - Aqua Illumination Prime Rigid Tank Mount

    Hey everyone, just won a light from Aqua Illumination, and now I need a mount for it. Does anyone have the rigid tank mount they're looking to get rid of? If the price is right i'd be interested in the flex mount too. Thanks!
  9. Burrito

    best light for fuge

    my tank is nearly done cycling and i will be running a fuge (cheato) in the middle chamber of my trigger 34, i think overall volume of water in the fuge is about 6-7 gallons given the 10"x 14" footprint and water is about 10" high. the display tank is a 100g tank. i have a prime hd for use...
  10. MarineDepot

    Introducing the Nero 5 Pump from AI - Brains AND Brawn!

    Introducing the Nero 5 Pump from AI Brains and brawn!
  11. J

    AI prime hd or hydra26 hd?

    I have 2ft tank which i want to upgrade the lighting for. Im stuck between the prime hd and the hydra26 hd. Tank is 2ft long 12 inches wide and 16 inch tall. Its. 25g all in one. Corals inside are lps and softies but may get some sps in the future. Lfs owner told me t take the prime and not the...
  12. MarineDepot

    PRICE DROP: AI Prime HD Now $199!

    PRICE DROP: AI Prime HD Now $199! AI Prime HD $26 Price Reduction + 25% off Bubble Magus!
  13. MarineDepot

    Now In Stock: AI Prime HD FW

    Now In Stock: AI Prime HD FW Get fresh with Aqua Illumination's new Prime HD FW!
  14. MarineDepot

    Prime Every Day

    Prime Every Day AI Prime HD: Built-in Wi-Fi and Hyperdrive Engaged!
  15. ShaLin

    AI Prime HD Settings on Biocube 29

    Hey Reefers! I decided on the AI Prime HD for my new light on my Biocube 29. Right now it is LPS/Softie Mixed tank. I am wanting to try an SPS frag once I get the Prime. What settings with a similar setup are you guys running? Just want an idea so I am good to go once it gets here this week.
  16. mkutsch

    AI Prime HD and Gooseneck

    Selling AI Prime HD, with the gooseneck, pretty much new, got light in February this year, gooseneck in April. Asking $210 shipped. Will post pictures if anyones interested. Anyone interested can post here, PM or text 914-267-6254 at their convenience. Thanks a bunch.
  17. Francoreef

    Prime Growing sps???

    HEllo R2R Im going to need your guys help on this one. A little overview I am starting a build thread as soon as my Tank arrives i have ordered the 50 gallon starfire cube from SCA, I hope starfire glass is as good as people say it is as (i have never seen it in person). As of now i have...
  18. P

    WTB - AI Hydra HD LEDs

    I am looking for a couple of used Hydra HDs...26 or 52. Let me know what you got and price including shipping to 63011. I might even consider 2 Prime HDs.
  19. boumbo25

    Deep red light (Prime HD)

    Is it ok to use Deep Red light (100%) at night for like an hour to watch fish ? do they actually see the light and will it trigger bad algae growth ?
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