1. Gonj

    EMERGENCY Valentini puffer Dying???

    I just got this puffer in the mail today, the bag had hardly any air in it so I tried to work fast. I floated him for about 10 min and drip acclimated him for I’d say 45min doubling the water volume twice. I did not net him or remove him from the water he did not puff up at all. He was swimming...
  2. R

    Bristle Tooth Tang acting weird

    I woke up today and my bristle tooth tang has mostly just been hanging out on the bottom. This is really unusual and I’m worried he might be sick. What do y’all think?
  3. BaileyB

    Question on QT!

    So I have my QT ready for my fish going in my 145. Currently just observing before adding more fish later this week. These this list if fish have been in the tank now for 10 days Currently I have: Flame Angel One spot foxface baby hippo tang (size of a quarter) Royal grama Engineer goby...
  4. Gonj

    New to Quarantining Help

    I recently started the hobby and lost my pair of clowns due to velvet, I made the mistake of not quarantining and will never make it again. My question is do I have to quarantine incoming fish in a established tank? I just got a quarantine tank and am setting up I intend to treat incoming fish...
  5. D4jack

    Finally ready to swap my livestock!!!

    I recently built my 40 breeder 20 sump setup. Stand hood and all, even lights!! Check out my build thread. I've had great numbers for days. Moved my livestock today. Everything looks good except my 1 bta. I managed to rip its foot! I'm extremely disappointed in myself. Should I quarantine it...
  6. Reefer_93

    Help!!! Please!!

    Hello! I currently have a powder blue tang in a 20g Long QT. I bought him from petco and for the first 3 days he looked great, beautiful color and everything. I then noticed slight twitching and scratching against the pvc in the tank. With that being said i decided to start treatment with Ruby...
  7. C

    Velvet qt tank

    Hello, So This is a little big of a long story. I have a quarantine tank up because I have velvet in my display tank. It has been a little over 6 weeks. I have extended by 2 weeks since i have made the mistake of putting my hand from qt to the other to my dt. My hand may have been dry but I was...
  8. biggie4jets

    What do you think is on my clown?

    Hey everyone, I have 3 fish in quarantine right now and all are doing great, except yesterday I noticed a white like bulge coming from my one of my smaller clownfish (pictures below). I do have another clownfish that is significantly larger who I do see bullying him at times, I also have a fox...
  9. ReefSarg


    been battling these little POS for over a year... I crush, I pluck, I starve them.... to no avail. Now that they’re growing on my sps I’m throwing in the towel. My tank is getting a complete over haul, putting my fish and coral in QT for a couple months. Luckily I just have a small 50g...
  10. J

    Hospital Tank for Ich question

    Hi Everyone, I am 3 months into the hobby, and unfortunately, my tank went through a pretty intense Ich outbreak after adding a Kole Tang. I lost the tang but was able to save my other 2 clownfish and have them in a hospital tank, using Copper Power. I have a few questions about this particular...
  11. Adellimore

    Advise with Tangs in QT

    Hello All, I have been following the QT process outlined by @Humblefish. I have a 20G Tall that I am running copper power at 2.5ppm for 14 days. Dosing General Cure 6 days apart. After 14 Days I have a 40 Gallon tank next to my office desk that I observe them in. There is also a Black Molly...
  12. Plzpizza

    Puffer got ich! What to do!

    Hello, I found out yesterday my puffer has developed ich. Picture below. I have a total of 4 fish in my tank including my puffer. How do I go about treating it in a QT. I just set one up today. Can I put all of them inside with out cycling my QT tank. When I hit the therapeutic levels of...
  13. Strawberry

    Build Thread Finally set up my quarantine tank (:

    I recently won a giveaway by @noopsyche for the K7 Pro ii and I love it! It’s got a fairly easy setup and user interface on the controller. I am using it on a 10gallon quarantine tank/frag tank that I just started today. I am eager to see how it performs as I start my coral collection!
  14. Cambren Sievert

    Ich in my Tank!

    So yesterday I found out my royal gramma has ich unfortunately. It didn’t look to be a bad case of it and he is still eating and breathing well. Not sure how he got it but things happen I guess. I don’t currently have a quaretiene setup right now but I was planning on turning a spare 20 gallon...
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